Elements of Physical Chemistry

Elements of Physical Chemistry

by P. W. Atkins

ISBN-10: 0716723972

ISBN-13: 9780716723974

Pub. Date: 11/28/1992

Publisher: Freeman, W. H. & Company

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Freeman, W. H. & Company
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Table of Contents

1States of matter and the properties of gases1
The description of states of matter3
Equations of state10
Mixtures of gases: partial pressures15
The kinetic theory of gases18
Real gases25
2Thermodynamics: the First Law35
The conservation of energy36
The internal energy42
The enthalpy49
3Thermodynamics: the Second Law75
The Gibbs energy88
Reactions at equilibrium105
4Phase equilibria115
Phase diagrams of single substances116
The properties of nonelectrolyte solutions123
Phase diagrams of mixtures141
5Chemical equilibrium153
The interpretation of equilibrium constants154
Acids and bases158
Solubility equilibria187
Coupled reactions192
Electrochemical cells199
Applications of reduction potentials223
7The rates of reactions233
Empirical chemical kinetics233
Accounting for the rate laws259
Chain reactions273
8Atomic structure285
The failures of classical physics285
The dynamics of microscopic systems296
The structures of atoms308
The structures of many-electron atoms320
9The chemical bond333
Valence bond theory335
Molecular orbitals342
The band theory of solids360
10Cohesion and structure365
The origin of cohesion365
Crystal structure390
Natural biopolymers404
11Molecular spectroscopy411
General features of spectroscopy411
Rotational spectroscopy420
Vibrational spectra425
Electronic transitions: ultraviolet and visible spectra436
Nuclear magnetic resonance445
1Mathematical techniques457
2Quantities and units460
3Energy and force461
4The kinetic theory of gases462
5Concepts of electrostatics462
6Electromagnetic radiation and photons463
7Oxidation numbers464
8The Lewis theory of covalent bonding465
9The VSEPR model467
10The Boltzmann distribution469
App. 1Thermodynamic data471
App. 2Standard potentials480
Answers to exercises483

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