Xena Warrior Princess: Season 1

Xena Warrior Princess: Season 1

3.8 5
Director: Bruce Seth Green, Charles Siebert, Doug Lefler, Eric Brevig

Cast: Bruce Seth Green, Charles Siebert, Doug Lefler, Eric Brevig

The beloved and campy adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess are digitally preserved on DVD by Anchor Bay on this Deluxe Collector's Edition. The six-disc set contains all 24 episodes from the first low-budget season originally aired in 1995-1996, each presented with a standard full-frame transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Special features are mostly


The beloved and campy adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess are digitally preserved on DVD by Anchor Bay on this Deluxe Collector's Edition. The six-disc set contains all 24 episodes from the first low-budget season originally aired in 1995-1996, each presented with a standard full-frame transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Special features are mostly contained on the bonus CD-ROM: a featurette on season one called "The Xena Chronicles," a screensaver, and bios for the cast and crew. Otherwise, the only features are a photo gallery and some cheesy packaging promotional materials. This original set was reissued by Anchor Bay with episode commentaries from Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, and Rob Tapert. This set is highly recommended for Xenites everywhere.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Cree McCree
Lucy Lawless, everyone's favorite warrior princess, kicks some serious butt in this comprehensive DVD collection. Although spun off from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena quickly vaulted past mighty Herc during her first season to become the syndicated TV phenomenon of the year. It's easy to understand why. Beyond the pure pleasure of watching Lawless do battle in skimpy leathers and form-fitting breastplate, viewers were treated to nonstop action laced with, like, totally anachronistic 1990s dialogue and pop culture references ("I hear Buffus the Bacchae Slayer is playing next door"). Fantasy buffs lapped up the show's wonderful creatures and campy special effects. Feminists praised Xena as a terrific role model for young women. And horny guys and lesbians alike were seduced by Xena's erotically charged relationship with Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), the toothsome bard who served as her sidekick. "Altared States," in which the pair skinny-dipped together, lit up online chat rooms for weeks with speculation about Xena's lusty declaration: "By the gods! You are beautiful." All the freshness of the debut season is captured on this six-disc set from Anchor Bay Entertainment, which offers superior audio and video quality to an earlier version released through the official fan site. By the gods -- it's beautiful!

Product Details

Release Date:
Starz / Anchor Bay
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Director and actor bios; Series trivia; Xena chronicles; Season one photo gallery; Direct access screens; Xena screensaver

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lucy Lawless Princess Diana,Xena
Renee O'Connor Gabrielle
Bobby Hosea Marcus
Bruce Campbell Autolycus
Danielle Cormack Ephiny
David Ackroyd Anteus
Dean O'Gorman Orion
Galyn Gorg Helen
Hudson Leick Callisto
Iain Rea Philemon
Jay Lagai'aia Draco
Jeremy Roberts Thersites
Joseph Kell Toris
Kate Hodge Celesta
Kevin Smith Ares
Mark Rafferty Hyperion,Arkel
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Pandora
Michael Hurst Iolaus
Nathaniel Lee Manus
Nick Kokotakis Darius
Ray Woolf Marmax
Robert Trebor Salmoneus
Tim Thomerson Meleagor
Tom Atkins Atrius
Amanda Tollemache Thea
Bill Johnson Benitar
Daren Takle Cyrene
David Aston Tyldus
David de Latour Icus
Desmond Kelly Elkton
Edward Newborn King Gregor
Graham Moore Polonius
Jeff Thomas Cycnus
Kevin J. Wilson Xerxes
Kevin Sorbo Hercules
Michael Lawrence Cortese
Norman Forsey King Lias
Paul Willis Atyminius
Peter Daube Petracles
Peter McCauley Talmadeus
Ray Henwood Sisyphus
Scott Garrison Perdicas
Stephen Tozer Mezentius
Ted Raimi Joxer
Willa O'Neill Lila
Alan Palmer Pharis
Alison Bruce Melosa
Cameron Rhodes Deophobus
Christopher Mayer Peranis
David de Lautour Icus
Edward Campbell Crius
Graham Moore Polonius
Grant Bridger Sinteres
Jeffrey Thomas Cycnus
John Freeman Promethus
Jonathan Hendry Ness
Ken McGregor Akteon
Leslie Wing Karas
Merva Smith Head Villager
Michael Lawrence Cortese
Nicola Cliff Jana
Nigel Harbrow Koulos
Paul Willis Atyminius
Simon Farthing Democritus
Simon Prast Nemos
Stephen Hall Hector
Stephen Lovatt Kirilus
Syd Jackson Storekeeper
Andrew Thurtell Twickenham
Erik Thomson Hades
Karl Urban Maell
Stuart Turner Sphaerus
William B. Davis Malik

Technical Credits
Bruce Seth Green Director
Charles Siebert Director
Doug Lefler Director
Eric Brevig Director
Garth Maxwell Director
Gary Jones Director
Harley Cokeliss Director
Jace Alexander Director
John Cameron Director
John T. Kretchmer Director
Josh Becker Director
Mario di Leo Director
Michael Levine Director
Stephen L. Posey Director
Stewart Main Director
T.J. Scott Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Xena Says Hello [6:52]
2. Draco [5:56]
3. Gabrielle's Quest [6:46]
4. Going Home [8:52]
5. You're Not Alone [5:29]
6. A Deal's a Deal [10:21]
1. A Friend [6:32]
2. Such Good Company [10:00]
3. Town Meeting [9:16]
4. What I Have to Do? [5:06]
5. We Will Have Peace [8:01]
6. Saying Goodbye [5:14]
1. She'll Be Perfect [5:20]
2. The Mystics [6:33]
3. Morpheus' Bride [9:25]
4. The Challenges [12:59]
5. Searching [5:49]
6. Sweet Dreams [4:07]
1. "Well, It's Not a Griffin" [5:09]
2. Pandora [6:39]
3. The Box Is Gone [6:06]
4. King Gregor [12:27]
5. Escape [4:11]
6. The Prophecy Fulfilled [9:40]
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. Mercenary for Hire [7:11]
2. Trachis [10:03]
3. Brokering the Deal [7:34]
4. The Grotto [9:03]
5. Funeral for a Friend [10:11]
1. The Hooded Man [5:05]
2. On the Run [7:04]
3. Ares [9:13]
4. On Trial for Murder [9:08]
5. A Better Offer [3:46]
6. The Verdict [9:57]
1. Liberator of the Titans [6:55]
2. Doing Chores [5:41]
3. She's No Goddess! [5:38]
4. We Want the Woman Warrior [9:02]
5. Hundreds More Titans [7:04]
6. Everyone Makes Mistakes [9:48]
1. Prometheus in Chains [6:25]
2. The Oracle [9:39]
3. Old Friends [8:30]
4. Working Together [9:16]
5. Freeing Prometheus [10:16]
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Cheating Death [6:04]
2. Endless Suffering [10:00]
3. To the Castle [10:10]
4. Rats! [8:46]
5. Life (and Death) Goes On [9:14]
1. No Tresspassing [5:40]
2. Right of Caste [7:46]
3. Training [11:08]
4. Time to Dance, Princess [11:01]
5. The Real Enemy [8:41]
1. Xena Steps In [5:43]
2. Hands Off My Tomatoes [13:21]
3. This Was Too Easy [7:26]
4. If You'd Kept Your Hands Off My Tomatoes [10:19]
5. The Feast of Zeus [7:24]
1. Message for Xena [6:23]
2. Perdicus [9:30]
3. The War Will Go On [7:07]
4. The Trojan Horse [9:00]
5. A Life of Her Own [6:28]
6. A New Journey Begins [5:44]
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Storyteller [4:40]
2. Making the Cut [6:54]
3. Telling the Story [11:31]
4. Students on Strike [10:53]
5. My Name Is Homer [9:55]
1. Clues [5:50]
2. Keep Your Crown [8:15]
3. Don't Hurt My Firend [10:40]
4. Titan's Key [9:30]
5. Ambrosia [10:03]
1. Remarkable [4:34]
2. Trading Places [11:00]
3. A Little High Strung [9:38]
4. Identity Revealed [10:38]
5. A Very Happy Ending [8:27]
1. One Way or Another [4:58]
2. The Elysian Fields [10:29]
3. Getting to Hades [8:45]
4. Hunting for Atyminius [9:40]
5. Just Rewards [10:22]
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. The King of Thieves [4:34]
2. Chastity's Like a Hat [11:01]
3. Dance of the 3 Veils [5:43]
4. The Real Sinteres [11:33]
5. Don't Fear the Truth [11:25]
1. Ambush [7:09]
2. Poteidaia [6:42]
3. Meleager the Mighty [10:47]
4. They've Got a Warrior [6:29]
5. You Belong With Xena [13:02]
1. I'm Makin' it My Business [5:51]
2. Nut Bread [8:56]
3. Where's Icus? [6:06]
4. Questioning Faith [9:46]
5. God Speaks [12:31]
1. The Best Man for the Job [5:33]
2. Atrius [9:05]
3. Because You Loved Her [10:49]
4. I Have Many Skills [8:07]
5. Family [10:41]
Side #6 -- Disc 6
1. The Poisoned Dart [6:19]
2. Something's Wrong [6:24]
3. The Greater Good [9:04]
4. Xena's Dead [6:56]
5. A Good Day [5:55]
6. I'm Going Home Someday [9:35]
1. Who Are You? [3:33]
2. Remember Cirra [9:22]
3. Promise Me [7:38]
4. Catching Callisto [7:52]
5. An Angry Mob [5:43]
6. Showdown [10:05]
1. I Never Stopped Looking [4:56]
2. Brother + Sister [9:22]
3. A Spy in the Castle [10:17]
4. It's a Trap [7:05]
5. Lyceus Would Be Proud [12:01]
1. Civil War [5:28]
2. Tending Wounds [9:19]
3. Surgery [8:25]
4. I Would've Taken the Southern Route [7:59]
5. A New Life [7:16]
6. Don't You Leave Me [4:48]

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Xena Warrior Princess: Season 1 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a okay show and I love her weapon the Chakram. It's so deadly and sharp with nice designs around the circle sides. The show was alright but can get annoying when Xena and Gabrielle ALWAYS say to each that they love each (as friends), and that they are the best of friends. It can get annoying after a while and Joxer is hilarious and a fun character as the third wheel behind Xena and Gabrielle.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hong Kong action meets classical mythology! It never did win any emmy's.... but it did entertain many. Nice DVD box set. Looking forward to the rest of the series on DVD so I can throw out the old worn out tapes! WATCH THESE!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ifound the music sound tarck very disturbing because it drowned out the dialouge
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ok I've loved this show since it first showed on tv, but I think it may be a disappointment to some people. Xena and Gabrielle are far from gay. They each have a new guy in each episode and the only time Gabrielle even make a strange comment was when she was drugged. Sorry to all the guys out there. Xena is still great though. The fighting and the gods are really cool. If you like viiolence then you gotta see this.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Anchorbay has done an excellant job of putting season 1 on DVD! The set is nicely packaged and each episode has its own menu. Fans of the series will want to get it on DVD and ditch the videotapes. I am looking forward to getting the other seasons on DVD as well!