Eagles: Lions of the Sky

Eagles: Lions of the Sky

by Emery Bernhard, Durga Bernhard

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
K-Gr 3-``Just as the lion is said to be king of the beasts, ruler of all the animals on the land...the eagle is known as the king of the birds, the proud lion of the sky.'' The symbolic creature is nicely juxtaposed against the real one in this straightforward, fact-filled book. General information is provided in an uncluttered, yet comprehensive manner. Facts about eagles are printed on the softly colored, full-and double-page illustrations. Different types-booted, Harpy, snake, and fish eagles-are highlighted. An attractive feature of this title is that it can be read on different levels. For children seeking an overview, the large-print text will cover all they need. Those seeking a fuller treatment of the subject will enjoy exploring the smaller-print captions. Pronunciation guides and a glossary are also helpful. The simple illustrations are a pleasant change from the more frequent use of photography in recent animal books. They allow the Bernhards to focus on the aspects under discussion as well as to provide diagrams of related subjects, such as wind flow. A fine book for reports or for browsing.-Lisa Wu Stowe, Great Neck Library, NY
Hazel Rochman
The eagle is a powerful symbol in many cultures, whether pictured on a contemporary U.S. postage stamp or on a thousand-year-old Native American carving. Starting with those kinds of symbolic images, this dramatic picture book introduces a wealth of factual information about how eagles fly, hunt, migrate, court, mate, nest, and raise their young. The direct text is smoothly integrated with clear color illustrations that provide detail and connection. The Bernhards discuss the eagles' essential role as predator, and the call for the birds' conservation--"to help make the world a place where eagles will always fly"--grows naturally out of the nature story.

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Holiday House, Inc.
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1st ed
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10.21(w) x 9.27(h) x 0.36(d)
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4 - 8 Years

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