The Elements

The Elements

by Matt Mullins

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Children's Literature - Remy Dou
The more scientists understand the world, the more they realize how complex it is. While at one point most believed matter was made up of four elements (earth, water, wind, and fire), scientists now know that it is actually made up of over a hundred different elements. The sun, for example, contains many elements, including a gas called hydrogen. Yet, when combined with oxygen, hydrogen can be used to form water. Mullins goes on to lucidly explain a plethora of well-organized facts about the elements that make up the universe. Yet, the content better suits a high school textbook. Touted as a children's classroom resource, this book fails to fall with the standards appropriated to upper elementary children as suggested by most state curriculum standards, as well as the most recent national science standards. Although the attractive, colorful spreads may capture young one's attention, the torrent of information shared may overwhelm. Too juvenile to attract older readers, but too complex to serve younger readers, this volume fails to fit within an appropriate niche. Part of the "True Book" series. Reviewer: Remy Dou

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A True Book
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7 - 9 Years

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