Electronic Architecture 2

Electronic Architecture 2

by Solarstone

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Disc 1

  1. Reconstructed (Intro)
  2. Prizma  - Matvey Emerson
  3. Mist  -  Piotro
  4. Tokyo Nights  - Nick Stoynoff
  5. Winter Solstice  - Daniel Mahaud
  6. Uncontrollable  -  Piotro
  7. Solar Eclipse  -  Yavanndiel
  8. Numb  -  Hybrid
  9. Big Wheel
  10. Sliver  -  Alucard
  11. Dice  - Shingo Nakamura
  12. Icedive  -  Aerium
  13. Weekend  -  Poonyk & Oxide
  14. Eta Carinae  -  Elfsong

Disc 2

  1. A New Dawn  - Aeron Aether
  2. Dreams of the Sea  -  Janeiro
  3. Vespera  - Mike Saint-Jules
  4. Nairobi To London  -  Jahawi
  5. Touchstone
  6. Resurrection  -  Medway
  7. Searchers Lane  -  Baltic Sound
  8. White Wind  - Ozo Effy
  9. City of Dreams  - Peter Liu
  10. Escapade  -  Majera
  11. I Dream  -  Tilt
  12. Wasted Time  -  Almar
  13. Vanity  -  Active Limbic System
  14. Architect's Dream  - J. Shore

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Solarstone   Primary Artist
Nigel Summers   Guitar

Technical Credits

Tilt   Composer,Producer
Jesse Skeens   Composer,Producer
Orkidea   Additional Production
Nick Rowland   Remixing,Additional Production
Proff   Remixing,Additional Production
Mike Saint-Jules   Composer,Producer
Poonyk & Oxide   Composer,Producer
Peter McCowan   Composer,Producer
Solarstone   Composer,Producer
Richard Simpkins   Artwork
Tim Stark   Liner Notes
Engin Ogutveren   Composer,Producer
Ilya Malyuev   Composer,Producer
Jahawi Bertolli   Composer,Producer
Richard Mowatt   Arranger,Composer
Tim "Embliss" Brandwijk   Composer,Producer
Kazusa   Composer,Producer
Daniel Mahaud   Composer,Producer
Shingo Nakamura   Composer,Producer
Peter Liu   Composer,Producer
Nick Stoynoff   Composer,Producer
Matvey Emerson   Composer,Producer
George Tripas   Composer,Producer
George Bitiusca   Web Design
Gábor Kovács   Composer,Producer
Evgeny Bychkov   Composer,Producer
Chris Swai   Composer
Andrey Shirokov   Composer
Alexey Doroshko   Composer,Producer
Alexander Smetana   Composer,Producer
Sunn Jellie   Additional Production
Piotr Truszkowski   Composer,Producer
Michalis Patakas   Composer,Producer
Marius Ene   Composer,Producer
Maksim Khozhainov   Composer,Producer
Leander Johannes Rispens   Composer,Producer
Krisztina Szutor   Composer
Kristztian Kertesz   Composer,Producer
Juska Wendland   Composer,Producer
Joonas Mikkilä   Composer,Producer

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