Economics of Conflict and Peace

Economics of Conflict and Peace

by Jurgen Brauer

ISBN-10: 1859722377

ISBN-13: 9781859722374

Pub. Date: 02/01/1997

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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1Economics and peace-theory on the eve of World War I7
2More with less: Economics of non-offensive defense, with special reference to Argentina31
3The economics of conflict, production, and exchange54
4The distribution of military expenditures in the United States: Spatial, sectoral, technological, and occupational83
5Opportunity costs of military expenditures: Evidence from the United States109
6Military expenditures and fiscal constraints in Pakistan125
7Peace in Gautemala? The story of San Lucas Toliman150
8From apartheid to democracy: The economic dimensions of demilitarizing South African society179
9Do military expenditures create net employment? The case of US military-nuclear production sites201
10The Sudan: The cost of the second civil war (1983-1933)229
11That "splendid little war": The costs of the Spanish-American war248
12Estimates of the economic cost of armed conflict: The Iran-Iraq war and the Sri Lankan civil war269
13Research note: Costing the direct health burden of political violence in developing countries292
14War and peace from a perspective of international public economics307
15A world treasury337
16Policies for peace: An analysis of the causes of military expenditures and the means to disarmament355
17Creating global security: Japan as a potential catalyst376

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