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4.3 60
by Nicole Jordan

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A blazing tale of breathless passion, seductive desire, and deep love from sensational, bestselling author Nicole Jordan . . .

Having watched her mother languish away for a lost love, Raven Kendrick vows never to surrender her heart. But when her life erupts in scandal, she is forced to accept a marriage proposal from the wickedly sensuous owner of


A blazing tale of breathless passion, seductive desire, and deep love from sensational, bestselling author Nicole Jordan . . .

Having watched her mother languish away for a lost love, Raven Kendrick vows never to surrender her heart. But when her life erupts in scandal, she is forced to accept a marriage proposal from the wickedly sensuous owner of London’s most notorious gaming hell. Though fiercely drawn to her enigmatic rescuer, Raven battles to resist her husband, whose sensuous caresses promise ecstasy beyond her wildest fantasies.

To save the reputation of an innocent girl nearly ruined by his brother, Kell Lasseter sacrifices his freedom to wed the dazzling debutante. Long scorned for his Irish blood and dark past, Kell cannot deny that this enchanting spitfire is unlike other society misses . . . anymore than he can quell his smoldering desire for her. Torn between loyalty to his brother and his growing feelings for his rebellious bride, Kell must somehow free Raven’s reluctant heart before they can know the ecstasy of true love.

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"Ms. Jordan proves herself a marvelous storyteller."
Publishers Weekly
The fourth installment in Jordan's Regency-era Notorious series (Desire, etc.) is devoted to spirited Raven Kendrick, whom readers will recognize from The Passion. Raven is on the verge of fulfilling her deceased mother's greatest wish-to wed a nobleman. Her good fortune takes a turn for the worst, however, when she's abducted en route to the nuptials by jilted suitor Sean Lasseter and taken to his brother, Kell's, gaming hell. Sensual scenes abound between Raven and Kell after he rescues her from Sean's certain abuse, including an outlandish one in which Kell tends Raven, who is suffering from the effects of an aphrodisiac given to her by Sean. Before long, Raven realizes that only marriage will repair her reputation, and when an honor-bound Kell reluctantly offers, she accepts even though the prickly Irishman is rumored to have murdered his uncle. Inevitably, Kell and Raven are unable to keep their physical passion from turning into love, but to Jordan's credit, their bond is founded upon mutual admiration, not merely great sex. Sean's reappearance adds a dash of danger, and the love scenes, while numerous, aren't gratuitous. The real joy here, however, comes from watching Kell and Raven overcome their pasts and their fears so they can build a future together. (Oct. 1) Forecast: Jordan's books beg comparisons to the works of Stephanie Laurens and Christina Dodd, two of the forerunners in the race to make romances sexier and more suspenseful. Though Jordan does not yet have the brand name recognition of those authors, her popularity and her sales are on the rise. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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Notorius Series
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London, November 1813

He rose naked from the surf, his wet, sleekly muscled body glistening in the Caribbean sun. Framed against the brilliant turquoise sea, he looked like some pagan god. Yet he was no god. He was the pirate who had stolen her virtue and then her heart.

Heat and vitality and danger throbbed from him as he stood spread-legged on the crystalline white beach, commander of all he surveyed. His engorged male flesh clearly proclaimed his arousal and made her breath falter.

As if he heard her soft gasp, his dark gaze riveted on her. She felt ravished each time he looked at her, even though she couldn’t make out his features. She could never see his face, only his dark eyes that were intense and burning.

He came to her then, purpose defined in every lithe stride. The sand was warm at her back as he bore her down, his hungry mouth hot as it claimed hers.

His kiss was ravaging, not in force but in effect; his touch dangerously, wildly sensual as his hands roamed over her at will.

He drank of her mouth, then shifted his caresses lower, gentle and ruthless at once. Pressing her head back, he kissed the arch of her throat, her collarbone, her naked breasts. . . . His lips felt hotter than the sun on her bare skin, the blistering heat searing her flesh. He captured a nipple and suckled hard, shooting arrows of pleasure downward to her moist, feminine center.

She whimpered and parted her legs for him, sighing as he nestled his swollen sex against her softness, the throbbing ache between her thighs soothed and aroused at once.

“Please . . .” she pleaded.

Understanding her urgent need, he slid himself relentlessly within her, his huge shaft filling her, making her want to weep with ecstasy.

But then he went still, denying her the release she craved. The hot darkness of his gaze pinned her as surely as his pulsing masculine flesh impaled her.

“How can you wed him?” he demanded roughly. “How can you think to give yourself to him?”

“I must. I have no choice. I swore a solemn promise.”

His intense gaze burned into hers. “Your duke is cold, passionless. He cannot make you feel what I do. He cannot make your blood run hot as I can.”

She turned her head aside, knowing all he said was true. She felt a sense of desperation at the thought of her impending marriage. She wanted to forget . . . and yet her pirate would not allow her.

His hand clenched in her hair, his teeth bared in savage insistence. “You belong to me, only to me. You are mine, do you heed me? And I am yours. You created me.”

His possessiveness thrilled and excited her. “Yes,” she said simply.

He withdrew his slick shaft and sank forcefully into her again, thrusting completely home. “When you go to him, I will be the one you remember. My touch, my taste, my hard flesh driving deep inside you, making you cry out with need.”

“Yes. Yes . . . only you.”

She pulled his mouth down to hers, needing to taste him, feel him. . . .

The fierce intimacy of his body locked into hers and he began to move again, taking her, claiming her. He wasn’t tender, but she wanted no tenderness. Instead she lifted her hips to meet his deep thrusts, answering him with all the vigor in her trembling form.

“More,” he urged hoarsely against her mouth. “Give me more. Surrender . . .”

Climax exploded through her in intense, rigid shudders again and again and again before at last he found his own release. Eventually he collapsed upon her, his gasping breath mingling with hers, their fierce hunger momentarily sated.

She lay back, replete, as silken waves came to lap at her, cooling her overheated skin and the blaze of passion between them. . . .

Slowly Raven Kendrick roused from fantasy to awareness, recognizing her bedchamber. The chill light of early morning filtered through the damask curtains as she lay in bed, her body still throbbing with her powerful climax and the memory of her pirate. He was a wild, sweet fire in her blood . . . and he was merely illusion.

With a sigh of unfulfilled longing, Raven rolled over and drew a pillow to her still-tingling breasts. He was all she would ever have of true passion.

Her lover existed only in her imagination, although sometimes he seemed as real to her as any flesh and blood man. He had no identity, no past other than the one she had attributed to him. He’d come ashore in her dreams one bright Caribbean morning to plunder her body and capture her heart. . . .

Her eyes closed on the memory of their most recent interlude. She was still hot and moist between her legs from his make-believe claiming, but in real life she had never felt the ecstasy of a man’s flesh filling her, burning deep inside her.

She could imagine, though. Indeed, she knew things no virgin should ever know. The rare, erotic book her mother had left behind at her death, A Passion of the Heart, had been given to Elizabeth Kendrick by the man she’d desperately loved and was forced to relinquish–a parting gift to keep his memory alive.

Penned by an anonymous Frenchwoman, the journal was a true, tragic tale of love and filled with exquisite details of carnal desire. It had provided solace to Raven’s mother for years, for although it mirrored her pain, the vividly told story let her relive her own lost passion.

Yet it was a scandalous tome for any young lady of virtue to possess.

Raven frowned defiantly. Perhaps she was wicked to foster such vivid illusions of her pirate, but in her fantasies she could be as unconventional and free as she chose. She could satisfy the deep restlessness inside her, indulge her forbidden hunger without the dire consequences of social ruin. Most vitally, she could give herself completely to a lover without fear of losing her heart and soul, the way her mother once had.

Involuntarily Raven clenched her fists as the familiar dread pulsed through her. She would never give her heart to a real man. She’d seen how love had destroyed her mother, made her a slave to dimming memory. For years her mother had sobbed into her pillow each night, lamenting the love she’d lost. By day she had pored over her precious journal, memorizing each poignant line.

Reaching into the bedside table drawer, Raven withdrew the jewel-encrusted book, her eyes blurring as she remembered. It had grieved her endlessly to see her mother waste her life away, wishing even on her deathbed for a man she could never have.

The loss of her mother had left Raven achingly bereft yet filled with determination. She would never make the same mistake her mother had made, falling victim to a hopeless love. No man would ever own her soul. She alone controlled the shape of her destiny. She might have resolved to marry, but love would form no part of the equation.

A rap on her bedchamber door brought Raven out of her dark reverie. Quickly returning the journal to the drawer, she bid admission, and her personal maid entered, carrying a tray.

“Morning, miss,” Nan said in unmistakably excited tones. “I’ve brought you a fine breakfast since you’ll need proper sustenance. ’Twill be many hours before the wedding feast.”

Inexplicably Raven’s heart sank at the reminder. Her wedding day at last was here.

She sat up slowly in bed and allowed Nan to set the tray on her lap, even though she suddenly had no appetite.

The maid poured her a cup of chocolate, talking all the while. “Just think, Miss Raven! You’ll soon be a duchess. ’Tis just like a fairy tale.” Nan sighed, her expression filled with reverence before she caught herself. “Beg pardon, miss. I shouldn’t let my tongue run away like that. But I’ve never known a real duchess before.”

Raven summoned a smile she didn’t feel. “That’s quite all right, Nan. I am a bit in awe myself.”

Turning to the hearth, the maid built up the dwindling fire to ward off the November chill, then bobbed a curtsy. “Your bathwater is heating, Miss Raven. If you please, I’ll return in half an hour to help you bathe and dress.”

“Yes, thank you, Nan.”

When the servant had left the room, Raven dutifully picked up her fork but set it down again as her stomach recoiled. In a few short hours she would wed the man she had chosen, a prominent nobleman who commanded the respect of the highest echelons of the ton. She had eagerly anticipated this day for months–so why did she now feel as if she were somehow going to her execution?

Bridal nerves. Her anxiety could be attributed merely to that. Every bride had misgivings on her wed- ding day.

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Nicole Jordan
A blazing tale of breathless passion, seductive desire, and deep love from sensational.
— bestselling author

Meet the Author

Nicole Jordan is the nationally bestselling author of sixteen historical romances. She recently moved with her real-life hero to the Rocky Mountains of Utah, where she is at work on the next book of her scorching Notorious series—tales of dangerous rakes and bold adventurers during the Regency era. You can e-mail her via her Web site at www.romancejournal.com/Jordan.

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Ecstasy 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 60 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Whenever I am in a lull with books I pull out an ole favorite and read it again. Ecstasy I have read over and over. In my opinion it is one fantastic story. All in this series for Jordan are so romantic, and sexy and just compelling reads. The hero in this, Kell Lassiter is just amazing. He exudes the qualities that women are searching for; dark, handsome, charming but a tad dangerous. The way he rescues Raven, after she is kidnapped by Kell's very disturbed younger brother Sean, and the way their love story developes. Yes even after she shoots him - wow -- the dialogue between these two is so stimulating and more than many couples in these romance books this couple you just FEEL them connecting. I mean the heat just comes literally off the pages. If you are looking for a great book read anyone of Nicole Jordan's ECSTASY!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book and liked the characters. My only complaint is that it made me laugh in parts that weren't supposed to be funny. For instance, when Raven was given a powerful aphrodisiac and Kell must conquer his dislike of her and stimulate her all night long to ease her pain. Or when Raven finds out after marrying the dark and frightening Kell that he rescues poor and abused children from the street and runs an orphans' home. Other than that it was a pretty good book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bordering on erotica, this novel proves Rhett Butler right, real ladies do think about sex, and if the heroine of this book, Raven Kendrick is an accurrate example, quite a lot. Raven's dreams of marriage to a proper, titled gentleman, thus erasing her lifelong shame of being the result of her mother's illicit passion, are shattered when she is kidnapped on her wedding day by a spurned suitor. Sean Lancaster intends to take his revenge upon her for his impressed service and the scorn she once showed him. However, before this can happen, his older brother, Kell steps in, rescuing the now socially ruined Raven from his vile attentions. Yet, she is now facing the future as a potential pariah, unless she finds a groom quickly, and Kell is the only choice. For years, Raven has visited a fantasy lover in her imagination, created from dreams invoked by reading one of her mother's tawdry books that gave lessons on sex. Faced with a real man, she soon finds her pirate to be fading and to be replaced by none other than her husband, a virile, yet compassionate man who spends his life rescuing others. Though neither wants it, they find themselves drawn to one another, first in sheer passion, then in love. Yet, Sean still lurks out there, his rage still seething. The self destructive hot head still desires revenge, and now it is focused not only upon Raven, but upon her husband as well. **** For sheer passion, you will find few novels with more spice than this one, unless you venture into the X rated category. Raven is a spunky heroine, though you might become impatient with her for knowing how shallow the society she seeks to belong in truly is, yet still wanting to be a part of it. However, Kell is all man, masculine, and golden hearted. He is just the type you dream of finding. Readers should be warned that there is some graphic descritive language involving child molestation that is rather hard to take. **** REVIEWER: Amanda Killgore.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This a great marriage of convenience story with a twist - the heroine has an imaginary lover. Because of her mother's past, Raven Kendrick is determined never to fall in love, not even with her fiance, a duke, so she invents a pirate lover. Then she gets kidnapped by Sean Lasseter and his brother Kell has to marry her to save her from scandal. Kell eventually starts seeing her pirate lover as his rival and decides to give him a run for his money, trying to win Raven's heart. Then he's put in the position where he has to choose between his wife and his brother. Ecstasy is one of the best books I've read this year. Kell especially was wonderful. RT gave him a KISS award and I can sure see why. Ecstasy has some good wit and a few humorous spots, but mostly it's a pretty emotional, intense, hot read. And the plot twists kept me turning the pages. If you like sexy emotional books, don't pass this one up.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1813, Raven Kendrick plans to marry the much older ¿safe¿ Duke of Halford to honor a pledge she made to her mother at the latter¿s deathbed. Raven vowed to marry nobility so after her mother died she left Montserrat Island in the Caribbean to live with her great aunt and grandfather.

On the way to the altar, Sean Lassiter abducts Raven, vowing vengeance for rejecting his courtship. Sean takes Raven to his brother¿s successful gaming parlor. The sibling Kell keeps Sean from raping Raven, but believes she is an evil temptress until he learns she is a virgin when he almost beds the doped woman. Kell takes Raven home and he proposes to protect her reputation. She surprises him with the story she tells her relatives but accepts Kell¿s offer. As they become better acquainted their passion turns into love, but external interference and their own mistrusts and doubts leave their relationship heading to the rocks.

ECSTASY is an exciting historical romance starring two powerful lead characters though Kell¿s disbelief of his beloved seems out of place for someone of his intelligence. The story line is loaded with action and the secondary cast augments the tale with a flavoring of the era and by meddling in the lead couple¿s relationship. Nicole Jordan provides a wonderful Regency tale that sub-genre fans will enjoy.

Harriet Klausner

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Melodramatic and boring. I didnt care for any of the characters. I have alwasys enjoyed all her books, but dont wastse time and money on this one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was amazing and I truly loved it. Sean, Kell's brother was a lost soul and had changed after what happened to him. I'm a big fan of Ms. Jordan and would recommend this book for anyone who wants to start reading historical romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved every page, yet another awesome read bye my fav author, cant wait to read Dares story next!! These books are soo good i dont want the series to end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would highly recommend this book and all of Nicole Jordan's books.Raven and Kell are great together.I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago