Elementary Real and Complex Analysis / Edition 2

Elementary Real and Complex Analysis / Edition 2

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by Georgi E. Shilov, G. E. Shilov

Excellent undergraduate-level text offers coverage of real numbers, sets, metric spaces, limits, continuous functions, much more. Each chapter contains a problem set with hints and answers. 1973 edition.
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Excellent undergraduate-level text offers coverage of real numbers, sets, metric spaces, limits, continuous functions, much more. Each chapter contains a problem set with hints and answers. 1973 edition.

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Table of Contents

1 Real Numbers
  1.1. Set-Theoretic Preliminaries
  1.2. Axioms for the Real Number System
  1.3. Consequences of the Addition Axioms
  1.4. Consequences of the Multiplication Axioms
  1.5. Consequences of the Order Axioms
  1.6. Consequences of the Least Upper Bound Axiom
  1.7. The Principle of Archimedes and Its Consequences
  1.8. The Principle of Nested Intervals
  1.9. The Extended Real Number System
2 Sets
  2.1. Operations on Sets
  2.2. Equivalence of Sets
  2.3. Countable Sets
  2.4 Uncountable Sets
  2.5. Mathematical Structures
  2.6. n-Dimensional Space
  2.7. Complex Numbers
  2.8. Functions and Graphs
3 Metric Spaces
  3.1. Definitions and Examples
  3.2. Open Sets
  3.3. Convergent Sequences and Homeomorphisms
  3.4. Limit Points
  3.5. Closed Sets
  3.6. Dense Sets and Closures
  3.7. Complete Metric Spaces
  3.8. Completion of a Metric Space
  3.9. Compactness
4 Limits
  4.1. Basic Concepts
  4.2. Some General Theorems
  4.3. Limits of Numerical Functions
  4.4. Upper and Lower Limits
  4.5. Nondecreasing and Nonincreasing Functions
  4.6. Limits of Numerical Functions
  4.7. Limits of Vector Functions
5 Continuous Functions
  5.1. Continuous Functions on a Metric Space
  5.2. Continuous Numerical Functions on the Real Line
  5.3. Monotonic Functions
  5.4. The Logarithm
  5.5. The Exponential
  5.6. Trignometric Functions
  5.7. Applications of Trigonometric Functions
  5.8. Continuous Vector Functions of a Vecor Variable
  5.9. Sequences of Functions
6 Series
  6.1. Numerical Series
  6.2. Absolute and Conditional Convergences
  6.3. Operations on Series
  6.4. Series of Vectors
  6.5. Series of Functions
  6.6. Power Series
7 The Derivative
  7.1. Definitions and Examples
  7.2. Properties of Differentiable Functions
  7.3. The Differential
  7.4. Mean Value Theorems
  7.5. Concavity and Inflection Points
  7.6. L'Hospital's Rules
8 Higher Derivatives
  8.1. Definitions and Examples
  8.2. Taylor's Formula
  8.3. More on Concavity and Inflection Points
  8.4. Another Version of Taylor's Formula
  8.5. Taylor Series
  8.6. Complex Exponentials and Trigonometric Functions
  8.7. Hyperbolic Functions
9 The Integral
  9.1. Definitions and Basic Properties
  9.2. Area and Arc Length
  9.3. Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals
  9.4. Technique of Indefinite Integrals
  9.5. Evaluation of Definite Integrals
  9.6. More on Area
  9.7. More on Arc Length
  9.8. Area of a Surface of Revolution
  9.9. Further Applications of Integration
  9.10. Integration of Sequences of Functions
  9.11. Parameter-Dependent Integrals
  9.12. Line Integrals
10 Analytic Functions
  10.1. Basic Concepts
  10.2. Line Integrals of Complex Functions
  10.3. Cauchy's Theorem and Its Consequences
  10.4. Residues and Isolated Singular Points
  10.5. Mappings and Elementary Functions
11 Improper Integrals
  11.1. Improper Integralsof the First Kind
  11.2. Convergence of Improper Integrals
  11.3. Improper Integrals of the Second and Third Kinds
  11.4 Evaluation of Improper Integrals by Residues
  11.5 Parameter-Dependent ImproperIntegrals
  11.6 The Gamma and Beta Functions
Appendix A Elementary Symbolic Logic
Appendix B Measure and Integration on a Compact Metric Space
Selected Hints and Answers

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