Economics of Commodity Markets

Economics of Commodity Markets

by David Greenaway

ISBN-10: 1858984726

ISBN-13: 9781858984728

Pub. Date: 05/01/1999

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Part ITerms of Trade of Primary Products
1.The Economic Development of Latin America and its Principal Problems, Economic Commission for Latin America, New York: United Nations: Department of Economic Affairs, 1-59 (1950)3
2.'The Distribution of Gains Between Investing and Borrowing Countries', American Economic Review, XL (2), May, 473-85 (1950)62
3.'The Statistical Debate on the Net Barter Terms of Trade Between Primary Commodities and Manufactures', Economic Journal, 90, March, 107-28 (1980)75
4.'The Statistical Debate on the Net Barter Terms of Trade Between Primary Commodities and Manufactures: A Comment and Some Additional Evidence', Economic Journal, 95, September, 781-88 (1985)97
5.'Primary Commodity Prices, Manufactured Goods Prices, and the Terms of Trade of Developing Countries: What the Long Run Shows', World Bank Economic Review, 2 (1), 1-47 (1988)105
6.'The Prebisch-Singer Hypothesis: A Reappraisal Independent of Stationarity Hypotheses', Economic Journal, 102, July, 803-12 (1992)152
7.'Long-run Trends in the Relative Price of Primary Commodities and in the Terms of Trade of Developing Countries', Oxford Economic Papers, 45 (3), July, 349-63 (1993)162
Part IICommodity Price Instability
8.'The Prima Facie Case', Export Instability and Economic Development, Chapter 1, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press and London: Routledge (Allen and Unwin), 23-33, references (1966)179
9.'The Excess Co-Movement of Commodity Prices', Economic Journal, 100, December, 1173-89 (1990)191
10.'On the Behaviour of Commodity Prices', Review of Economic Studies, 59, 1-23 (1992)208
11.'The Commodity Price Collapse of the 1980s' and 'The Impact on the Developing Countries', Commodities in Crisis: The Commodity Crisis of the 1980s and the Political Economy of International Commodity Policies, Chapters 1 and 2, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 7-22 and 23-39, references (1992)231
12.'The Excess Comovement of Commodity Prices Revisited', World Development, 22 (11), 1747-58 (1994)265
Part IIIStabilization Programmes
13.'The Policy of Government Storage of Food-Stuffs and Raw Materials', Economic Journal, XLVIII, September, 449-60 (1938)279
14.'The Distribution of Welfare Gains from Price Stabilization: An International Perspective', Journal of International Economics, 8, 551-63 (1978)291
15.'Summary of Findings', The Theory of Commodity Price Stabilization: A Study in the Economics of Risk, Chapter 3, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 23-46, references (1981)304
16.'How to Analyse Commodity Price Stabilisation? A Review Article', Oxford Economic Papers, 36, 336-58 (1984)328
17.'International Commodity Agreements: An Obituary Notice', World Development, 24 (1), 1-19 (1996)351
18.'The Economic Role of Commodity Storage', Economic Journal, 92 (367), September, 596-614 (1982)370
Part IVTrade Shocks
19.'Booming Sector and Dutch Disease Economics: Survey and Consolidation', Oxford Economic Papers, 36, 359-80 (1984)391
20.'What Stopped the Inflation? Unemployment or Commodity Prices?', Economic Journal, 96, March, 39-54 (1986)413
21.'Primary Commodity Prices and Inflation', Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 6 (4), Winter, 77-99 (1990)429
22.'Trade Shocks in Developing Countries: Consequences and Policy Responses', European Economic Review, 37, 557-65 (1993)452
Part VFutures Markets
23.'Futures Markets, Buffer Stocks, and Income Stability for Primary Producers', Journal of Political Economy, 75, February-December, 844-61 (1967)463
24.'Futures Trading and the Welfare Evaluation of Commodity Price Stabilisation', Economic Journal, 95, September, 637-61 (1985)481
25.'Forward Contracts or International Buffer Stocks? A Study of their Relative Efficiencies in Stabilising Commodity Export Earnings', Economic Journal, 95, June, 400-417 (1985)506
Part VISectoral Studies
26.'The Impact of the International Coffee Agreement on Producing Countries', World Bank Economic Review, 4 (2), May, 157-73 (1990)527
27.'Commodity Agreements and Commodity Markets: Lessons from Tin', Economic Journal, 98, March, 1-15 (1988)544
28.'A Survey of the Costs of World Sugar Policies', World Bank Research Observer, 7 (2), July, 171-94 (1992)559
29.'Long-Term and Short-Term Analysis of the Natural Rubber Market', Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 125, 718-46 (1989)583
30.'The 1981-82 Recession and Non-Oil Primary Commodity Prices', International Monetary Fund Staff Papers, 31, 93-140 (1984)612
31.'Introduction: A Taxonomy of Commodity Models and Their Policy Applications', in Quantitative Models of Commodity Markets, Chapter 1, Cambridge, Mass: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1-27, appendix (1975)660
Name Index691

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