Edgar Cayce On The Millenium

Edgar Cayce On The Millenium

by Jess Stearn, Alyssa Bresnahan

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A collection and interpretation of renowned psychic Edgar Cayce's prophecies for our transition into the new millennium.See more details below


A collection and interpretation of renowned psychic Edgar Cayce's prophecies for our transition into the new millennium.

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NewStar Media, Incorporated
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Unabridged, 4 Cassettes
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4.12(w) x 7.00(h) x 1.15(d)

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The prophets of doom and gloom are at it again. If El Niño and the sun spots don't get you, it will be the shift of the polar axis. Well, the polar axis has shifted before, and our precious earth is still spinning around the sun at a dazzling speed. So what if it should hit the sun or get so close that we're toasted on one side and roasted on the other side? Gravitation. Of course, gravitation. The law of gravitation constraining the planets from colliding. And where did that come from? Obviously, the same source that rules our planet, our solar system, a greater solar system just discovered for the Millennium, and all the other solar systems waiting to be discovered by our vigilant scientists. Doesn't it ever occur to any of the doomsayers that the same Universal Mind that pervades the planets has a hand in keeping us from falling off our spinning earth, likewise has control of something like a polar shift? And will keep us from predicted icy or watery graves— if we remember to thank Him for our being here at all. Yes, there is a God, the God of the Universal Mind and Divine Law, with whom the Ancient Prophets and Jesus Christ spoke and were spoken to.

As Edgar Cayce knew so well, all of life is a testing ground as well as a learning process. For every dark cloud there is a bright light of hope that we keep alive with our faith in a Lord who didn't give us life without hope. His greatest gifts, as Cayce noted, were that of love and free will. Free will by our actions and beliefs, our love for the parent earth and all that is in it, to curb the turmoil in the bowels of the earth and the tides of the sea. Andalso keep us happily spinning around our sun at a breathtaking speed without falling off into space because of the way the Lord crafted His universe.

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