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by Ella Frank, Mackenzie Cartwright

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Edible, delicious, delectable.

Rachel Langley is more than familiar with those three words in her line of work. After all, she spends her afternoons and evenings creating desserts so divine that your mouth will water and your taste buds will tingle.

They aren't, however, the words she would have ever expected to think of when she locks eyes with a certain

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Edible, delicious, delectable.

Rachel Langley is more than familiar with those three words in her line of work. After all, she spends her afternoons and evenings creating desserts so divine that your mouth will water and your taste buds will tingle.

They aren't, however, the words she would have ever expected to think of when she locks eyes with a certain lawyer she knows only as Cole. With each encounter, the infuriatingly persistent man becomes more impossible to resist, and edible is the exact word that comes to mind.

Crave, demand, covet.

Cole Madison knows exactly what he wants, and Rachel Langley is it. From the moment he spotted her at Whipped, he knew he wanted to grab hold and take a bite.

However, the woman has enigmatic moves, avoiding him at every turn. But not for much longer. Rachel's time is up, and as far as Cole is concerned, he's waited too long for a taste of what he desires. Nothing, including the woman herself, will stop him from consuming what he hungers for.

The only question left is: who will take the first bite?

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Tantor Media, Inc.
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Exquisite Series, #3
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MP3 - Unabridged CD
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5.30(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Meet the Author

Mackenzie Cartwright was born in New York City to two artist parents and traveled the world at a young age. A lifelong practitioner of the art of cooking, her other pursuits include devouring romance novels, watching the Food Network, traveling, and photography.

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Edible 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rachel was one of the lucky woman who realize their in a bad situation and need to get out. Too bad that same person left a scar in her heart for a real man to love her. I love the transformation in Rachel and how Cole is gentle and patient at first until they both are too filled with lust to hold back. Even with the short amount of time they knew each other from the start they were made for each other. Ella Frank does it again as she only knows how giving us a great story with emotion and hot lovin'.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*EDIBLE is the third book in the Exquisite series. Book order is: #1 - Exquisite, #2 - Entice, #3 - Edible Meet: Rachel Langley Our beloved, purple-haired pastry chef with a penchant for dressing up in leather miniskirts and making a night of it at Whipped to escape her overwhelming, lonely life... Cole Madison Intense, commanding and strikingly handsome at 6 foot, 4 inches, Cole refuses to take no for an answer from anyone, especially not from the beautiful, bright haired girl he first met in Entice, the second installment of the Exquisite series. "Take note, Rachel. I'm officially intrigued, and my attention is usually very hard to acquire." After yet another chance encounter, Cole decides to pursue Rachel and persuade her by any means necessary to take a chance on him. And I do mean by ANY means necessary...let's just say this guy knows how to get what he wants. "Would you like a taste, Rachel?" Ohhhh sweet heaven. Doesn't the poor girl know she doesn't stand a chance of resisting all that is Cole Madison in a 3 piece suit? She definitely puts up a good fight though... "Undo my shirt Rachel. Stop playing this coy little game and take what you want." From the first chapter this book is EXPLOSIVE. COMBUSTIBLE. SEX-ON-FIRE HOT. And it all has to do with what Ella Frank is the master of - THE TEASE! The ANTICIPATION! You will almost die with burning lust by the time she decides to grant you mercy and give you what you've been craving, but by then you'll have begged for it unabashedly. To say the wait is worth it would be an understatement. "I don't want to tie you to the bed or strap you to a cross. I want you to willingly want ever single thing I plan to do to you." Biting her earlobe, he then added, "And I want you to swallow because you love the taste. Play with me Rachel, so I can play with you." Cole Madison. You think you know what to expect from this guy from his quick introduction in Entice. But honey...you have no idea what that sexy beast is hiding underneath his clothes or what will come out of that deliciously filthy mouth of his. There's a fine line that alpha males walk and let's just say Mr. Madison is on the RIGHT side of confident, controlling sex-god. Whether you want another book boyfriend or not, he'll push his way to the top of your list. Guaranteed. As with all of the Exquisite books, I would be remiss if I only mentioned the lusty goodness and didn't let you know that there is a LOT of heart in this book. Rachel has been struggling lately, with the loss of both parents and her brother and Josh in their own respective love bubbles. See, Rachel was a daddy's girl. He knew her painful secrets, he was her protector, her mentor. Rachel has her walls up so high, they could only be scaled and beaten down to grains of sand by one guy; yup, that guy. ;) There are some truly heart-warming flashbacks in Edible; you get to see not only her family, but a young Delicious Daniels. The family dynamic between Rachel, Mason, Josh, Lena and Shelly is always so strong throughout the books and Edible does a beautiful job of wrapping up everyone's stories and giving you that feeling of contentment that only comes from finishing a great story. Or from eating a huge pasta dinner with red wine and caramel cupcakes. But I digress. I could never possibly say how much I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend the Exquisite series, ESPECIALLY this final installment. The chemistry between the couples, the heart-wrenching moments, the friendship, the....FOOD (yeahhh, you know what I'm talkin' about ~wink~)...this is a fantastic set of books, so pick them up! I hope you savor and adore Exquisite, Entice and the extraordinary that is, Edible.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved all three in this series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved series, but Edible was favorite by far! Will Read over and over again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this series so much. Fun characters, hot steamy sex, and good storyline.
V-Rundell More than 1 year ago
EDIBLE, for all it's hot sex, is kinda like a lot of books. There's a broody dominating male and a vixen female lead. Rachel styles herself as a Domme so she can protect herself. She is attracted to Cole Madison, but won't take it further, knowing he'll want to touch her--and she can't bear that level of physicality. A former boyfriend was abusive, and she needs to control all aspects of touch in order to avoid the panic attacks. Meanwhile, Cole is emotionally closed off. He's a Dom in search of a fiery gal--and pasty-chef Rachel brings as much sweet as she does heat. Cole's privileged childhood was isolating, his father died young, and later Cole learned his father's infidelity left a half-brother--so he's got some daddy issues. And a (medically) demented mother. When these two control-freaks get together, their freak is sooper-deeky. What they do with caramel sauce is illegal in Red States. And, this book opened my eyes to Prince Albert piercing. [Disclaimer: Googling PA will result in eye-opening for you, too. XXX-warning!] But, they get over their insecurities (rather quickly) display an appealing amount of sexual exhibitionism, and tie the knot in no time flat--enraging their respective family members. A little prodding later and all gets forgiven. In short, they are damaged souls who find themselves. And, an HEA. The story is solid. If you like erotic romance you will not be disappointed. REALLY. I wasn't. But, EDIBLE felt a bit similar to other reads...
24Pixie7 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely adored the third book in the Exquisite series from Ella Frank - Rachel & Cole's book was so 'Edible' I devoured it in one sitting... I was hooked from the first page and found it nigh on impossible to put my kindle down! I loved both Exquisite and Entice (you can't help but fall for Lena & Mason and Josh & Shelly) but I was blown away by Edible!!! What a pair Rachel & Cole made - I thought the other books were HOT but this was SMOKIN' - Ella really worked her mojo magic with this couple and brought us a truly awesome end to the series... It was really interesting getting to know the real Rachel - finally seeing the girl behind all that bluff and bluster was fab. As for Cole, holy hell, what can you say about this man.. getting to know the 'suit' was a helluva lot of fun. I really don't want to say much about the story as I'd hate to accidentally throw out any spoilers but after reading Edible I'll possibly never look at caramels (or a bottle of wine) in the same light again!! ;-) If you haven't read these books yet, what are you waiting for, go get them now - this is a definate 5* must read series!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Edible is the perfect ending to the series.
amywhittington More than 1 year ago
LOVED LOVED LOVED this book!! If you love romance with alpha males this is a must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Man what can I say, Cole is just plain and simple delicious. Not only has a good head on his shoulder but, with a slick mouth that know how to grab Rachel attention. Rachel is in for trouble and as much as she ran away from Cole he just simply got her his way. We all have the patience of a saint but the mind of a sinner. This quote is the underline for both Rachel and Cole. Hope there is another book to the series because Ella frank is a genius!
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
There comes a time when you click your heels together and silently chant please let it be real, please it be real, please let it be real. That time came when I was reading Edible and I got to know more about the delictable Cole Madison. I literally swooned with him. I held my kindle to my chest, rocked side to side, turned in circles with a huge ass smile. I do believe he’s my new favorite book hottie. He’s a dominant but way different from your “typical” dom, at least from what I’ve read in the past. No whips and chains from my boy and get this…he doesn’t do spanking. I’m thinking to myself, FINALLY a man who doesn’t want to lay a hand only his d*ck on a woman. *This is a plus later on in the story* He’s authorative, controlled, intense, smooth, mysterious, suave, patient, edible and hot damn do I wish this man was real. I could go on and on about what makes Cole, well Cole but I want you as the reader to fall in love with him the way I did. Alright, on to the story… We were introduced to Rachel Langley in the previous books but we knew little of her other than she is the brother to Mason(sigh) and she is the pastry chef to his restaurant Exquisite. What we don’t know is that she’s heartbroken. She misses her parents terribly especially her father who she was extremely close to. Rachel feels like a third wheel to her brother Mason and wife Lena marriage and to good friends Shelly and Josh relationship. She is close to them but yet she’s distant. She has this “front” to her that she portrays. After a very very bad relationship, she wants to be in control and this is why she only dates submissive men. It takes Cole to show her that she can be submissive but still be dominant. And believe you me Cole knows how to just do it right. Reviewed by Guest Reviewer/AManda & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog I can’t stress enough on how much I love Cole. The way he treats Rachel is the way every man should treat his woman. Rachel is one of a kind and Cole wouldn’t have her any other way. Their chemisty is explosive, emotional, intimate, erotic, beautiful, creative, sensual and verra verra sexual. Oh boy oh boy oh boy is their sex, love making, f*cking however you want to call it, way beyond anything I’ve read. It’s hard core but sensual. It’s sensual yet hard core. They hold nothing back from each other and there is no shyness between them. They love to touch themselves and love to see the pleasure it brings one another. I love how Rachel can make Cole lose control. I love how they get each other and sometimes words are not needed. I could use gif’s to show you some moments but a) I don’t know how to use them and b) I want you to use your imagination. The mind is a beautiful thing. The story is not all about their time together. It’s also about family on how you get along with those you love, on how you get by on those you lose and how family sticks together thru the good and bad. Rachel’s memories of her parents were happy and sad and it did bring a tear or two to my eyes. Mason, Lena, Shelly and Josh are in the story and a new character Logan is introduced and I am excitingly happily anticipating his story. We get a sneak peek at the end of Edible of his book called Try and from the looks of it, Ella is still on a roll with her mad writing skills.
MzRia More than 1 year ago
The Way I See It Oh. My. GAWD.  It took me 2.5 seconds flat to fall in love with Edible!! It's been a little while, especially with my new job, that I’ve purposely fought sleep to keep reading. If you’ve ever read anything by Ms. Frank you already know how amazing her books are... What.Are.You.Waiting.For? This is a MUST READ!  SERIOUSLY  You know you're in trouble when the dedication makes you misty eyed...  GUILTY!!  If you haven’t read any of Ms. Frank’s books then...WAKE UP! GET UP! GET ON IT! In case you missed it earlier, this is a MUST READ! Okay, enough blabbing. Now for the good stuff... Bittersweet, you know that aching moment, when you are giddy, because you get to visit beloved characters, combined with the dread that this will be the LAST time EVER you will visit them...I’m so sad, happy, torn, overjoyed, balling bucket of emotions!! Rachel is so special she has been, since day one and her story is captivating...  E-scaping, from herself and her fears. Rachel’s time to stop running has come, she knows she needs to find herself.  D-ecision, from the moment he saw her Cole was intrigued. He has let Rachel slip from his grasp too many times. Not anymore this man will not accept no, and he can be persuasive. ;)  I-nsatiable, after giving into each other, it seems they cannot get enough. Slowly their need for one and other will consume them with feelings they both thought they were incapable of.  B-rave, Cole will give Rachel the strength she needs to bare her soul to him. A dark past haunts her with Cole by her side chasing away her nightmares she will face her fears and trust again.  L-ove, what started as an attraction leads to seduction and playfulness. The end result will shock everyone that Rachel holds dear.  E-xpectance, embrace, together Cole and Rachel will face the accusations and judgements with open hearts. They know the power of their love and their decisions will not be swayed.  This beautiful and amazing series started as a little restaurant in Chicago, and it has introduced us to some very amazing characters! Spicy, vivacious, intelligent, sassy, strong, bullheaded, loving, wild, brave, and each so so special in their own way! I feel like I have been a part of their lives! Mason and Lena grab your heart! Josh and Shelly will shock you and make you melt! Cole and Rachel? Well...They will re-write all the rules! I had SOOO much fun with this bunch.  Once you read these books, I have NO DOUBT that YOU will TOO!!  My Favs  Rachel  She is sweet, wild, fun and charismatic! She is so broken and she needs direction, burning both ends of the candle begins to wear her down. In this book, we get to see what a beautiful and amazing person she is. Her past brought tears to my eyes, and I hurt for her. If anyone deserves an HEA it’s this special lady. Watching her finally trust again was an awesome gift.  Cole  He is so powerful.  His confidence exudes off the pages. Never one to accept no for an answer, he sees what he wants and goes after it. He has always been a controlled individual, and in control of things around him, until Rachel walks into his life. Slowly she will eat at his resolve and his self control will begin to waver. His control on situations and others? She gives him that because it’s what they both need. These two are P.E.R.F.E.C.T for each other. I have never met a pair like them.    They will both remain in your heart forever.  My Rating 5.0 Leather, Subway, Pink, Tulip, Taste, Challenge, Swim, Passion, Promise, Banquette, Lydia, Brother, Caramel, LOVE filled stars!! MUST READ!!! Emphasis on the MUST! Go on y’all!  I mean it, these books will steal your heart!
Sweetjenny More than 1 year ago
****Contains slight spoilers*** I am a huge fan of Ella Frank's books, and have recommended all of her stories to many friends. Just when I think Ms. Frank can't create characters that I love more, along comes Cole Madison! He has hands down become my favorite Alpha-Male book character! Cole is unlike any other alpha I've read about, I love the fact that he doesn't feel the need to spank or hit to be the dominant one in the bedroom! He and Rachel have an undeniable chemistry between them, and once they realize that, BOY OH BOY do the sparks fly! I loved that Edible, the third story in the Exquisite series, still intertwines the other major characters from the first two books, Exquisite and Entice. You get to see lots of Lena, Mason, Josh, and ManEater Monroe (who still has that fun sassy mouth of hers!) I also love that Edible explores Rachel's past more, her past failed relationships, that have lead her to be the person she is when she meets Cole, and the relationship she had with her father, before he passed away. That is something we never learned anything about in the first two books. I really enjoyed Edible, it was my favorite in the series! I think Cole Madison may have ruined me for other book boyfriends in the future, yes ladies, he's that delicious! Be sure to have some caramels handy to munch on, believe me, you will be craving them!! This book is a MUST READ!!! ***My Favorite quotes from Edible*** "This is far from over, Rachel. It's barely even begun" " Play with me Rachel, so I can play with you." "This is me and my life, Rachel. I'm bossy, I'm arrogant, and I can be an asshole at times, but I also crave the power to control my surroundings. So, that is what I ask of you. Will you let go and give me the power to make you happy?" "Take note, Rachel. I'm officially intrigued, and my attention is usually very hard to acquire."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Will keep you up to finish it!!!!