Dwelling, Place and Environment: Towards a Phenomenology of Person and World / Edition 1

Dwelling, Place and Environment: Towards a Phenomenology of Person and World / Edition 1

by David Seamon

ISBN-10: 9024731925

ISBN-13: 9789024731923

Pub. Date: 12/31/1985

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
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Table of Contents

1. Dwelling, place and environment: An introduction.- I. Beginnings and directions.- 2. Geographical experiences and being-in-the-world: The phenomenological origins of geography.- 3. The quest for authenticity and the replication of environmental meaning.- 4. Language and the emergence of the environment.- 5. Place, body and situation.- II. Environment and place.- 6. Acoustic space.- 7. Bound to the environment: Towards a phenomenology of sightlessness.- 8. Towards revealing the sense of place: An intuitive “reading” of four Dalmatian towns.- 9. The circle and the cross: Loric and sacred space in the holy wells of Ireland.- 10. Many dwellings: Views of a Pueblo world.- 11. A phenomenological approach to architecture and its teaching in the design studio.- III. Place and dwelling.- 12. The dwelling door: Towards a phenomenology of transition.- 13. Body, house and city: The intertwinings of embodiment, inhabitation and civilization.- 14. Reconciling old and new worlds: The dwelling-journey relationship as portrayed in Vilhelm Moberg’s “Emigrant” novels.- 15. The role of spiritual discipline in learning to dwell on earth.- IV. Discovering wholes.- 16. Nature, water symbols and the human quest for wholeness.- 17. Counterfeit and authentic wholes: Finding a means for dwelling in nature.- The contributors.

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