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Children's Literature - K. Meghan Robertson
As part of the "Ancients in their own Words" series, which includes books about Greeks, Romans, and Mesopotamians, this look at the Egyptians is laid out beautifully with vibrant colored images paired with large, easy to read fonts. There are also great captions, "Did you know?" segments, and a glossary for new terms discovered on the information-packed pages. Despite a few typographical errors with words and dates, the series brings life to the past cultures that shaped some aspects of our modern world, including authentic examples of writings on time-relevant media and other artifacts specific to the culture. Go beyond basic understanding of Ancient Egypt by reading—and viewing—hieroglyphic and hieratic scripts from palace walls, tombs, tablets, and papyrus parchment as well as discovering more about the Narmer Palette, a flat stone representing the king responsible for the unification of Upper and Lower Egypts and thus validating Narmer as the first pharaoh, the Amarna Letters that show the existence of foreign policy, the Stela of Merneptah—better known as the Israel Stela—a ten-foot-tall stone that provides the first mention of Israel and the Jews, the Book of the Dead which provides fascinating information about how Egyptians conceived death, judgment and the afterlife, and the Rosetta Stone, which gave way to further translation and subsequent acquisition of knowledge about the Ancient Egyptians. Reviewer: K. Meghan Robertson

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Cavendish, Marshall Corporation
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Ancients in Their Own Words Series
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7.94(w) x 10.16(h) x 0.43(d)
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10 - 13 Years

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