The Educated Brain: Essays in Neuroeducation

The Educated Brain: Essays in Neuroeducation

by Antonio M. Battro

A broad overview of the major topics in the new discipline of neuroeducation.See more details below


A broad overview of the major topics in the new discipline of neuroeducation.

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Foreword: towards a new pedagogic and didactic approach Rita Levi-Montalcini; Part I. The Mind, Brain, and Education Triad: 1. Introduction: mind, brain, and education in theory and practice Antonio M. Battro, Kurt W. Fischer and Pierre J. Léna; 2. Historical considerations on brain and self Fernando Vidal; 3. Building bridges in neuroeducation John T. Bruer; 4. Mind, brain, and consciousness Jürgen Mittelstrass; 5. Understanding mind, brain, and education as a complex, dynamic developing system: measurement, modeling, and research Paul van Geert and Henderien Steenbeek; Part II. Brain Development, Cognition, and Education: 6. Epigenesis and brain plasticity in education Wolf Singer; 7. Chronoeducation: how the biological clock influences the learning process Daniel P. Cardinali; 8. Dynamic cycles of cognitive and brain development: measuring growth in mind, brain, and education Kurt W. Fischer; 9. Brain mechanisms and learning of high level skills Michael I. Posner, Mary K. Rothbart and M. Rosario Rueda; 10. Developing the brain: a functional imaging approach to learning and educational sciences Hideaki Koizumi; Part III. Brain, Language, and Mathematics: 11. A triptych of the reading brain: evolution, development, pathology, and its intervention Maryanne Wolf; 12. Reading and the brain: a cross-language approach Usha Goswami; 13. Cortical images of early language and phonological development using near infrared spectroscopy Laura-Ann Petitto; 14. Cerebral constraints in reading and arithmetic: education as a 'neural recycling' process Stanislas Dehaene.

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