Elizabeth I and Her Court

Elizabeth I and Her Court

by William W. Lace

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Elizabeth I was frugal and frivolous and vain. Worse yet, she was a woman, and no woman so far had ruled England well. Her sister, still known as Bloody Mary, was despised as queen. Yet Elizabeth was adored by her people and managed to lead her nation to a Golden Age unlike any other in history. How did Elizabeth, a very human woman, manage to become a ruler who stands out from the rest? This book, filled with anecdotes based on primary and scholarly sources, gives readers insights on the woman, the people in her court and the events that made her reign one that continues to inspire books about the Elizabethan Age. It is more than symbolic that she presided over an age when the nobility began to live in window-filled palaces instead of castles that were walled fortresses. A lover of theater, she knew how to make the theatrical gesture that worked. When she sent troops to fend off an invasion from Spain, she put on a suit of armor and told them 'I know I have the weak and feeble body of a woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king.' This book with source notes and annotated bibliography is one of five in Lucent's "Elizabethan England" series. Those books are part of the Lucent Library of Historical Eras. 2003, Lucent Books,
— Janet Crane Barley
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Gr 6-10-While Lace describes ornate formal gardens, costly wardrobes, and other obsessions of the wealthy, Stewart focuses on the often gritty details of daily life in London. In Sources, selected excerpts from Elizabethan documents and first-person accounts capture the tone of the times. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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