Egyptian Mummies

Egyptian Mummies

by Milbry Polk, Roger Stewart

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This fascinating full-color exploration of the mysteries of the pyramids is certain to intrigue young readers. See more details below


This fascinating full-color exploration of the mysteries of the pyramids is certain to intrigue young readers.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Kristin R. Harris
Pop-up books add an interactive dimension to reading and the books themselves demand and inspire the greatest of care. Mummies are always a fascinating topic, and this book provides graphic descriptions of the implements and materials used in the process of mummification. The five pop-up spreads include embalmers at work on a body, a sarcophagus, a pyramid and the inside of a tomb. The paper pop-ups are elaborate and the painted images invite touching. The pharaoh's organs are removed from his body, it is dried and wrapped in linen. The body is placed in a coffin and into the sarcophagus and then transported into the pyramid. Inside the tomb are many of the objects the pharaoh will need in the afterlife. Additional information about ancient Egyptian religion and religious symbols will pique interest for further reading.
Children's Literature - Debra Briatico
This elaborate pop-up book about Egyptian mummies combines authoritative text, captivating illustrations and clever paper engineering to create an entertaining and educational learning tool. Jam-packed with amazing facts about the mummification process, tombs, treasures, pyramids, and temples, this resource invites readers to unwrap a mummy, peek through the layers of a pharaoh's coffin, help an ancient priest remove the organs from a soon-to-be-mummified corpse, and much more. This creative book perfectly captures the brilliance of Egypt's astonishing culture.
School Library Journal
Gr 2-5Though no mummies actually rear up, children will be delighted with this four-spread, pop-up look at a pharaoh's death rites, as it allows them to help an embalmer sloooooowly pull out the corpse's intestines, peer beneath several layers of linen wrapping, lift lids on coffins, and watch funerary goods being arranged in the burial chamber deep within a pyramid. The text goes a step beyond simply captioning the pictures, including, for instance, the specific deity to which each of this pharaoh's major organs was dedicated, the significance of several amulet symbols, and a capsule version of the story of Seth and Osiris. Stewart's paintings are realistic but toned down, so that organs look like generic blobs of pink silly putty. The special effects are clever, simple, and, expectedly, not very sturdy; nonetheless, Polk's tone is more serious than sensationalistic, and either the burial chamber scene or the 3-D pyramid would make eye-catching centerpieces in a topical display.John Peters, New York Public Library

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