Earth Chronicles: When the Earth Was Green

Earth Chronicles: When the Earth Was Green

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by Allie Webster, Lynn Spore

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Zeus Publications
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Earth Chronicles: When the Earth Was Green 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was compelling on many different levels. It gives the reader pause for thought in so many circumstances, it would be impossible to list them here. The reader is easily able to relate to the characters -- not just the principles, but the incidental ones as well. It would be difficult to pinpoint a single instance in the book where the story wavered, or was slow reading. There are some unsettling events in the climax of the book, and the author's ability to translate her visionof those events in to words, conveying that vision to others is excellent. One is left with two questions, How would we have fared in the days of Noah? and When will the next book arrive?
Guest More than 1 year ago
We've all heard the story about Noah and the Ark but EARTH CHRONICLES: VOLUME 1 WHEN the EARTH WAS GREEN is a speculative fiction that takes us back in ancient time. It's an incredible journey with Noah and his wife Almazeen, their three sons and daughters-in-law, Japheth and Shema, Ham and Arieon, Shem and Zella. This world is a highly advanced civilization with technology that we can only imagine but the people of this society have become so wicked that God is unhappy with his world and decides to send a flood that will destroy mankind and all living things. God chooses Noah, who loves the Lord, and tells him to build an Ark according to His plan. Noah is instructed to spread the word of God to everyone he comes in contact with. Only those who believe in God will be allowed to go on the ark. Also male and female of all the animals and creatures on the earth. This book is about faith, love, and perseverance as Noah and each family member play a different role in the building, planning, researching and deciding what advance technology must be taken on the ark to start and new civilization. Surely they'll need the high-speed flyers to navigate their new world after the flood. They must decide how to shelter and care for the animals, what foods and grains to take and how to store them. Thought must be given to clothes and textiles. Tools and medicines are a major concern. There is much heartache as the daughters-in-law, as well as Almazeen and her family try to warn their families of the impending flood knowing their loved ones will be lost forever if they don't repent. I liked the fact that Almazeen, Shema, Arieon, and Zella had strong leadership roles in this book. Did you ever wonder how the animals got on the ark? I also love that chapter. This is a very thought provoking book.