Electronic Publishing '92

Electronic Publishing '92

by C. Vanoirbeek

This book is about a very active area of electronic publishing involving both academia and industry.See more details below


This book is about a very active area of electronic publishing involving both academia and industry.

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Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Series on Electronic Publishing
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6.85(w) x 9.72(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

1. A reconstruction of context-dependent document processing in SGML A. L. Brown, T. Wakayama and H. A. Blair; 2. Type transformation in structured editing systems E. Aakpotsui and V. Quint; 3. A document composition environment for multi-language processing M. Zheng; 4. A framework for developing SGML applications I. A. Macleod, B. Nordin, D. T. Barnard and D. Hamilton; 5. Aleph: a language for typesetting L. Semenzato and E. Wang; 6. Formatter hierarchy for structured documents M. Murata and K. Hayashi; 7. An object-oriented toolkit for structured documents H. Brown, F. Cole and E. Oxborrow; 8. Experiences with a client-server-based architecture for a distributed structured hypertext system R. Furuta, P. D. Stotts and G. D. Drew; 9. Document reconstruction: a system for recovering document structure from layout G. B. Porter and E. V. Rainero; 10. Writing on sheets of paper: a spatial metaphor for computer-based text handling K. S. Eklundh, S. Romberger and P. Englund; 11. A new method for full-text retrieval N. Tavakoli and A. Ray; 12. Automatic determination of content relationships in natural-language texts G. Salton, J. Allan and C. Buckley; 13. Multilingual string-to-string correction in Grif, a structured editor H. Richy, P. Frison and E. Picheral; 14. The electronic broadsheet: all the news that's fit to display H. Lie and W. Bender; 15. Yeti: a graphics editor based in 'collect-and-stitch' D. Brotsky, D. M. Levy and D. Rabin; 16. Modelling the content of technical documentation C. Tattershall and A. J. Cole; 17. L'hypertext et l'avant-texte J.-L. Lebrave; 18. Choosing binary or greyscale bitmaps: some consequences for users A. Black and A. Boag; 19. The pursuit of quality: how can automated typesetting achieve the highest standards of craft typography? F. Mitterlbach and C. Rowley; 20. Presentation rules and rules of composition in the formatting of complex text R. Southall; 21. Formatting structured tables C. Vanoirbekk.

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