Ecstasy Claimed

Ecstasy Claimed

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by Setta Jay

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*Erotic Paranormal Romance*

Gregoire has spent centuries with his brother Guardians fighting for the safety and security of the Realms. Endless decades of battling mixed with bouts of mindless sex to sate his needs. Needs that haven't truly been fulfilled since she was born. The one destined to be his bonded mate. For the last twenty five years Gregoire


*Erotic Paranormal Romance*

Gregoire has spent centuries with his brother Guardians fighting for the safety and security of the Realms. Endless decades of battling mixed with bouts of mindless sex to sate his needs. Needs that haven't truly been fulfilled since she was born. The one destined to be his bonded mate. For the last twenty five years Gregoire has kept his distance giving her time to grow into a female who is capable of handling his intense dominance.

Alyssa has done everything that was expected of her, until the day she finds out she has a mate who has left her unclaimed. Unheard of when mates are rare and coveted. Even worse is the fact that he is the most powerful of her race and a Guardian of the Realms. Furious at the rejection she decides she is now in charge of her life. No more will she allow others to rule her.

Against the backdrop of evil forces that are conspiring to topple the Realms, can Gregoire find his wayward mate before she is taken by corrupt Immortals? Can Alyssa forgive him and learn to exert her own female power while surrendering to his savage passion? And will the two of them be able to forge a mate bond that cannot be severed... or will they be forever cursed with an Ecstasy Unclaimed?

Warning – Dirty talking, possessive alpha male; scenes of sexual exhibition; an instance of f/f; spankings and more.

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The Guardians Of The Realms Series , #2
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Meet the Author

Setta Jay is the author of the popular Guardians of the Realms Series. She's garnered attention and rave reviews in the paranormal romance world for writing smart, slightly innocent heroines and intense alpha males. She loves writing stories that incorporate a strong plot with a heavy dose of heat. Her influences include Judith McNaught who she feels writes a smart heroine to perfection, Gena Showalter, Maya Banks and Lora Leigh. You can often find her writing compared to JR Ward, but if you are a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood be warned that Setta Jay's novels are more erotic in nature.

Born a California girl, she currently resides in Idaho with her husband of ten plus years who she describes as incredibly sexy and supportive.

She loves to hear from readers so feel free to ask her questions on social media or send her an email, she will happily reply.

Facebook: Setta Jay, Author

Twitter: @SETTAJAY_

Goodreads: Setta Jay


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Ecstasy Claimed 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Igniting the pages with erotic romance, Ecstasty Claimed is a vividly descriptive jaunt into the supernatural world of the “Guardians of the Realm”. Greogoire has guarded the human realm from evil for centuries knowing his mate existed. When he receives a call from his mates family, he rushes only to discover that his mate has run away. Alyssa has always held the fairy tale dream of having a true mate. When she discovers that her family has misled her and her mate hasn’t claimed her, Alyssa feels betrayed and rejected. Instead of taking the blow to her ego, Alyssa decides to find the best happiness she can and runs to a hedonistic paradise to discover the pleasures of life. The evil battle between the gods threatens Greogorie’s chances to claim his long waited for mate in this extremely sensual charged storytelling. Ecstasy Claimed contains a great balance of story to steam. The core is erotic in nature but Setta Jay has paired this tale with an action intense plot that pulls the reader into this battle of good and evil. Holy hotness guardian, this series covers are as flammable as the storyline. I received this copy of Ecstasy Claimed from Setta Jay, LLC in exchange for a honest review.
Marianna-ALustForReading More than 1 year ago
Gregoire has known about his mate for 25 years. Yet even though he could have claimed her five years ago, he waited, knowing she was still too young to handle him. That hasn't stopped him from wanting her though. Desperately. But he has had to settle for watching her from a far; needing to keep his distance to avoid setting off their mating frenzy. Alyssa has just learned that her parents have been keeping a huge secret from her; she has a mate. And not just any mate, a damn Guardian. Now she is pissed. Pissed at them for not telling her and pissed at Gregoire for not claiming her. That rejection stings more than she cares to admit and only adds to her many insecurities. She is small for er race and everyone makes sure she knows it. Well, she is done living her life by everyone else's will. After watching his closest Guardian brother Uri in his mating ceremony to Alex, Gregoire knows the time has come to claim Alyssa. But Alyssa has many insecurities to overcome and only a few days to process she has a mate... will she be able to find happiness with him? They definitely have some obstacles to overcome while also dealing with the turmoil within the Realms. I cannot emphasize enough how much I am loving this series. I love being taken away into this fantasy world and losing myself in the Realms and characters and chaos. Setta Jay has a wonderful way of not only writing delicious alpha males but also strong yet vulnerable leafing ladies that you can't help but love. Alyssa has self confidence and self image issues just like the rest of us women. Despite that however, she is also strong in many other areas, she just doesn't realize it. Her Immortal abilities with wind and air are impressive and she definitely know how to speak her mind. Once again I connected with Setta's heroine because she made her personality so real. There there is Gregoire, another dirty talking alpha. You can never have enough of those now can you? (The correct answer is no. No you can't.) Yes he is dominant but there is also tender sweetness inside of him. His actions show the utmost consideration for Alyssa's feelings and well being. Now I'm not going to lie, I absolutely loved these two together in bed as well. His need to claim her in every sense of the word was mind blowing. In addition to the erotic love story (and trust me, it is hot) there is also so much going on around them. There is the continuing story of Erik and Sam plus the unrest in the Teteros Realm: evil Immortals, young Mageias women gone missing and hell beasts attacking everywhere. There is plenty to keep you on your toes. This book was non-stop action and passion and I loved it.
tigerlilly_liz More than 1 year ago
~ 5 Ecstasy Stars ~ Absolutely Fantastic! Sett Jay is turning out to be one of my favorite Erotic Paranormal Romance authors. Ecstasy Claimed was absolutely fantastic! It has just the right amount of naughty and face-paced development to keep me going and coming back for more.  I knew after the first page that this was going to be hot, steamy, and oh so good! Ms. Jay knows how to write a story with great characters and even steamier scenes. I enjoyed everything in this book from the plot development, to the characters and the sex we get. Gregorie is very dominate and I liked how Alyssa came into herself and proved to be an ideal match. The romance is scorching hot and all the action kept’s you engaged. I love learning about the Guardians. They are moody, funny, devoted and strong. I also love the world that has been created. The storyline is face-paced and moves from one realm to another as well as we get several interesting side-storylines’s going on. The author does a fabulous job  transitioning the reader smoothly between everything that is happening and where you are in the realms.   This is one Erotic PNR book series you do not want to miss. I look forward to more Guardians of the Realms.  Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy free of charge from the author with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.
NaughtyBookSnitch More than 1 year ago
I'm not really sure where to start. I really enjoyed the story and sex in Ecstasy Unbound but I liked this one a lot more. I'm finally getting a better sense of the characters and the world building was a lot clearer. We are introduced to some more terminology and again a glossary would have been really helpful, but I managed. The kinky effery in this book is off the charts. Whew! This book will turn you on! I absolutely love the Paradeisos Island scene! That was a super charged hot MFFM action scene.  Gregoire... you lived up to my expatiations. You are one huge *waggles eyebrows* alpha, dirty talking male. After Uri and Alex's mating ceremony, Gregoire decides it time to claim his mate. He's been watching over her for the past 25 years waiting for her to reach majority. A girl can really develop a complex from waiting that long. Gregoire is super caveman when it comes to Alyssa. Dont touch or look like you want to touch and definitely don't smell her hair. Gregoire gets pissed off if the dog shows too much attention to his mate.  Alyssa is like a tiny Chihuahua. Shes tiny but packs a mighty punch. Alyssa is smart and strong but has some self-esteem issues. She isn't your average Immortal. She's been small her entire life, she's never been envied by any man and the mate she knows is out there, has never come to claim her. Alyssa has the typical human fairy tale dreams of her prince coming to sweep her off her feet, but that doesn't happen in the Immortal world. So Alyssa and her BFF Rain, decide to go on a vacation and the goal is for Alyssa to lose her virginity and gain some experience for when her mate does decide he wants to claim her.  When Gregoire finally gets Alyssa... Its fireworks in the panties! Overall I freaking loved this book! I was super happy to get more Erik and Sam and see how they are dealing with their mating and how they get their HEA. I think it's funny but pretty anticlimactic what happens to Cyrill. There is a copious amount of sex in the book. Its fantastic sex, but really almost borderlined on too much. I know, I know... don't judge. But the sex is fantastic with a good story to back it up. I loved it. 
mtibbitts More than 1 year ago
This book has a huge wow factor. Sexy men, hot sex, and a great story....what more could you want in a great book? MORE!! I just can't get enough of this world that the author has created. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read this story. Gregoire was a favorite of mine in the first book and I was so glad to see him get his happy ending. Honestly though, all of the Guardians are sexy as hell and I look forward to seeing where there stories take them. I would recommend to those that like books similar to BDB, Dark Hunters, etc but with way more explicit sex scenes and even male/male/female/female scenes. ~Storm
RaquelGabrielle More than 1 year ago
Very hot, steamy hot. Again for this one there is a warning and you should head that warning if you are not ready for the fire. I didn't like Gregoire or Alyssa as much as the other two characters from the first book but they had their moments. Gregoire is very jealous of anyone that has Alyssa's attention or is touching her which can be bad but in a sweet way I guess. I guess we all have are quirks, and Alyssa was awesome at first wanting her independence and wanting to make choices on her own. She did do well with that making demands of Gregoire but of course he can only be swayed so much. I still think he should have done a bit more groveling and what not but that is just my opinion. Other than the steamy part of the book we continue on with another relationship that we saw in the first book, which is Sam and Eric. I liked this couple a whole lot more and really kind of saved it for me. Eric was so sweet and caring towards Sam since she went through something horrific in the first book and even though he was going through the mating frenzy he still had a collar on his emotions to not hurt the one person that was his mate. Now that is love. Though I feel some of the issues were swept away by her trying to get over it to be able to mate I am wondering if we will see more of this in later books possibly I mean abuse like that does not just go away.
Faerie-bookworm More than 1 year ago
Title: Ecstasy Claimed Author: Setta Jay Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotica Format: Ebook Pages: 286 Rating: 5 Setting: Earth Realm and Tetartos Realm Main Characters: Gregoire and Alyssa Supporting Characters: Alex, Uri, Vane, Conn, Drake, Sam, Rain, Sirena Summary: Gregoire met his mate days after she was born, now 25 years later he still hasn’t claimed her. With her insecurities and feelings of rejection, Alyssa decides to take her life into her own hands. Thoughts: I am loving this series. Each one focuses on one pair of mates but still continues the stories of the other characters and makes for a more in depth narrative. Even though this book was about Gregoire and Alyssa the story of Erik and Sam was still told, along with the protagonists Cyril and Elizabeth and their quest for power. I can’t get enough of the characters, I want to know them all so intimately and that is exactly what Setta Jay is doing without a doubt. I’m not just getting to know the main characters but the supporting ones as well. If you haven’t started this series you need to, it rocks! I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This is the second story in the Guardian of the Realms series and focuses on Gregoire and Alyssa, both Immortals with Hippeos (or Hippeon?) halves (meaning they can shift to become warhorses). Gregoire was a secondary character in Ecstasy Unbound (he's a good friend and 'third' to Uri and his sex partners). In this one he meets his match, so to speak, with Alyssa, who has been destined to be his mate since birth, but one he hasn't claimed until now at age 25. He could have claimed her at 18 when she reached the age of majority, but wanted to give her more time to mature. As a result, Alyssa is torn between being upset and angry that he waited while having to admit to herself that she wasn't ready for the kind of sexual relationship they would have at that age. Just like the previous story in the series, the sex is super dirty and expansive. Lots of dirty talking and dirty thinking! For Immortals, sex is as necessary as breathing, so they take full advantage, especially if they are in a mating frenzy, like Gregoire and Alyssa are until their vows are made. The story arc from the first book continues here, with some twists and turns as the villain continues his evil work that the Guardians are trying desparately to stop. Being more comfortable with the world building by this point made it an easier read, thought there is a glossary available which is quite helpful. There is a bonus romance in this one between two characters who met in book 1, Sam and Erik. I was happy to see them get together finally. Overall, an exciting and steamy continuation of the story with a complete happy ending for Gregoire and Alyssa, and a lead in to the next couple's story. 4 stars.
gypsyarj More than 1 year ago
Alyssa is an immortal that has led a very sheltered, protected life. Gregoire is a Guardian of the realm and he is also Alyssa's mate. He has been avoiding his mate so that she can mature before he claims her. However that changes when Alyssa discovers that her mate has known about her yet didn't not come for her. Alyssa decides its time for her to stretch her wings and explore the world. When Gregoire finally goes to claim his mate he is not happy to discover what she been doing. I love how dominate Gregoire is and Alyssa fits him perfectly. I really enjoyed reading his story. I can't wait to read more from this series. If you're a paranormal romance fan then you'll love this series.
Majorly_Delicious More than 1 year ago
This series just keeps getting better! Sexy and fast paced, you won't want to put it down. This story also includes more on Erik and Sam. I wish they had their own book but I am happy to see that so far Ms. Jay continues each characters story in additional additions. Look forward to reading the next installment in the series ASAP. I highly recommend this book to all paranormal romance lovers. Beware this book is not for the faint of heart, it contains very explicit and detailed sexual scenes that will have you blushing! I received an eARC of the book compliments of the publisher via NetGalley for my honest review and opinion. All ratings and opinions stated are my own.
crazy4peanutbutter More than 1 year ago
I loved the character of Alyssa and Gregoire. Alyssa's a tiny little spitfire of a women that has self image issues and thinks that she has been rejected by her mate Gregoire. While Gregoire has in fact only been waiting for her to be old enough and mature enough to be able to handle being with someone like him. A intensely dominant, possessive, powerful alpha male Guardian of the Realms. I love all the Guardians and how strong, fierce, moody, funny, devoted to each other and their cause they are. The world that Ms. Jay has been created is complex and 3 dimensional. It's so vivid you will have no problem picturing it. The storyline is face-paced and layered with several interesting side stories and characters. There is always something going on making for an exciting thrill ride of a read. This is part of a multi-book series and I highly recommend reading them in order: 0 – Hidden Ecstasy (short prequel) 1 – Ecstasy Unbound 2 – Ecstasy Claimed 3 – Denying Ecstasy 4 – Tempting Ecstasy 5 – Piercing Ecstasy 6 – Binding Ecstasy *** Received ARC copy of book from and Independent Book Publishers Association **** L.
IsaBooks More than 1 year ago
This book was HOT HOT HOT. Alyssa's been coddled all her life, but she puts a stop to it when she finds out she has a mate that won't claim her. Tired of being treated like a child and being kept pure for a mate who didn't want her, she takes a vacation to a 'pleasure island' with her best friend in hopes of taking care of a 'situation'. "This was her life, and she refused to allow anyone to rule it, and that went for the stupid Guardian as well, if he ever decided he wanted to claim her." Gregoire has known who his mate is for twenty five years, but she was a baby when he met her, and when she reached her maturity, she still wasn't ready because his needs were very demanding. When Gregoire finds out that Alyssa went to an island that it's known for sexual excess, he goes crazy and tracks her down. "He'd never in his life been possessive of a female." In this book, Gregoire takes possessiveness to a completely other level. I loved the way he was with Alyssa and I loved the fact that she didn't let him coddle her, like her parents have done all her life. A great read, in which the only think that prevents me from rating it a five star, were little bits more towards the end. But the book is really good and definitely worth your time. And did I mentioned it was hot? ;)