The Eastern Question

The Eastern Question

by Karl Marx

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ISBN-10: 0714615005

ISBN-13: 9780714615004

Pub. Date: 12/31/1994

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Turkey; the London Press - policy of Napoleon on the Turkish question; the real issue in Turkey; the Turkish question; Turkey and Russia; the ultimatum and after; the English and French fleets - "The Times" - Russian aggrandizement; the Russian humbug; Brunnow and Clarendon - Armenian proclamation; Aberdeen, Clarenden, Brunnow - connivance of the Aberdeen ministry with Russia; Russian policy against Turkey; Austria and Russia; Layard-Gladstone-Aberdeen-Palmerston; the Russo-Turkish difficulty -ducking and dodging of the British Cabinet - Nesselrode's latest note; the Russian question - curious diplomatic correspondence; Russia and the Western powers; traditional policy of Russia; the press on Eastern affairs - notes of England and Russia; Russian movements - Denmark - United States and Europe; to withdraw or not to withdraw; Urquhart-Bem - the Turkish question in the House of Lords; the Turkish question in the Commons; affairs continental and English; the Vienna note; the Vienna note (contd); the English ministry outwitted - panic; the war question; the Turkish manifesto; the northern powers; war; the holy war; Persia-Denmark; diplomacy again; the war on the Danube; the quadruple convention -England and the war; the Russian victory - position of England and France; private news from St. Petersburg; Russian policy; Palmerston's resignation; progress of the Turkish war; England and Russia; more documents; the European war; the war in Asia; the Czar's views - Prince Albert; Cobden and Russia; war finance; blue books - ambassadors withdrawing; Russian diplomacy - the shrines -Montenegro; Count Orloff's proposals; debates in Parliament; Kossuth - Disraeli and Hume - United States - France andEngland -Greece; France and England - the Greek rising - Asia; the Russian retreat; the documents on the partition of Turkey; the secret diplomatic correspondence; war declared - Mussulman and Christian; war with Russia; Russia and the German powers; Turkey and Greece -Italy; Austria and Servia - Greece and Turkey - Turkey and the Western powers; the Greek insurrection - alliance between Prussia and Austria - Russian armaments; bombardment of Odessa - Austria and Russia - the Greek insurrection - Montenegro - Manteuffel; Prussian policy; the exploits in the Baltic and Black Seas -Anglo-French system of operations; delay on the Danube; speeches -St. Arnaud; state of the Russian war; the war - debate in Parliament; the Russia failure; Russia, Austria, Turkey, Wallachia and Redcliffe; Austria; the siege of Silistria; the theatre of war - the Russian note to the German powers - Servia and Austria; the private conference at Vienna - ministerial crisis; another war debate; the Austro-Turkish treaty - more parliamentary talk; that bore of a war; the Russian retreat - Denmark; the evacuation; Servia - England, France and Constantinople; the capture of Bomarsund; the condition of Wallachia - revolution in Turkey; the fleet off at last - revolt of the Moldavians; the atta

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