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by Lucian Barnes

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For Jason Lambert, a prominent M.I.T. geneticist, fear of natural death has become a thing of distant memories. His latest concoction has, in a sense, increased his longevity and made him nearly immortal.
Over the past one hundred years, the technological advances of medical science have rendered the deadliest diseases of the twentieth century insignificant.


For Jason Lambert, a prominent M.I.T. geneticist, fear of natural death has become a thing of distant memories. His latest concoction has, in a sense, increased his longevity and made him nearly immortal.
Over the past one hundred years, the technological advances of medical science have rendered the deadliest diseases of the twentieth century insignificant. Cancer, heart disease, and AIDS are no longer a death sentence. Serums have been developed to eradicate the problematic cells and their growth.
When he meets a beautiful woman, his world is turned upside down. Add to this the government's sudden interest in his research, and things begin to spiral out of control. We all know what happens when the military gets involved. Greed takes over, and ethics are pushed to their boundaries. Will Jason be able to juggle his responsibilities without compromising his integrity, or will his experiments lead to the evolution of a new breed of monster?

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EL-204 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
MommaLubSimpson More than 1 year ago
I kept hearing about how much I HAD to read this book!  I admit, I've had the book a while now, and just not had the time. Until I saw a review another ARC reader posted. Then I had to drop all the other books I was interested in and  READ!!!!!  And as usual, Lucian didn't disappoint, and left me wanting more!  Let's discuss!  I've seen several reviews saying it starts slow...  I don't think so.  I think Lucian starts with drawing you in slowly, and then in typical Lucian style, he captivates you, and then slaughters you!  Another Mind-Blowing Read!  Here we have a bit of a strange mix.  Jason is the scientist the government wants... and Heaven is the girl Jason dreams of... but no-one would expect the nightmares that come creeping! EL-204 stands for Eternal Love, 204 attempts at creation. Its a tricky formula and Jason just isn't sure what is right, and then Heaven comes along.  Heaven is risque, sensual,  and well, we'll call it determined (psychotic also comes to mind)! She brings a twist to the lab that Jason didn't know nor expect, and nothing will ever be normal again. Between the animal and human experiments gone raw, the romance and relationship between Heaven/Jason, and the orders from the "General", you just don't know what to expect next or where the story will go!  EL-204 is a classic, old school horror story, with an updated mix of gore, sexual admission, and the dream of Eternal Life...or is it???  I see people saying Lucian tackled romance. Lets be honest here, Lucian tackled old school horror!  He brought in a sexy female character, created sexual moments, and some of the best gore that has been published in years.  Lucian isn't afraid to tackle territory, and he goes for mark you least expect.  No doubt EL-204 is a pill people would want, and something they would kill for, but this is no murder mystery.  Love gone awry? Or psychotic medical breakdown? Or government conspiracy gone crazy? What would you do for the power? Judge for yourself! But whatever you decide, just know,  Lucian has crafted another EPIC horror nightmare!
debb323 More than 1 year ago
EL-204 by Lucian Barnes El-204, his best book yet! A brilliant scientist and his “lovey” wife work in a government lab with El-204 and STR. Jason has invented a super vitamin that prevents cellular aging; no, not zombies, something much more sinister. EL-204 combined with his other invention strange and wonderful experiments are happening. Of course these crazy scientist types always create monsters; what Jason creates is the scariest yet. Lucian Barnes has outdone himself, his best book thus far. Mr Barnes is an excellent story teller. I recommend this book for all horror readers that like a touch of experiments gone horribly wrong.  Five stars!
nocturnus More than 1 year ago
 Love Gone Wrong ... Or Women Are Evil!!! This series must be read in order. This is the first book. Heaven felt that it was love at first sight when she met Jason. He was everything she had ever wished or hoped for in a mate. He was attractive and highly intelligent with an incredible job and a witty sense of humor. To her it was written in the stars. She was going to get and keep him at any cost and her future would then be completely secure! Is she making the right decision? Will she come to regret her choices or her manipulations? Jason is a brilliant research scientist working on a cure for aging and death. Heaven has captivated him since the moment he laid eyes on her and he feels she must be his. There is no way he doesn't deserve the emerald eyed beauty especially as he is making the world a better place to live. He wonders if he will ever crack the code on his Eternal Life drug EL-204 and start to reverse the aging process. Is he making the right decision by bringing Heaven so completely into his life? Will they be happy or will he come to regret getting involved with her? This book was amazing and disturbing and I was completely enthralled! The futuristic science fiction aspects lent the horror more beliveabilty and reality than I am entirely comfortable with... Which makes this a very successful horror novel! I will now be reading some light fluffy romance novel in the hopes that I will be able to sleep without gruesome nightmares... Though I doubt I will have much success!!! This is the best horror novel I have read in ages! I can't wait for the sequel so I can find out what happens next! ***This series is suitable for adult readers only due to the graphic and horrific nature of the story and not for the squeamish!
Albinomex More than 1 year ago
Creepy, Gory, Experimental Conspiracy Theory ... Not a Romance Barnes delivers once again! EL-204 is a government/military conspiracy waiting to happen...or so I thought. There's a lot going on in this story & my brain opted to go with what was most likely, but I should have known better since Lucian has told us time & time again that he would never write a romance novel. Soon after the main characters' relationship takes off hidden issues, deception, & rage are revealed. And then ... in true Lucian Barnes style, the gruesome fun begins. My best description would be a science experiment gone awry (think a mix of Frankenstein & Re-Animator) with a splash of military & government conspiracy added in and a very small dash of love gone crazy. This was not my favorite piece by Lucian, but still a very good read. Blame my sentimental nature I just did not feel as attached to these characters as I have in his previous works (and I've read them all). However as the story developed I find they too developed more & more. If not for the need of sleep I would have read this in one sitting. BTW...The ending was a shocker & very well played, as usual!
Anonymous 5 months ago
This book is badly in need of editing, both for sentence structure, wording, and ridiculous situations. Point of view veers from one character to another. Not worth the money or time.