Elizabeth and Alexandra

Elizabeth and Alexandra

by Antony Lambton

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Lord Lambton, one-time member of the British Parliament, keeps close to historical fact in this fictional reconstruction of the lives of two of Queen Victoria's granddaughters: ``Alix,'' who married the weak Czar Nicholas II, and ``Ella,'' wed to detestable Grand Duke Serge, later governor of Moscow. Yet the story, if somewhat muted, is never dry. The focus is less on Alix, who dominated her husband and was in turn dominated by the dissipated monk Rasputin, than on the lesser-known but more appealing Ella, who was trapped in loveless marriage to a man notorious for his corruption, administrative incompetence and persecution of Jews. After his assassination, Ella became a nun and devoted herself to helping the needy. Lambton skillfully evokes the faded grandeur of Victoria's court, the decadence of Imperial Russia, the rumblings of the October Revolution and, through it all, the poignant lot of unhappy Ella. He concludes with excerpts from the real Ella's diary, written as disaster was overtaking the imperial family, and appendixes that contain revealing documents relating to that event. (April 16)
Library Journal - Library Journal
This novel presents a fictionalized biography of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth, sister of the last Russian empress. She was unhappily married to Nicholas II's uncle, the Grand Duke Serge, who was blown up by a bomb in 1905. She then became a nun and was supposedly murdered with her relations in 1918. Out of this, Lambton has written a fanciful account that draws heavily upon his imagination. His heroine's dreams and intimate behavior figure prominently in the novel. He concludes with a scenario in which the two sisters, now aged, crackpot eccentrics, live on until after World War II in a remote tribal village in the USSR. Stalin is vastly amused when he finds out. The thesis on surviving Romanov ladies lives on. For romantically minded royalty lovers. R.H. Johnston, History Dept., McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Ontario

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