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E-Journals Access and Management

E-Journals Access and Management

by Wayne Jones

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ISBN-10: 0789033852

ISBN-13: 9780789033857

Pub. Date: 07/14/2008

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

The proliferation of e-journals and their impact on library collections is tremendous. E-Journals Access and Management takes a comprehensive look at how e-journals have changed the library landscape and offers librarians strategies to better manage them. This useful resource provides a broad overview of the practical and theoretical issues associated with


The proliferation of e-journals and their impact on library collections is tremendous. E-Journals Access and Management takes a comprehensive look at how e-journals have changed the library landscape and offers librarians strategies to better manage them. This useful resource provides a broad overview of the practical and theoretical issues associated with the management of electronic journals, and contains practical and illuminating case studies of problems faced and solutions found in individual libraries. Containing chapters by respected authorities on this dynamic topic of debate, E-Journals Access and Management presents vital information on a full range of issues dealing with electronic resource access and management, including bibliographic and web access, acquisitions, and licensing.

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Taylor & Francis
Publication date:
Routledge Studies in Library and Information Science Series , #5
Product dimensions:
5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

About the Editor     xiii
Contributors     xv
Acknowledgments     xxi
The Digital Environment
Electronic Resources: The New Frontier for Academic Libraries   Kathleen Shearer     3
Introduction     3
Licensing     3
Open Access     4
Digitization and Preservation     6
Scholarly Communication     7
The Role of Libraries     9
Copyright, E-Journals, and Libraries: Points of Intersection   Brett Waytuck     13
Introduction     13
E-Journals     15
Licensing     18
Removal of Content     19
Open Access     20
Open Access Journals: The Global Movement and Local Publishing   Wayne Johnston     25
Introduction     25
Definitions     26
Benefits and Challenges     27
Development of Open Access     31
Open Journal Systems     32
Conclusion     37
Preserving the Outputs of Scholarly Communication for the Long Term: A Review of Recent Developments in Digital Preservation for Electronic Journal Content   Michael Day     39
Introduction     39
Defining the Digital Preservation Problem     42
Solving the Digital Preservation Problem     44
Recent Progress in Developing E-Journal Preservation Services     51
LOCKSS     52
The Wider Contexts of Scholarly Communication     54
Conclusions     59
Licensing, Acquisition, and Collection
Current Challenges in Licensing Negotiation: An Academic Library Perspective   Joy Kirchner     67
Background     67
Current Licensing Negotiation Challenges     70
Trends Likely to Influence Licensing Practices     81
Conclusion     86
Developing a Model License: A Canadian Consortium's Experience   Scott Gillies   Tony Horava     91
Overview of Model Licenses     91
Consortium Background     98
Developing the OCUL Model License     100
Features of the OCUL Model License     102
Uses for Model Licenses     110
Future of Model Licenses in Libraries     113
E-Journals, Budgets, and Collection Policies: Managing the Serials Stranglehold in Libraries   Will Wakeling     119
Introduction     119
Collecting and Budgeting for E-Journals     120
Pricing Models and Components     122
The Big Deal and Bundling     124
The Transition from Print to Electronic     126
The Nonsubscription Cost Savings of E-Journals     129
E-Journals, Access, and Document Delivery     129
Open Access and E-Journals     131
Redefining Service Roles in the E-Environment   Rollo Turner     137
Introduction     137
The Need for Intermediaries in a Changing World     138
Acquire and Renew     141
Access     145
Support     149
Conclusions     152
Decline of Print Journals   Tinker Massey     155
History     155
Technology: Changes and Reactions     156
Future?     159
The Collaborative Journey from Print to Electronic   Karen Pifher     163
Review of the Literature     163
The Process     164
Conclusion     167
When Print Doesn't Fade   Christa Easton     171
Introduction     171
Background     171
Literature Review     173
Electronic Resources, 2001-2005     173
Periodicals, 2001-2005      175
Staffing, 2001-2005     175
Describing the Jump     176
How We Managed     177
Conclusion     181
Access-Cataloging, Metadata, and the Web
Access Revolution: The Birth, Growth, and Supremacy of Electronic Journals As an Information Medium   Norm Medeiros     187
Introduction     187
Evolution of Journal Article Access     188
The Debut of E-Journals     189
Web Lists     191
New Research Methods     192
CrossRef, OpenURL, and a Fledgling Search Engine     194
Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond     197
E-Journals and the Development of Resource Description and Access   Chris Oliver     201
Introduction     201
Background     202
The Seriality Problem     204
FRBR and Seriality     206
The Content versus Carrier Problem     209
FRBR and Content versus Carrier     211
RDA     212
RDA and the Mode of Issuance     214
RDA and Content versus Carrier     216
Conclusion     219
Electronic Resource Management Systems
The Need for Electronic Resource Management Systems in Libraries   Stephanie H. Wical      227
Introduction     227
Managing Metadata     228
Access and Maintenance     230
Usage Statistics     231
Perpetual Access     232
Communication, Workflow, and Interoperability     234
Shopping in the ERM Aisle: Vendor and Open Source Offerings and Hints for the Busy Shopper   Andrew Waller   Helen Clarke     239
A New Challenge     239
The State of the Marketplace     240
Commercial Vendor Offerings     240
Open Source Electronic Resource Management Systems     244
Considerations Beyond the Basic Requirements     245
Conclusion     249
Knowledgebase Maintenance and Its Impact on Electronic Access Tools   Peter McCracken     253
Introduction     253
Knowledgebases and Online Public Access Catalogs (OPACs)     254
Building and Maintaining a Knowledgebase     255
Quality of Data     256
Distribution     259
Features to Consider in Knowledgebases     261
How Libraries Use Knowledgebases     263
Electronic Resource Management Using a Vendor Product   Janet Chisman   John Webb     267
Introduction      267
Licensing     268
ERM Task Force     270
ERM from Innovative Interfaces     272
A Homegrown Contract Database   Charlene N. Simser     277
Introduction     277
The Paper Trail     278
The Homegrown Contract Database     280
Participants in the Discussion     281
The Design     281
Elements Used in the Database     282
Administrative Features     284
Enhancements List Created     285
Lessons Learned As We Move into the Future     285
Staffing and Workflow
E-Journal Workflow, Staffing, and Collaboration in Technical Services: A Taste for Coffee, a Tolerance for Ambiguity, and a Happy Ending   Ladd Brown     289
Introduction     289
The E-Journal Workflow: Inventing the Wheel     289
The M-Word     294
Staffing: The EJ Team     296
Collaboration: Creation of the Tech(Ser)Nostructure     299
A Happy Ending     301
E-Journal Management in the Small Academic Library   Krista M. Reichard   Brent Alan Mai   Judy Anderson     303
Introduction     303
The Drive Toward E-Journals      304
Personnel     305
Funding E-Journal Collections     305
Access     306
Print Journals with Online Access     307
Journal Aggregator Databases     309
Single E-Journal Subscriptions     311
Open Access Journals     312
Repercussions of Canceling Print Journals     313
Conclusion     313
The Future
Thoughts on the Future of E-Journal Management and Access   Steve Oberg     319
Introduction     319
Longevity     321
Management     322
Content     324
Access     324
Index     327

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