El Circulo de Fuego

El Circulo de Fuego

by Marianne Curley

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YA-Kate is a 15-year-old witch living in present day Ashpeak, Australia. Her life resembles that of an average teen: high school, fitting in, boys. The only difference is she has an inherited gift for magic and practices it. She keeps this part of her life secret until she meets Jarrod. On his first day at the local high school, Kate immediately senses a hidden magical talent within him and confronts him about it. She researches his family tree and comes to the conclusion that his family has been bewitched for centuries. Jarrod, who appears quite klutzy, continues to deny it until a near-death experience with his father occurs. In a flash of desperation, he asks Kate for help and they end up traveling through time to the Middle Ages to face the sorcerer that first cast the spell on Jarrod's family. This story is a brilliant blend of history, fantasy, and teenage angst. The depiction of the Middle Ages through the eyes of the two main characters will give high school students a better understanding of life in the 13th century. The story's mystical atmosphere is enhanced by the multiple occurrences of paranormal phenomenon, such as spells, mind reading, and willful weather changes. All in all, it is a terrific story with a plot that can make anyone believe in magic.
—I. Mirthala Garza, Blackshear Elementary, Austin, TX Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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Spanish-language Edition
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14.00(w) x 22.30(h) x 2.00(d)

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