Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism

by Bobbi Searle

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Children's Literature
Learning about electricity and magnetism is an important part of every child's education. Some children learn better by performing relevant "hands-on" activities, and it is these students for whom this book is intended. Comprised almost entirely of experiments, this book attempts to explain electricity, currents, batteries, static electricity, magnetism, magnetic poles, magnetic fields, and electromagnetism. Although the materials needed for the experiments are supposed to be "easy to obtain," many children would have difficulty gathering electric motors, copper sulfate solution, pieces of copper, and insulated copper wire, to name only a few. Additionally, most of the experiments consist of as many as nine detailed steps. Some experiments briefly recommend parent supervision, and warnings such as "don't breathe in the gas produced in this experiment" are provided. Needless to say, young children and even many adolescents would need assistance performing most of these experiments. The book contains a glossary and index and is part of the "Fascinating Science Projects" series. 2002, Copper Beech Books,
— Denise Daley <%ISBN%>0761327150

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Lerner Publishing Group
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Fascinating Science Projects Series
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9.32(w) x 9.92(h) x 0.15(d)
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10 Years

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