Economics and Its Discontents: Twentieth Century Dissenting Economists

Economics and Its Discontents: Twentieth Century Dissenting Economists

by Richard P. Holt

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Introduction: dissent in twentieth century economics
1The seditious dissent of Barbara R. Bergmann1
2James M. Buchanan and the rebirth of political economy21
3John R. Commons and the compatibility of neoclassical and institutional economics40
4The tenacious dissent of Milton Friedman56
5Friedrich A. Hayek: super-dissenter73
6John A. Hobson: dissenting labour economist89
7The policy dissent of Nicholas Kaldor106
8The positive dissent of Michal Kalecki119
9Dissent and continuity: John Maynard Keynes135
10Frank Knight's dissent from progressive social science153
11Oskar Lange's dissent from market capitalism and state socialism165
12Imagining the possibilities: the dissent of Adolph Lowe183
13Gardiner Means and the dissent of administered prices199
14The theoretical, methodological and pedagogical dissent of Joan Robinson211
15Thomas Schelling's dissent from the narrow scope of economics226
16Piero Sraffa and mainstream theory243
17Thorstein Bunde Veblen: the quintessential dissenter267

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