El ultimo minuto (The Last Minute)

El ultimo minuto (The Last Minute)

by Andres Neuman

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An Argentine writer residing in Spain, Neuman is the author of numerous works, including an award-winning book of poetry (Metodos de la noche [Nocturnal Methods], Hiperion, 1998), a novel (Bariloche, Anagrama, 1999), and a book of short stories (El que espera [The One Who Waits], Anagrama, 2000). As its title suggests, this fascinating collection of 30 stories will hold readers in suspense. In one piece, a student discovers that his professor and his esteemed colleagues have fabricated a whole discipline by quoting nonexistent books. But when the student has the opportunity to expose the scam at an important academic conference, he chooses to join the deception. In another story, an announcer narrates the performance of three tightrope-walking brothers who execute their skills perfectly until one of them gets distracted and falls to his death. Neuman explores a variety of subjects, from the mundane (a family dinner) to the macabre (a man who lets his friend cut his arm), always surprising readers and holding their interest. At the end, he provides an insightful essay on the short story genre that puts the pieces in context and explains his style. Despite an occasional use of dialect from Spain, this is an accessible read. Recommended for academic and public libraries and bookstores. Sonia Merubia, Benson Latin American Collection, Univ. of Texas, Austin Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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