Egypt, Gift of the Nile: An Aerial Portrait

Egypt, Gift of the Nile: An Aerial Portrait

by Alberto Guido Rossi, Max Rodenbeck

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This attractive volume pleasantly evokes the stimulating mix of pagan, Arab and Christian cultures that makes modern Egypt perhaps even more interesting than the ancient land of the pharaohs whose monuments enrich the landscape. Although written in standard travel-magazine prose, the text by Rodenbeck, an American writer resident in Egypt for 15 years, concisely traces the 5000-year history of a nation that created one of the earliest human civilizations; served as an important Greek and Roman colony; flourished for five centuries as the center of a medieval Muslim empire; and today claims one of the world's largest, most cosmopolitan metropolises, Cairo. Italian photographer Rossi's 178 full-color works capture the grandeur of Egypt's ancient monuments, the stark beauty of its desert, the lushness of the Nile, the jostling coexistence of old and new in its cities--although the gimmick of including only pictures taken from above doesn't really add anything to the book. No new insights or incredibly unusual images, but a handsome ornament for the coffee table. ( Sept. )
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Here is Egypt as it is rarely seen, presented in 178 remarkable color images by an Italian photographer well known for his aerial pictures. Accompanying the illustrations is an informative text by Rodenbeck, a correspondent for The Economist . Together, they unearth the heritage of a great ancient civilization and the beauty of a modern land. Vivid photographs reveal the temples and tombs of the Pharoahs, the desert monasteries of early Christians, and the mosques and palaces of sultans and kings. Photographs of ancient monuments, the metropolis, the Nile, and the sea all combine to create a magnificent book. This unparalleled view of Egypt from the air brings its mystery and magic to life. Suggested readings and a map round out the volume. Recommended.-- Jan Wiedemann, Vernon, Tex.

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