Electric Motors and Motor Controls / Edition 1

Electric Motors and Motor Controls / Edition 1

by Jeffrey J. Keljik

ISBN-10: 0827361742

ISBN-13: 9780827361744

Pub. Date: 03/03/1995

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Perfect reference/refresher for the experienced electrician with constant reference to the NEC throughout.


Perfect reference/refresher for the experienced electrician with constant reference to the NEC throughout.

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Cengage Learning
Publication date:
Trade Technology and Industry Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
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8.26(w) x 9.55(h) x 0.92(d)

Table of Contents

SINGLE PHASE MOTORS. Nameplate. Single Phase Motor Types. Rotating Magnetic Field. Squirrel Cage Rotor Principle. Split Phase . Starting Winding Switches. Capacitor Start, Induction Run . Other Capacitor Motors. Shaded Pole /Universal . MOTOR MAINTENANCE AND INSTALLATION. Frames. Bearings. Megohmmeters. Growlers. Lead Identification. Horsepower Testing. Motor Efficiency. NEC and Size of Feeders, Disconnects, Controllers, Fuses, Branch Circuit Conductors, Overloads. BASIC MOTOR CONTROL. Manual Controls. Overload Protection. Two Wire/Three Wire Automatic Control /Jog and Reversing Controls. Overload Selection. Fuse Protection. N.E.C. and Single Phase Motor Applications. CONTROLLERS-RELAYS-TIMERS. NEMA-Contactors and Starters. I.EW.C.-Types and Comparisons. Pilot Devices. Photo Electric Controls. Proximity Controls. Enclosures. Hazardous Areas and Safety. Electromechanical Controls, Relays, Timers.Contact Maintenance. THREE PHASE MOTORS AND GENERATORS. Three Phase Power Generation. Frequency. Output Voltage and Current Control. Generator Output Power. Exciters. Parallel Operation of Alternators. Loss of Alternator Output. Standby Generation. Three Phase Motor Rotation Meters. Wye and Delta Connections. Multi-Speed Motors. Design Letters. Efficiency. Trouble Shooting. THREE PASE MOTORS AND CONTROLS. Manual Control. Magnetic Control. Reversing Controllers. Sequence Control. Multi-Speed Control. Programmable Controllers. Electric Speed Control. Wye Delta Starting. Open/Closed Transition. Part Winding Starter. Phase Failure Relay. Motor Control Centers. OSHA - Lock Out/Tag Out. MOTOR ACCELERATION AND DECELERATION. Reduced Voltage Starting. Primary Resistor Starter. Auto Transformer Starter. Solid State Starters. Electronic Drives. Synchronous Motor Starting. Electrical Brakes. Plugging Controls. DC Braking. Mechanical Brakes. SPECIAL MOTORS. Wound Rotor Motor. Repulsion /Synchronous /Permanent /Magnet /Stepper /Hybrid /Torque /Motors. POWER DISTRIBUTION AND MONITORING. Transformers. Voltage Transformation. Design /Operation /Polarity /Loss and Regulation. Multi-Voltage Transformers. Transformers in Parallel. Auto /Control /Instrument Transformers.Three Single Phase Transformers. Open Delta Transformers. Nameplate. N.E.C. Requirements. Line Drop. Power Factor Correction. Demand Meters. Energy Management. DC MOTORS, GENERATORS AND CONTROLS. DC Generation. Armatures. Series /Shunt /Compound Generators. Parallel Operation. DC Motors. Speed and Direction Control. Shunt /Magnet /Series /Brushless DC Motors. Speed Control. DC Motor and N.E.C.

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