Ecology of Desert Rivers

Ecology of Desert Rivers

by Richard Kingsford

Summarises current understanding of desert river ecology and its dependence on unpredictable river flows.See more details below


Summarises current understanding of desert river ecology and its dependence on unpredictable river flows.

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Part I. Natural Disturbance in Desert River Systems: 1. Desert or dryland rivers of the world - an introduction R. T. Kingsford and J. Thompson; 2. Flow variability in large unregulated dryland rivers W. J. Young and R. T. Kingsford; 3. Variability, complexity and diversity - the geomorphology of river ecosystems in dryland regions M. C. Thoms, P. H. Beyer and K. H. Rogers; 4. Aquatic productivity and food webs of desert river ecosystems S. E. Bunn, S. R. Balcombe, P. M. Davies, C. S. Fellows and F. J. McKenzie-Smith; 5. Disturbance of plant communities dependent on desert rivers M. A. Brock, S. J. Capon and J. L. Porter; 6. Natural disturbance and aquatic invertebrates in desert rivers A. J. Boulton, F. Sheldon and K. M. Jenkins; 7. Vertebrates of desert rivers - meeting the challenges of temporal and spatial unpredictability R. T. Kingsford, A. Georges and P. J. Unmack; Part II. Human Disturbance in Desert River Systems: 8. Impacts of dams, river management and diversions on desert rivers R. T. Kingsford, A. D. Lemly and J. R. Thompson; 9. Serial weirs, cumulative effects: the Lower River Murray, Australia K. F. Walker; 10. Salinisation as an ecological perturbation to rivers, streams and wetlands of arid and semi-arid zones P. C. E. Bailey, P. I. Boon, D. W. Blinn and W. D. Williams; 11. Water scarcity: politics, populations and the ecology of desert rivers M. Wishart; 12. Changing desert rivers R. T. Kingsford; Index.

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