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Eclipses: Behind the Borderline Personality Disorder

Eclipses: Behind the Borderline Personality Disorder

by Melissa Ford Thornton

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NAMI Literature Committee
And now we have a book on Borderline Personality Disorder that offers hope to those suffering from this serious mental illness and those who love them. Until now, the few books written about Borderline Personality Disorder  concentrated on describing this often seemingly intractable illness and lamenting both how difficult it is to treat and the great frustrations experienced by everyone involved, including patients, therapists, family, and friends. Even today some therapists refuse to take a patient with Borderline Personality Disorder  into their practice because they think Borderline Personality Disorder  is too difficult to treat and too demanding on their time and energy. Borderline Personality Disorder  affects at least two percent of the population. The large majority of those treated for it are women.

Melissa Ford Thornton has written an easy-to-read and informative book about her illness and therapy and the experiences of several other patients in a treatment program with her. She tells the reader what it feels like to experience Borderline Personality Disorder  --"like being in hell"--and, importantly, describes the life-saving dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) she and others received for a psychiatric illness thought to be untreatable. Hers is a book of hope and encouragement. There is light following the darkness of an eclipse, the illness.

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