Eagle Adrift: American Foreign Policy at the End of the Century / Edition 1

Eagle Adrift: American Foreign Policy at the End of the Century / Edition 1

by Robert J. Lieber

ISBN-10: 0673982696

ISBN-13: 9780673982698

Pub. Date: 01/07/1997

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction: The Domestic Context.

1. Eagle Without A Cause: Making Foreign Policy Without the Soviet Threat, Robert J. Lieber.

2. The New Isolationism, William Schneider.

3. Who, Why, What, and How: Debates Over Post-Cold War Military Intervention, Bruce W. Jentleson.


4. 'Return to Normalcy'? Global Economic Policy at the End of the Century, Benjamin J. Cohen.

5. Competing U.S. Grand Strategies, Barry R. Posen, Andrew L. Ross.

6. Earth in Abeyance: Explaining Weak Leadership in U.S. International Environmental Policy, Robert Paarlberg.


7. The Collapsing Partnership: Why the United States Has No Russia Policy, Stephen Sestanovich.

8. The United States and Western Europe, Stanley Hoffmann.

9. The 'Inverse' Relationship: The United States and Japan at the End of the Century, Steven K. Vogel.

10. The Challenge of a Rising China: Another Germany?, Edward Friedman.

11. The Clinton Administration and the Americas: Moving to the Rhythm of the Postwar World, Robert A. Pastor.

12. U.S.-Africa Policy: Promoting Conflict Management in Uncertain Times, Donald Rothchild, Timothy Sisk.

13. Eagle in the Middle East, Steven L. Spiegel.

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