The Eleven Eternal Principles

The Eleven Eternal Principles

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by Carmen Harra

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For the millions of spiritual seekers looking for achievable rules to live by in this lifetime, the concept of healing personal karma to affect change in global karma is especially timely.

Dr. Harra's message is uplifting, comforting, and all-inclusive at a time when many are struggling with the limiting and divisive strictures of dogma and doctrine.


For the millions of spiritual seekers looking for achievable rules to live by in this lifetime, the concept of healing personal karma to affect change in global karma is especially timely.

Dr. Harra's message is uplifting, comforting, and all-inclusive at a time when many are struggling with the limiting and divisive strictures of dogma and doctrine. The Eleven Eternal Principles reveals simple, universal truths that will raise our consciousness, empower us to create a more harmonious and healthy world, and allow us to embrace a new age of enlightenment.  

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“Dr. Carmen Harra has penned a special book that illuminates the spiritual life. If we find meaning in the challenges that confront us, we can break through to a life of growth, mission, and ongoing miracles.”   
—James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy
“What a wonderful book! This is a terrific guide to living a rich life—spiritually, mentally, and physically. Keeping in mind these eternal principles will help everyone heal themselves and their corner of the world at the same time.”  
—Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit and From Zero to Zillionaire
“Carmen Harra has done an outstanding job in explaining the universal principles that govern karma, wisdom, love, harmony, abundance, attraction, evolution, manifestation, destiny, and non-locality. Reading this book will forever change the way we perceive our world. Highly recommended.”   
—Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction
The Eleven Eternal Principles will open your consciousness to the fascinating wisdom and clarity from Dr. Carmen Harra, and it will help you awaken to the great opportunity to change your life (for the better) right now.”   
—Peggy McColl, author of 21 Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You Deserve 
“Dr. Carmen Harra has done a magnificent job of bringing ancient metaphysical teachings to life. The Eleven Eternal Principles can unlock doors you did not know were closed. The result: newfound strength, inner peace, and health. A great book!” 
—Laurie Nadel, Ph.D., host of The Dr. Laurie Show and author of Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power

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The First Eternal Principle: The Law of Totality
All people and all creatures are one, united with the Divine.
Our light-energy bodies, or souls, are united with all other creatures, the trees, the stones, the ponds, and the mountains in the energy grid called Divinity. Because we are connected, we are all continually influencing each other and the world around us. Every action we take affects others as well as ourselves. The idea that we can go about our business living however we like, without creating consequences for ourselves and others, comes from the false perception that we are separate beings. It's true that at the physical level, you and I can't occupy the same space and we have different bodies. But in the Divine realm, which is not limited by our rules of time and space, individuality is an illusion.
As humans, we have a collective mind. Our unconscious is aware of this, but unfortunately, living in the physical world distracts us from this inner knowledge. Your ego, which is your mind's awareness of yourself as an individual, refuses to recognize what your subconscious knows. Even if you do see signs of your connection and influence on others, your ego will dismiss them as unimportant. Our separateness seems so real that most of us mistakenly believe it's the only reality instead of just the reality that the ego perceives.
All of us go through basically the same experiences in life: the passages of birth, adolescence, marriage or partnership, parenting, getting older, and death. We all feel sorrow when someone we care about is hurt and become angry when we see an injustice. We have similar thoughts, too. Yet we tend to focus on our differences instead of our similarities. We create divisions between people in order to serve the needs of our ego, which wants to see itself as unique, special, and extra important. The ego is afraid of what will happen if we identify with the whole of creation instead of as an individual. It's the aspect of our awareness that's rooted in the more primitive part of our brain, the limbic brain, which evolved to ensure that above all else, we survive as physical beings. The more evolved part of our brain, the neocortex, recognizes that our individual existence on this planet is neither who we truly are nor is it as important as our small but crucial part of all creation.
When we meet someone who doesn't look or act like we do, the ego can take charge and we quickly give in to the primitive emotion of fear. This fear may be mild (for example, feeling shy when entering a room full of strangers) or intense, causing the heart to beat rapidly and breathing to become shallow. We are actually programmed to instantly sum up and categorize people and situations so that we can act promptly in case of danger. However, if we don't use our more evolved brain and use our higher awareness to judge a situation, we can become immediately suspicious of anyone who seems a little different, causing us to become further isolated and out of alignment with the Law of Totality. It's true that there will be actual threats to your personal safety in the physical world. Difficult and dangerous situations serve as a mirror, reflecting back to you all the issues your soul needs to work on; this is the Law of Karma. But the real danger is not death or harm to your individual self. The real danger is in never resolving your karmic issues, so that you are always subconsciously creating suffering for yourself, in lifetime after lifetime.
We often fear something terrible and unexpected happening, but there are no accidents, good or bad. All is a part of God's plan. A car crash, a flood, and an unexpected health crisis are the physical manifestations of thoughts and emotions that must be processed so that we can learn the lessons they have to teach us.
In the West, we give ourselves too much credit for influencing the physical world. No one person is responsible for all that happens to him. No one is that powerful! The ego likes to think it's in charge, but because of the Law of Totality, we are all influencing each other, all the time: Somewhere in Singapore, someone's actions are influencing you. What you did yesterday is affecting somebody, somewhere. Our connections to each other are much closer than we thought.
In quantum physics, there is a theory called the butterfly effect, which states that the fluttering of a butterfly's wings alters reality in a tangible way, perhaps even causing a storm on the other side of the world. The interconnectedness of everything in the world of the senses is not just an abstract concept. It is actually part of science.
The global banking crisis began to awaken many people to this truth on a physical level. Who knew that a house in Cleveland was owned by people in Singapore, Germany, or Orlando, Florida? Yet that is what happened, when the derivative financial products that were created were bundled, sold, rebundled, and sold again, spreading risk and obscuring who owns what. When the banks in Iceland failed, police officers in England suddenly had their operating funds slashed because their pension money was invested in Icelandic banks. People were shocked to learn that we were all so interconnected financially.
The Law of Totality weaves our lives into others' in ways we often can't understand or even perceive. We are not only connected to other people and creatures, such as animals, but also intertwined with the Divine, whose plans affect all of us. Our collective mind, in conjunction with God, manifests our world. Imagine a sphere made of light that is your soul. That sphere shines outwardly and overlaps with other spheres of light. Where two spheres come together, you are both influencing the physical world with your energetic interaction. God is the sphere of light that encompasses all light.
When a light-energy body vibrates at a high rate of speed, its light is very bright. When it vibrates more sluggishly, its light is dulled. Those whose souls vibrate very quickly affect the world around them by creating positive, generous feelings and thoughts that manifest positive situations. When they face a challenge, these positive people recognize it as a lesson—as an opportunity to learn something, develop a new skill, or deepen their understanding of the world. They are able to find good in every situation because they live in alignment with the Law of Totality and recognize their responsibility to heal their small corner of the energy grid.
Then there are people who always seem to be in self-destructive mode. People who struggle with addictions constantly spar with others over one drama or another. They feel taken advantage of or victimized. Unaware they are unified with the rest of creation, they feel disconnected from other people, from God, and from their own souls. Drugs, alcohol, and obsessive thoughts, as well as dark feelings such as jealousy, anger, and resentment, or sadness and hopelessness, cloud their minds. Every challenge is evidence that the world is a harsh place. They believe they have to depend on themselves to survive because no one else can be trusted.
When someone is vibrating at a low level, their darkness affects everyone around them. You can actually feel their heavy energy draining you of your sense of vitality because they're so needy and unhappy, or angry and pessimistic. It's as if they are standing in a dark room longing for any sort of illumination, even if it's just a tiny candle flame. When someone is so engulfed by darkness, he can't even see the light switch on the wall next to him. There's never a power shortage when it comes to Divine energy, but if someone can't see that light switch and has never used it and has no idea that it's there for him, he remains stuck in that dark, lonely room.
When you recognize the Law of Totality and its enormous power, your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors will change, and you can let go of man-made fears and loneliness.
The Energy of Our Environment 
Hints that this Divine light switch exists can be found within our bodies and the environment. God gives us many clues that we can call on Divinity at any time!
Vibrational energy is something we can sense if we are open to it. If you feel uncomfortable in someone's presence and don't know why, it's probably because they're vibrating at a low rate. You might feel repulsed or drawn to a person or a home because you're picking up on its energy. If a situation feels right to you, if someone seems to radiate trustworthiness, pay attention. Intuition is never wrong, although intuition works best if your subconscious isn't clouded with a lot of unresolved karma. Your subconscious desire to attract problems will allow you to work through your issues but can crowd out your intuition.
It's important to take seriously any unexplainable emotions, thoughts, or sensations in yourself and in others. It's possible your intuition is picking up on physical clues, which are registering in your subconscious mind but not your conscious mind. Sometimes, intuition is an energetic awareness that something is going to happen, or that something is happening far away from you. For example, you might find that you're expecting the phone to ring just before it does, and before you look at the Caller ID you know who is calling. One of my clients recently tossed and turned all night, seemingly for no reason, and learned the next morning that her sister, several states away, had died during the night.
In America, people are often very dismissive of the way human energy interacts with the energy of other people. They mistakenly believe that negative energy won't affect them and that they don't need to replenish themselves by connecting with positive energy. They'll watch violent movies and television shows, laugh at comedians who have a mean-spirited sense of humor, or listen to music that reflects the hatred and prejudice in the world. We shouldn't deny the existence of darkness and brutality, but we need to protect ourselves from these types of energy. It's too easy to be influenced by them. Listening to uplifting music or watching inspiring movies raises our vibration. For instance, the symphonies created by Bach or Verdi stand the test of time because anyone listening to them can feel the incredible positive energy they generate. The high vibration of art and music influences our own vibration, because we are connected to that energy in the realm of divinity. The Victorians knew this and created beautiful public parks, such as New York's Central Park, so that even the poor could feel uplifted by being in a lush, green, natural, and visually delightful space.
To understand how our energy influences others and vice versa, it can be helpful to think of all of creation as a vast, endless expanse like an ocean. When the sunlight shines on the water, it infuses it with light energy and heats it up. The ocean's surface is warm and sparkling, but a few feet down the water is dark and cold because the sun hasn't penetrated that far. In fact, when you swim in a lake you might notice that suddenly, you've come across a cold spot. This is how light energy works: there are some places where it's darker (colder) and some places where it's lighter (warmer), but they're all a part of the same large body of light. If you stay in a cold, dark spot, your body's warmth will seep out into the water and eventually you will become cold unless you keep moving to generate heat. If you are around depressive, angry people, you will have to keep generating positive feelings, thoughts, and energy to stop yourself from sinking into darkness along with them. You are influenced by others' energy just as they're influenced by yours.
We're also influenced by the energy of a place, which is influenced by what happened there in the past or the natural energy of the land or the buildings. There are sacred spots in the world, such as Sedona, Lourdes, and the Himalayas, which carry a great deal of healing energy. There are also areas where so much hatred and violence have occurred, the energy is very dark, making it difficult for the people in those areas to remain in the positive energy state they generate.
If you pay attention, you will be able to pick up on energy that connects you to other people and the past. A few years ago, there was a fire in the apartment building where one of my clients lived. When we talked about it afterward, she told me she'd always felt there was a negative energy in the building. People seemed to engage in a lot of squabbles and disagreements. The building was said to have been haunted, and my client swore she sometimes saw the figure of a young man out of the corner of her eye but when she looked in his direction, he was gone. We later learned that the building on 9th Avenue and 60th Street had been erected on the site of a graveyard. The troubled souls whose bodies had been buried in that spot were still wandering around the space where the building was situated. Their dark, heavy energy had been affecting the residents and I believe was responsible for the fire (the physical cause of it was never discovered).
Our Collective Mind
Although we may think we have no connection to strangers who died long before we were born, or to people around the world that we've never met, we actually have much in common with them and are intertwined with them energetically. Humans share a collective mind filled with memories and wisdom about the human experience. When we are able to tap into this collective mind, we can be stunned by what we find there. It makes no sense in the man-made world. How can I recall memories of living in Egypt thousands of years ago? I can remember what I looked like and what my home was like; I can tour it in my mind's eye.
Sometimes, people experience synchronicities that defy logic. A friend of mine was at a political gathering about an hour from her home in the Midwest, and when she started chatting with the person standing next to her, she realized that the woman had been born in the very same New York City hospital as her own husband. My friend turned to her husband to tell him about this strange coincidence, and he said, "And I just learned this man standing next to me lives two houses away from us!" If you talk to people who seem to be strangers, you might be shocked by what you find you have in common. It's no accident that we run into people we know in unusual places, or that we have an odd, coincidental connection to a stranger. We are meant to interact with these people and be reminded of the Law of Totality.
We also share memories and experiences with other people across time and continents. When we dream at night, our mind will often use symbols that would be recognized all over the world, in different cultures, past and present. Across cultures, a body of water often symbolizes emotions, for example, while a flower often symbolizes beauty and fertility. However, if you dream about the lake where your family went swimming each summer, or you dream about the yellow tulips you saw in a planter when you were coming out of the doctor's office last week, you have to consider how those experiences might influence the meaning of those dream symbols.
We are very much alike, and yet in our daily lives, we focus on our differences and make them out to be very important. They become a powerful part of our perception of who we are.
Our soul will deliberately choose to be born into a challenging situation in order to help us heal our issues, but also to remind us that we are all one, that there is no black or white or Hispanic, no gay or bisexual or heterosexual. There are no conservatives or liberals. These are differences we create when we are under the illusion that the physical world is all there is. We categorize and separate people into groups instead of connecting with each other's humanity.

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Dr. Carmen Harra is a clinical psychologist, metaphysical intuitive, and best-selling author with a background in cognitive therapy, couples’ therapy, and nontraditional disciplines, such as hypnotherapy and numerology. Dr. Harra’s extensive training and her ability to predict world events makes her a highly sought-after advisor both nationally and internationally, offering guidance to everyone from Hollywood celebrities to eminent politicians. She divides her time between Manhattan, New York, and Hollywood, Florida.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Carmen Harra has an excellent view of what she projects is to come in the years ahead. Pollitically, great medical advances, enviromental advances as well as spiritual growth in all humanity. I can not wait to see it all as she predicts. A wonderful future awaits. I sincerely encourage everyone to read this book. I like to think her way is the right way to go about all she suggests. It gives me great hope. By Carmen Guz...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago