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Early Grrrl: The Early Poems of Marge Piercy

Early Grrrl: The Early Poems of Marge Piercy

by Marge Piercy

A generous collection of early poems by one of America's best known and best-selling poets.


A generous collection of early poems by one of America's best known and best-selling poets.

Editorial Reviews

Piercy is a poet of womanhood and compassion, conscience and spirit, and her poems are as magnetic as mirrors: no one can resist them, and all, at least every woman, will catch a glimpse of themselves in their warm and dancing light ... It is obvious from the bright, saucy and shrewd early poems collected in Early Grrrl that Piercy''s gift ... is the truth of both nature and nurture. Piercy has dedicated this collection of long-out-of-print and never-before-published works to the women of the vibrant Grrrl movement - a feisty form of feminist expression found in zines and music and on the web - because Piercy has been Grrrl long before Grrrl got its name.
Library Journal
Piercy's 15th collection of poetry starts in the mid-1970s and works backwards, beginning with excerpts from out-of-print works and ending with juvenilia and a section of previously uncollected work written over the last quarter-century. The "nudge" ("Song of the Nudge") is a familiar presence here, for this writer likes to fly in the face of restraint, decorum, and subtlety. When asked to have patience, she replies, in "Ask Me for Anything Else," "I am empty with wanting,/ not like a box/ but like a tiger's belly." Her poems acknowledge two types of readers: one presumably male, who while loving, opposes and resists her ravenous appetites; the other female, the women "retelling/ agonies like amber worry beads." In her introduction, Piercy claims to be a source of inspiration to young writers she admires--the "grrrls" of web-based feminism--and she even has her own web page. This selection may not include her strongest work, but will be important to those who follow her closely.--Ellen Kaufman, Dewey Ballantine Law Lib., New York

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Always unsuitable

She wore little teeth of pearls around her neck.

They were grinning politely and evenly at me.

Unsuitable they smirked. It is true

I look a stuffed turkey in a suit. Breasts

too big for the silhouette. She knew

at once that we had sex, lots of it

as if I had strolled into her diningroom

in a dirty negligee smelling gamy

smelling fishy and sporting a strawberry

on my neck. I could never charm

the mothers, although the fathers ogled

me. I was exactly what mothers had warned

their sons against. I was quicksand

I was trouble in the afternoon. I was

the alley cat you don't bring home.

I was the dirty book you don't leave out

for your mother to see. I was the center-

fold you masturbate with then discard.

Where I came from, the nights I had wandered

and survived, scared them, and where

I would go they never imagined.

Ah, what you wanted for your sons

were little ladies hatched from the eggs

of pearls like pink and silver lizards

cool, well behaved and impervious

to desire and weather alike. Mostly

that's who they married and left.

Oh, mamas, I would have been your friend.

I would have cooked for you and held you.

I might have rattled the windows

of your sorry marriages, but I would

have loved you better than you know

how to love yourselves, bitter sisters.

Meet the Author

Marge Piercy is the author of 16 novels, including the bestsellers Gone to Soldiers and The Longings of Women and the classic Woman On the Edge of Time, as well as the critically acclaimed memoir, Sleeping With Cats. The author of 16 books of poetry, she is the most anthologized poet of her generation. Her work has been translated into 18 languages.

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