Edward Hurts His Knee

Edward Hurts His Knee

by Michaela Morgan, Sue Porter, Eliot Porter

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PreS-K-- Edward possesses a small child's vivid imagination in these two British imports. Double-page illustrations contain most of the action, with fantasy scenes shown within blue-bordered frames superimposed on or set to one side of the real story. On the way to his grandmother's, Edward falls in a puddle and skins his knee. Out of her capacious basket/handbag, his mother (a top-hatted magician, Edward imagines) produces a band-aid for the wound. Edward imagines a ride in an ambulance and other dramatic modes of transportation, and all the while his mother exhorts him to come along as rain is beginning to fall. Edward's knee is miraculously better at the sight of Grandma (who thought he had been very brave). In the second book, Edward can't get dressed in the clothes that his mother is laying on the bed until he finds his teddy bear. Sharp eyes will note that she is putting the clothes on top of Edward's friend. As the boy searches, he imagines the worst possible fates for his bear--carried off by a masked burglar, languishing on a shelf in the ``lost bears' office,'' sucked into the vacuum and thrown into the trash, etc. Of course, when Edward gives up and tearfully begins to dress, his friend is discovered under the last piece. The ink and watercolor illustrations have amusing asides; toys and child-clutter create a realistic preschooler's room. The frazzled mother adds to the humor of the trip to Grandma's. Slight, but amusing, additions for much-used picture book collections. --Virginia Opocensky, formerly at Lincoln City Libraries, Neb.

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Penguin Publishing Group
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1st American ed
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20.00(w) x 20.00(h) x 20.00(d)
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4 - 6 Years

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