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Eating Disorders and Obesity, Second Edition: A Comprehensive Handbook

Eating Disorders and Obesity, Second Edition: A Comprehensive Handbook

by Christopher G. Fairburn

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This unique handbook presents and integrates virtually all that is currently known about eating disorders and obesity in one authoritative, accessible, and eminently practical volume. From leading international authorities, 112 concise chapters encapsulate the latest information on all pertinent topics, from biological, psychological, and social processes


This unique handbook presents and integrates virtually all that is currently known about eating disorders and obesity in one authoritative, accessible, and eminently practical volume. From leading international authorities, 112 concise chapters encapsulate the latest information on all pertinent topics, from biological, psychological, and social processes associated with risk, to clinical methods for assessment and intervention. Suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter replace extended references and enhance the practical value and readability of the volume.

Editorial Reviews

4 Stars! from Doody
Compiles just about all that is known about both obesity and eating disorders not only to cement the growing convergence between the two fields but also to make the insights of each available to workers in the other. Contributors from around the world and a wide range of disciplines provide overviews of such aspects as dieting and body image, history, clinical characteristics, classification, epidemiology, etiology, physiological and medical aspects, assessment, and treatment. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)
Doody's Review Service
Reviewer: Thomas R. Scales, MD (Rush University Medical Center)
Description: This is a comprehensive and authoritative collection of knowledge of all areas relevant to the dual fields of eating disorders and obesity. The second edition is not merely a recapitulation of the first edition published in 1995, but has all newly written chapters covering previous topics with an impressive expansion of chapters on regulation of body weight and eating.
Purpose: The purpose is to strengthen the connections between the eating disorders and obesity fields and to provide a comprehensive account of knowledge in the two areas. Communication between these two fields is a particularly important goal now in these days when obesity is an epidemic in the western world. By extensive cross-referencing in the different parts of this book and particular attention to topics relevant to both fields, the book's goals are largely achieved.
Audience: The book is written for an audience of practitioners and researchers in the fields of eating disorders and obesity. The multiple authors have all published extensively in their respective areas.
Features: This book is organized into three broad parts, the foundation, eating disorders, and obesity. When reading the basic regulation of eating and body weight and dieting in the foundation part, one can't help but realize the theoretical relevance regardless of one's specialty interest. The chapters are short but comprehensive and introduce the reader to the most salient features of each topic. There are appropriate tables and graphs which aid in comprehension of the material. The lack of in-text references could be construed as a shortcoming in this book, but may actually better represent a true overview.
Assessment: This is an extremely useful tool in the eating disorder and obesity fields and provides a fruitful marriage between these two fields which previous books have failed to achieve.
From the Publisher

"In the second edition of this landmark work, Fairburn and Brownell have again boldly linked eating disorders and obesity in one authoritative volume. It provides the clinician and the researcher, who formerly had to master two different literatures, with a splendid overview of the very latest information in 112 short, superbly crafted chapters. The first edition of this volume made history; this second edition is even better."--Albert Stunkard, M.D.

"Fairburn and Brownell have produced the definitive handbook integrating the fields of obesity and eating disorders. This second edition of the handbook is even better than the first. Well organized and carefully edited, it is unmatched in providing comprehensive and authoritative coverage of both fields. The book is an indispensable resource for clinicians and researchers alike. It is also a blessing for anyone teaching a course in the general area."--G. Terence Wilson, PhD

Praise for the First Edition
"The scope of this new compendium is impressive, with 101 chapters contributed by a distinguished roster of internationally recognized investigators and clinicians....The user-friendly nature of the book is apparent in the readability of the individual chapters....There are remarkably few areas of substantive duplication in coverage....Looking back over the book, I am reminded of the editors' comments in the preface regarding 'the regrettable separation of the eating disorders and obesity fields.'....For clinicians and investigators, this outstanding handbook should help to bridge the historical gap between those fields."--The New England Journal of Medicine

"In the weeks [this book] has been in my office I have used it more than any other text. It is what it claims to be, both 'comprehensive' and a 'handbook'. It provides the reader, novice or expert, with instant informed opinion and points them to additional, more detailed sources to continue investigation....Bringing together such an international collection of distinguished scientists and clinicians under one cover may be an important step to help the scientific community, the general public, and Government funding recognize that both [eating disorders and obesity] are in need of action and in a coordinated way. Clinical psychologists with a current or putative interest in either eating disorders or obesity should have access to this book."--The British Journal of Clinical Psychology

"The editors of this book have been successful in presenting and integrating all that is currently known about eating disorders and obesity into one well-organized, carefully edited, sound, user-friendly book. This text is a must for the libraries of practitioners working in the fields of obesity and eating disorders."--Journal of the American Dietetic Association

"This multi-author textbook successfully conveys state-of-the-art information in brief yet authoritative chapters on fundamental issues, basic science, assessments, clinical characteristics, and treatments of all three of the eating disorders....Invaluable for clinicians and students."--Readings

"This volume was boldly conceived....[Brownell and Fairburn] have attempted to cover extensive aspects of both eating disorders and obesity, to tap many of the world experts, to present controversial as well as conventional perspectives to enrich documented data with clinical insights, to be useful to generalists as well as specialists, to elucidate research methodology as well as clinical techniques, and to be current in a rapidly changing field. Remarkably, they have accomplished all this with impressive success....I recommend this book highly to all professionals who work with eating-disordered or overweight patients."--Eating Disorders

"Authoritative, accessible and practical."--Idea Today

"On occasion, a book is published that is so unique in its contribution and so completely fulfills its lofty goals that it is bound to become a classic the moment the first copy rolls off the press. This volume edited by Brownell and Fairburn is one of those classics....Both editors have demonstrated throughout their careers a broad-based perspective that is clearly evident in this collaborative effort....The volume stands out for...its integration of eating disorders and obesity across disciplines, its comprehensiveness, and its synoptic style....One cannot overlook the reasonable price of the book...it is a true bargain that is rare among today's highly inflated book prices. Eating Disorders and Obesity succeeds as a valuable and unique scholarly contribution. I recommend it highly for the reference library of anyone interested in obesity, eating disorders, or behavioral medicine."--Contemporary Psychology

"It is certainly good to see a volume bringing together material on all the eating disorders, including those that result in obesity. Indeed, the range of the book is without doubt impressive; its sections include the regulation of eating and weight, dieting and body image, measurement, classification, clinical characteristics and history of eating disorders, epidemiology and medical aspects as well as a section devoted to the major treatment initiatives."--Child Psychology and Psychiatry

Academy for Eating Disorders Newsletter

"The breadth of topics covered in this volume guarantees that it will be the book to be consulted when a question on any issue in eating disorders or obesity is raised by a student, a client, or another professional."
Cognitive Therapy Today

"Excellent....Serves as an encyclopedia of current knowledge on everything having to do with eating disorders and obesity."

"This book should be required reading for all medical students....It is also a wonderful quick reference book for anyone treating patients with eating disorders because the chapters are well written, short, and to the point."
International Association for the Study of Obesity Newsletter

"Breadth of coverage is what makes this [book] special, together with a genuine interest in bringing together two clinical fields that remain apart, occasionally in conflict. This is a book that will make many journeys from my bookshelf to desk. And I recommend it to anyone with an interest in obesity or eating disorders, student or professor, who is curious to find out about what lies beyond their own specialty."

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Meet the Author

Christopher G. Fairburn, DM, FMedSci, FRCPsych, is Wellcome Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford.
Kelly D. Brownell, PhD, is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University.

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