Xena Warrior Princess: Season 2

Xena Warrior Princess: Season 2

4.4 5
Director: Anson Williams, Charlie Haskell, Garth Maxwell

Cast: Anson Williams, Charles Siebert, Charlie Haskell, Garth Maxwell


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The beloved and campy adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess are digitally preserved on DVD by Anchor Bay on this Deluxe Collector's Edition. The seven-disc set contains all 24 complete uncut episodes from the second season, originally aired from 1996-1997. Each episode is presented with a standard full-frame transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Special


The beloved and campy adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess are digitally preserved on DVD by Anchor Bay on this Deluxe Collector's Edition. The seven-disc set contains all 24 complete uncut episodes from the second season, originally aired from 1996-1997. Each episode is presented with a standard full-frame transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Special features include a featurette on season two called "The Xena Chronicles," a screensaver, photo gallery, trivia, and bios for the cast and crew. Also contains audio and video commentaries from Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, and Rob Tapert. This set is highly recommended for Xenites everywhere.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Cree McCree
During her triumphal first season, Xena: Warrior Princess was the unheralded darling of syndicated TV, toppling heavyweights like Baywatch and sprinting past Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, ­­the lead-in series that spawned this spin-off. But the full force of Xena's power wasn't unleashed until Season 2. The show became a pop-culture juggernaut, and star Lucy Lawless saw her likeness on countless magazine covers, as well as on action figures and lunchboxes. It even inspired an homage on the mainstream network hit Roseanne. Watching Lawless hit her stride in these episodes, it's easy to understand why America went ga-ga. Whether she's vaulting into aerial flips or hurling her lethal boomerang at supersonic speeds, Xena's comic book action often rivals Jackie Chan's. (Nor is it all stunt-doubled: Lawless was thrown from a horse rehearsing a Tonight Show skit, and some Season 2 episodes were edited to mask her recovery from a fractured pelvis.) In the space-time continuum of the loopy Xenaverse, anything can and does happen. This season's story lines teleport our heroine from the Trojan War to World War II, with a stop at the Miss Known World beauty pageant in the mythical Amphipolis. Xena's relationship with Gabrielle (Renée O'Connor)­­, a magnet for straight guys and gay gals alike -- ­­also gets pretty far out. In one titillating sequence, known to fans as simply The Kiss, Xena plants a big one on Gabrielle­­ -- who opens her eyes to discover the kisser is really a man (whose body contains Xena's soul). As the warrior princess would yelp in her trademark battle cry: "Yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!"

Product Details

Release Date:
Starz / Anchor Bay
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Audio & video commentary with Lucy Lawless and Reneé O'Connor; Director and actor bios on CD-ROM; Series trivia on CD-ROM; Season Two photo gallery; Xena chronicles

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lucy Lawless Actor,Xena,Melinda Papus,Princess Diana,Meg
Hudson Leick Xena,Callisto
Renee O'Connor Gabrielle,Janice Covington
Ted Raimi Joxer,Jacques S'Er (aka Jack Kleinman)
Aaron Devitt Lyceus
Bruce Campbell Autolycus
David Taylor Solan
Ebonie Smith M'Lila
George Henare Hidsim
Jeremy Callaghan Palaemon
Joe Berryman Senticles
John D'Aquino Ulysses
Karen Dior Miss Artiphys
Melinda Clarke Velasca
Murray Keane Hower
Paul Glover Menticles
Tim Thomerson Meleagor the Mighty
Todd Rippon Goliath
Alexander Campbell Miklan
Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite
Alison Wall Minya
Anthony Starr David
Charles Mesure Mercer
Charles Siebert Sisyphus
Chris Bailey Apex
Jay Lagai'aia Draco
Karl Urban Julius Caesar,Cupid
Matthew Chamberlain Orpheus
Nigel Harbrow Basculis
Peter Vere-Jones King Silvus
Rachel Blakely Penelope
Robert Harte Maphias
Robert Trebor Salmoneus
Tony Blackett Judge Arbus
Anthony Ray Parker Bacchus
Calvin Tuteao Dagan
Danielle Cormack Ephiny
Douglas Kamo Sullus
John Sumner Lord Claron
Kevin Smith Ares
Nathaniel Lees Nicklio
Scott Garrison Perdicas
Sheri Booth Melana
Stephen Papps See'er
Stephen Tozer Mezentius
Syd Jackson Vidalus
Tamati Rice Garel
Tom Raby Meticles
Tony Todd Cecrops
Willy De Wit Zagreas

Technical Credits
Anson Williams Director
Charles Siebert Director
Charlie Haskell Director
Garth Maxwell Director
Gary Jones Director
John T. Kretchmer Director
Josh Becker Director
Marina Sargenti Director
Mark Beesley Director
Michael Hurst Director
Michael Levine Director
Oley Sassone Director
Robert Tapert Director
T.J. Scott Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Worst Enemy [4:41]
2. We Have the Boy [11:33]
3. Trust Me? [6:16]
4. The Ixion Stone [7:32]
5. Friends [14:16]
1. Temple of the Fates [7:17]
2. Through With Fighting [10:31]
3. What Can You Do [7:31]
4. Welcome to Freedom [7:42]
5. Don't Fight Destiny [10:14]
1. Any Friend of Goliath... [6:32]
2. Gabrielle's Gamble [8:09]
3. I'll Do What I Have To [7:05]
4. A Leader [11:01]
5. David & Goliath [11:29]
1. Bacchae Forest [6:34]
2. She's Been Bitten [11:38]
3. Driads [9:32]
4. Bacchus' Lair [7:08]
5. One of Us [9:23]
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. The Worst [6:00]
2. The Answer's Yes [8:59]
3. That'll Do [7:13]
4. Going After Callisto [8:57]
5. Quicksand [13:11]
1. Xena Was Here [5:18]
2. Kinda Unpredictable [12:06]
3. One Card Left [9:03]
4. Meg [7:43]
5. Guess Which One I Am [10:10]
1. Bad Dreams [6:07]
2. New Surroundings [7:22]
3. The New Xena [8:22]
4. I Win [8:18]
5. So This Is It? [14:03]
1. Something Strange [5:55]
2. New God of War [9:04]
3. 2nd Prize [7:38]
4. Sisyphus' Plan [11:15]
5. He's Back [9:56]
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Expect to Pay [5:49]
2. It's Just Begun [7:25]
3. Fate Visits Silvas [7:48]
4. Solstice Eve [10:28]
5. Happy Solstice [12:48]
1. The Xena Scrolls [6:58]
2. Covington Responds [7:54]
3. Looking for This? [8:30]
4. Think Again Ares [8:55]
5. The Presentation [12:00]
1. Meet Miss Amphipolis [5:29]
2. The First Event [8:32]
3. She's No Contestant [7:06]
4. Talent Competition [12:21]
5. And the Winner Is [9:49]
1. So This Is Cirra [7:14]
2. Caesar... Julius Caesar [12:02]
3. He's My Friend [10:23]
4. Not Your Time to Die [7:32]
5. I Have to Go Back [6:36]
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Where's Xena? [3:39]
2. I Need a Favor [11:31]
3. New Queen [10:47]
4. Always Be With You [6:43]
5. Ambrosia [11:36]
1. Can't Hide From a God [6:33]
2. Getting Help [8:59]
3. Callisto Switched Sides [9:04]
4. Truth or Dare [10:23]
5. Here Comes Trouble [9:20]
1. Making a Decision [6:24]
2. Travelling to Laurel [8:21]
3. So... Beautiful [11:38]
4. Flying Parchment [8:11]
5. Going to Bed [9:41]
1. Joxer the Mighty [9:15]
2. Aphrodite [8:18]
3. A Dangerous Man [7:35]
4. Spell Revealed [7:45]
5. Idiot Full Time [10:52]
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. Too Late [6:02]
2. Go Through Me [11:10]
3. Evidence [10:13]
4. Reputation on Lies [5:36]
5. Late for What? [11:15]
1. Shopping [4:05]
2. You're Blind! [10:46]
3. We're Dead [8:34]
4. The Happy Couple [11:11]
5. Palemon's Revelation [9:41]
1. You're That Ulysses? [5:14]
2. What a Man! [8:17]
3. What a Woman! [9:28]
4. Love? [9:05]
5. A Fair Chance [12:12]
1. The Horde [5:06]
2. Dead Man [7:43]
3. Kill 'Em All [9:59]
4. This Is War [11:14]
5. Warrior's Code [10:17]
Side #6 -- Disc 6
1. The Lucky One [6:32]
2. Cecrops [8:49]
3. Remembering Land [11:30]
4. Charybdis [8:29]
5. Back on Land [8:58]
1. The Power of Love [6:42]
2. Ride With Me [8:18]
3. Love Is Blind [8:47]
4. I'll Prove It [8:38]
5. Love Suits Him [11:56]

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Xena Warrior Princess: Season 2 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
SleepDreamWrite More than 1 year ago
Been years since I last saw this show. Each season has its moments. Some good some not good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This season was okay and had some cool fight sequences as some new characters.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this season a little more than the first. The characters were more established and we began to see more development both in Gabrielle and Xena. A couple very good episodes, although I didn't care that much for "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Very good season!