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by Camilla de La Bedoyere

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Nancy Garhan Attebury
Reading this book from the "100 Things You Should Know About" series lets readers learn that elephants have many strange relatives, none of which really look like the elephants. Manatees and Dugongs are sea mammals related to elephants. African aardvarks, elephant shrews, tenrecs, and golden moles belong in the elephant family. And the closest relatives to elephants are hyraxes that come from Africa and the Middle East and are the size of a rabbit. These are just some of the interesting facts to be gleaned in this book with an easy-to-follow format and concise, well-researched information. One spread about the elephant's "handy nose" shows a fantastic illustration of the trunk with skin, muscle, blood vessels, and nostrils labeled. A comparison picture also shows a trunk of both the Asian and African elephant. An activity on the same spread tells readers how to make a mini trunk. All pages are livened up with photos and illustrations and most contain sidebars in various forms. Quizzes and "I don't believe it" sections add fun to the regular text and a large index is a plus. Reviewer: Nancy Garhan Attebury

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Mason Crest Publishers
Publication date:
Remarkable Man and Beast Series: Facing Survival
Product dimensions:
9.22(w) x 11.78(h) x 0.34(d)
Age Range:
8 Years

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