Economics / Edition 4

Economics / Edition 4

by Joseph E. Stiglitz, Carl E. Walsh

ISBN-10: 0393168174

ISBN-13: 9780393168174

Pub. Date: 04/28/2006

Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.

Economics has been thoroughly revised, simplified, and updated for the Fourth Edition.  See more details below


Economics has been thoroughly revised, simplified, and updated for the Fourth Edition.

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Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
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Fourth Edition
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8.80(w) x 10.30(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Pt. 1Introduction
1The Automobile and Economics1
2Thinking Like an Economist27
4Demand, Supply, and Price71
5Using Demand and Supply96
6Time and Risk122
7The Public Sector143
Pt. 2Perfect Markets
8The Consumption Decision171
9Labor Supply and Savings199
10A Student's Guide to Investing226
11The Firm's Costs250
13Competitive Equilibrium309
Pt. 3Imperfect Markets
14Monopolies and Imperfect Competition335
16Government Policies Toward Competition388
17Technological Change411
18Imperfect Information in the Product Market430
19Imperfections in the Labor Market454
20Financing, Controlling, and Managing the Firm475
Pt. 4Policy Issues
21Externalities and the Environment505
22Taxes, Transfers, and Redistribution522
23Public Decision Making543
Pt. 5Full-Employment Macroeconomics
24Macroeconomic Goals and Measures563
25The Full-Employment Model590
26Using the Full-Employment Model617
Pt. 6Unemployment Macroeconomics
27Overview of Unemployment Macroeconomics639
28Aggregate Demand662
29Consumption and Investment690
30Money, Banking, and Credit717
31Monetary Theory746
32Fiscal and Monetary Policy772
Pt. 7Dynamics and Macro Policy
33Inflation: Wage and Price Dynamics791
34Unemployment: Understanding Wage Rigidities821
35Inflation vs. Unemployment: Approaches to Policy843
Pt. 8Issues in Macroeconomic Policy
36Growth and Productivity873
37Deficits and Deficit Reduction903
38Trade Policy924
39Alternative Economic Systems947

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