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Wyatt Earp
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Wyatt Earp

4.8 5
Director: Lawrence Kasdan

Cast: Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman


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Don't be confused thinking this two-DVD set is a special edition, even though it's labeled as such. Far from it. Considering that the supplements consist of a brief new featurette on the making of the film, a slightly longer television special hosted by Tom Skerritt (which is also on the making of this film and its relationship to other film "epics"), plus ten deleted


Don't be confused thinking this two-DVD set is a special edition, even though it's labeled as such. Far from it. Considering that the supplements consist of a brief new featurette on the making of the film, a slightly longer television special hosted by Tom Skerritt (which is also on the making of this film and its relationship to other film "epics"), plus ten deleted scenes and the theatrical trailer, you can clearly see that little was done by Warner to make this set beyond ordinary. Interviews from the main cast and crew members on the featurettes show a love of the genre and working together, so a commentary would be expected at the very least, but sadly isn't included. On a positive note, though, the picture and sound make up for any other deficient elements. This 190-minute film is broken over the two discs, with the above extra features on the second DVD. The 2.35:1 anamorphic transfer is impeccable in every way. Wide panoramic vistas are perfectly captured and translated to the digital format. Colors are rich, while blacks are solid and very dense. It's a beauty to watch. The 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack is equally as good. Surrounds are used sparingly, but to superb effect. Environmental sound effects create a complete auditory field, while the dialogue is clear and free of distortion. While the sound and picture are well above average, if you are looking for more, don't expect to find much depth with this release, which is really too bad.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Kevin Costner plays the laconic lawman Wyatt Earp in this stately but sweeping western saga, which doesn't merely cover Earp's controversial career as a frontier marshal but delves into his personal life as well. Writer-director Lawrence Kasdan obviously didn't want to regurgitate old information, and it's plain from his script that there was a lot more to Wyatt then his well-documented friendship with dissipated gambler Doc Holliday (played here by a gaunt Dennis Quaid) and the notorious gunfight at Tombstone's O.K. Corral. The film's early section deals at length with Earp's first marriage, which ends tragically when his young wife (Annabeth Gish) succumbs to typhoid fever while pregnant with their first child. Kasdan allots considerable footage to Wyatt's subsequent tailspin, which only ends when he becomes -- quite inadvertently -- a lawman in the cattle town of Wichita. Earp's later forays into Dodge City and Tombstone document his relationships with Holliday and fellow star-packer Bat Masterson (Tom Sizemore), as well as his courting of Josie Marcus (Joanna Going). These latter days are depicted at some length, if not always with scrupulous fidelity to the historical record. Gene Hackman contributes a superb performance in the small but showy role of the Earp patriarch, and erstwhile pretty boy Mark Harmon shows impressive acting chops with his portrayal of Tombstone sheriff Johnny Behan, Wyatt's rival for Josie's affections. Costner plays the title role with solemnity, and if he doesn't seem especially impassioned it's because that's the way Wyatt supposedly was in real life. Kasdan stages incidents from the infamous Earp-Clanton feud with startling brutality, making them more sordid than has previously been the case in Hollywood movies tackling this subject. Clocking in around 190 minutes and dense with drama, Wyatt Earp may or may not be the definitive work on this fascinating historical character, but it's certainly the most ambitious.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Warner Home Video
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Special Features

Closed Caption; All-new digital transfer; Soundtrack remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1; New behind-the-scenes documentary "It Happened That Way"; Vintage making of TV special "Wyatt Earp: Walk With a Legend"; Lifted scenes; Theatrical trailer; English, Spanish, and French subtitles

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Kevin Costner Wyatt Earp
Dennis Quaid Doc Holliday
Gene Hackman Nicholas Earp
Jeff Fahey Ike Clanton
Mark Harmon Johnny Behan
Michael Madsen Virgil Earp
Catherine O'Hara Allie Earp
Bill Pullman Ed Masterson
Isabella Rossellini Big Nose Kate
Tom Sizemore Bat Masterson
JoBeth Williams Bessie Earp
Mare Winningham Mattie Blaylock
David Andrews James Earp
Linden Ashby Morgan Earp
Joanna Going Josie Marcus
James Gammon Mr. Sutherland
Rex Linn Frank McLaury
Randle Mell John Clum
Adam Baldwin Tom McLaury
Annabeth Gish Urilla Sutherland
Lewis Smith Curly Bill Brocius
Ian Bohen Young Wyatt
Betty Buckley Virginia Earp
Jennifer Shull Actor
Alison Elliott Lou Earp
Todd Allen Sherm McMasters
Mackenzie Astin Young Man on Boat
James Caviezel Warren Earp
Karen Grassle Mrs. Sutherland
John Dennis Johnston Frank Stillwell
Téa Leoni Sally
Martin Kove Ed Ross
Jack Kehler Bob Hatch
Boots Southerland Marshall White
Gabriel Folse Billy Clanton
Kris Kamm Billy Claiborne
John Lawlor Judge Spicer
Hugh Ross Erwin Sutherland
Michael McGrady John Shanssey
Ben Zeller Dr. Seger
Rockne Tarkington Stable Hand
Ellen Blake Paris
Steve Cormier Tent Saloon Bartender
David Doty Mayor Wilson
Billy Streater Marshall Meagher
Matt O'Toole Gyp Clements
Steven Hartley Spangenberg
Brett Cullen Saddle Tramp
Marlene Williams Saloon Dealer
Owen Roizman Danny
John Furlong Clem Hafford
Adam Taylor Texas Jack
Jon Kasdan Bar Boy
Michael Huddleston Albert
Albert Trujillo Camp Foreman
Greg Avelone Actor
Mary Steenburgen Actor
Greg Goossen Friend of Bullwacker
Steven G. Tyler Deputy Ford
John Doe Tommy Behind-the-Deuce
Luce Rains Actor

Technical Credits
Lawrence Kasdan Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Colleen Atwood Costumes/Costume Designer
Richard Bowen Cinematographer
Cheryl Carasik Set Decoration/Design
Barry Chusid Set Decoration/Design
Kevin Costner Producer
Charles Daboub Set Decoration/Design
Stephen P. Dunn Asst. Director
Dan Gordon Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Don Gordon Producer
Michael Grillo Executive Producer
James Newton Howard Score Composer
Carol Littleton Editor
Charles Okun Executive Producer
John Pritchett Musical Direction/Supervision
Ida Random Production Designer
Tom Reta Set Decoration/Design
Owen Roizman Cinematographer
Jennifer Shull Casting
Jon Slan Producer
Jim Wilson Producer
Gary Wissner Art Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Part 1
1. Tombstone Prologue [2:22]
2. "Where You Headed, Wyatt?" [4:22]
3. Homecoming [3:05]
4. "Blood Counts the Most" [1:55]
5. Blood in the Street [3:22]
6. "The Earps Always Know" [1:47]
7. Outracing Highwaymen [2:48]
8. Prizefight [3:29]
9. Bad Business With Ed Ross [3:25]
10. A Gun in His Hand [2:13]
11. Urilla [7:57]
12. Typhoid [5:29]
13. Burning Out the Past [1:51]
14. Arkansas Horse Thief [3:36]
15. ."..What's Left of You" [1:24]
16. Fugitive Rider [4:01]
17. The Mastersons [7:39]
18. James' Arrangement [2:04]
19. "How'd You Like a Job?' [2:20]
20. Morgan Arrives [2:31]
21. "You're the Man I'm Looking For" [1:43]
22. New Laws in Dodge City [4:35]
23. "You're Not a Deliberate Man" [2:22]
24. Mattie [2:15]
25. Fort Griffin [2:12]
26. "Call Me Doc" [3:40]
27. "Bat, I'm Shot" [2:38]
28. "It All Ends Now!" [1:52]
Side #2 -- Part 2
29. Doc and Big Nose Kate [1:58]
30. Rampaging Cowboys [2:32]
31. The Earp Wives [1:30]
32. "It Isn't Easy Being My Friend" [2:56]
33. "It Does Sound Quiet" [1:10]
34. "Wives Come and Go" [4:41]
35. Contempt of Court [3:32]
36. "You're Headed for War" [2:36]
37. Josie [3:01]
38. Fool With a Photograph [1:03]
39. Brave Lawman's Death [2:54]
40. "You're Afraid to Say My Name" [3:35]
41. "Empty Yellow Talk" [1:42]
42. Between Two Women [4:28]
43. "Only What We Do" [2:51]
44. "Get Out Your Gun and Commence" [3:00]
45. October 26, 1881 [4:16]
46. "Let's Go" [1:43]
47. Walk to the O.K. Corral [2:30]
48. The Gunfight [3:23]
49. "One Big Happy Family" [1:14]
50. Safety of the Earps [1:44]
51. The Verdict [2:22]
52. "They Got Me, Wyatt" [1:30]
53. "Kill 'em All" [4:24]
54. "What Do You Care?" [3:03]
55. "That's One for Morgan" [3:26]
56. "A Marshal and an Outlaw" [5:39]
57. "I'll Be Your Family" [1:14]
58. Indian Charlie [2:40]
59. Good Friends [2:20]
60. Canyon Shootout [2:16]
61. Tommy Behind-the-Deuce [3:03]
62. "It Happened That Way" [4:35]
63. End Credits [1:55]


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Wyatt Earp 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for a very long time for this to come out on DVD! I don't know why it has not come out before. I feel that this version is probably truest in feeling and action and attitudes of the time being portrayed! Thank heaven for the new DVD
mjdobson More than 1 year ago
Bought this classic (along with Blazing Saddles and Lonesome Dove) for my husband for Christmas but have to admit, the Kevin Costner flick was really for me! Great western and a must have movie for everybody.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Early Earp history is what makes this great. But why hasn't this wonderful western been put out on Dvd Format? Shameful!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great movie and I would love to see it out on DVD soon.