Electro House Alarm, Vol. 11

Electro House Alarm, Vol. 11


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Disc 1

  1. Don't Stop The Music  -  Love Unit
  2. Show Me Love 2K12  - Sean Finn
  3. Beep Beep Boom 2K12  -  Banger Bros
  4. I Like Chopin 2K12  - Marc Reason
  5. Bars In My Phone  - Gerome Christopher
  6. Flower  -  Maheya
  7. Trip In 2 The Night  -  Tosch
  8. Coming From The Heart  - Andy Jay Powell
  9. It's All Worth  -  Kasbah
  10. Trust Yourself  -  Sakura
  11. Stop 4 a Moment  - Dee Ray
  12. Banjolina  - Robbie Miraux
  13. Beat The System  - Mark Van Dark
  14. Follow Me  - Mike Nero
  15. Out of My Mind  - Enrico Bariello
  16. Kein Wasser Im Pool  -  Tamos
  17. House is Your House  - Alex Hilton
  18. You/Droid  - Robbie Groove
  19. High Voltage  -  Stereoliner
  20. Alegria  - DJ Sanny J

Disc 2

  1. Love Me  - Miguel Cortesano
  2. Do What You Do  -  Carlprit
  3. Could It Be Love  - Greg Blast
  4. Ai Se Eu Te Pego  - Patricia Banks
  5. Dirty Love  -  Ne!tan
  6. Throw Ya Hands In The Air 2K11 [  - Shrink Reloaded
  7. Rude Taste  - Mini May
  8. Let's Go!  -  Alx
  9. Sunshine Lady  -  Marc & Ravolta
  10. Try It Harder  - DJ Vaven
  11. Here We Go  - Danny Devino
  12. All Night Long  - Ron Ravolta
  13. Love  - Marc Loop
  14. Creepin'  - Silent One
  15. Get On The Floor  -  Jayl
  16. Catch a Star  -  Clark & Kent
  17. Let Me Be Free  -  Coffee & Honey
  18. Anakin  -  Turntable Syndicate
  19. Absolute Miami  -  Slyax
  20. Power  -  Bootmasters

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Lionel Richie   Composer
Andy Jay Powell   Composer
Shannon Rubicam   Composer
Daddy Waku   Composer
Peter Ballweg   Composer
Carsten Zintel   Composer
Anfrando Maiola   Composer
R. Fiolet   Composer
Pier Luigi Giombini   Composer
Sakin Bozkurt   Composer
Stephan Endemann   Composer
Matthew Tasa   Composer
Mirco Esposito   Composer
Paolo Sandrini   Composer
Scott Binder   Composer
Klaas Gerling   Composer
Matthias Gehrmann   Composer
Paul Mazzolini   Composer
A. Perls   Composer
Alex Vision   Composer
Sascha Knodel   Composer
Ahmet Celikkaya   Composer
Johannes Tomaschko   Composer
Damon Paul   Composer
Matyas Glut   Composer
Christoph Zimmermann   Composer
Thomas Schillinger   Composer
Torsten Urbanski   Composer
Adrian Pastuszak   Composer
George Robert Merrill   Composer
Muzzy G.   Composer
Paul Michael Barry   Composer
Kuba Wronski   Composer
René Gottwald   Composer
Henri Schreiber   Composer
Stephan Sembinelli   Composer
R. Guiotto   Composer
Jens Gillich   Composer
Alex Ross   Composer
Jazzi Jay   Composer
Rudi Schwamborn   Composer
David Piecgaczek   Composer
Nathan Heal   Composer
T. Pagani   Composer
Kevin Alexsson   Composer
Mark Philip Taylor   Composer
Sharon Acioly Arcoverde   Composer
Roberto Mirto   Composer
Sascha Stadie   Composer
Santo Finocchiaro   Composer
Salvatore Schillaci   Composer
S. Bruisma   Composer
Melissa Orr   Composer
Gürcan Türkili   Composer
Patrick Köller   Composer
Sirko Falke   Composer
Justin Corza   Composer
Greg Blast   Composer
Laetitia Monange   Composer
Jungly   Composer
Ian Campbell   Composer
Yoni Jayl   Composer
Dino Mileta   Composer
Daniel Wägner   Composer
Roy Den Hertog   Composer
Oliver Körner   Composer
Mini May   Composer
M. Malvuccio   Composer
Jaroslaw Drewnicki   Composer
Ian Johnson   Composer
Esteban Benjamin   Composer
Evgeny Issakovich   Composer
Tobias Karutz   Composer
Süleyman Güzelgül   Composer
Stephan Michal Dvorak   Composer

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