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Ecoscam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse

Ecoscam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse

by Ronald Bailey

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Ray Olson
Remember the big hole in the ozone that was supposed to open up over the Northern Hemisphere with dire consequences last spring? Didn't happen, did it? Science and technology reporter Bailey says that was just the latest in a series of ecological catastrophes that haven't happened since the first A-bomb was dropped. Moreover, if the news media had listened to other reputable scientists, we would have known that the apocalypses ecological alarmists have told us were just around the corner just plain weren't! Chapter by heavily referenced chapter, Bailey takes on such environmental doom mongers as overpopulation guru Paul Ehrlich, the resource-depletion prophesying Club of Rome, biotechnology decrier Jeremy Rifkin, nuclear winter harpy Carl Sagan, and others, and makes very good his overall case that they act out of political (and financial: it's easier to get government funding if it seems you're averting disaster) more than scientific motives. The doomsters are in fact, he provocatively argues, the successors to two now-discredited earlier bands of apocalyptics: (1) Christian millenarians, such as the nineteenth-century Millerites, and (2) political determinists, such as the various followers of Karl Marx. This is first-class debunking, a must for every current affairs collection.

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