Elizabeth's Education [NOOK Book]


Elizabeth is a beautiful, intelligent, wealthy young woman, but spoiled and wilful, flirtatious and feisty. She is also totally mesmerised by the one man who shows her no interest - the dashing, mysterious, Lord Michael.

But what the young virgin soon discovers is that Lord Michael is a strict disciplinarian, and when Elizabeth's father asks him to watch over the haughty young lady, Lord Michael takes the opportunity to begin her education.


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Elizabeth's Education

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Elizabeth is a beautiful, intelligent, wealthy young woman, but spoiled and wilful, flirtatious and feisty. She is also totally mesmerised by the one man who shows her no interest - the dashing, mysterious, Lord Michael.

But what the young virgin soon discovers is that Lord Michael is a strict disciplinarian, and when Elizabeth's father asks him to watch over the haughty young lady, Lord Michael takes the opportunity to begin her education.

Forced to surrender to a sound over the knee spanking, a tearful, mortified Elizabeth learns that her actions suddenly have consequences. Under his artful mastery, the passionate girl is led through deepening layers of submission, and with bondage and discipline constant companions on her journey, she quickly learns the torrid lessons of pleasure and pain, reward and punishment.

Ultimately, her submissive nature finds her aching to serve him solely and completely. But if she wants to call him Master, she must agree to an intense initiation, proving her sincerity, displaying her hedonistic hunger, and earning the privilege.

Only then will he collar the young supplicant and call her his own.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781907753466
  • Publisher: Andrews UK
  • Publication date: 3/21/2012
  • Series: Forbidden Lust
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 364,718
  • File size: 2 MB

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Something in the tone of his voice made Elizabeth feel uneasy as her father and brother rose from the table, leaving the two of them alone. There absence for a day was much, much more than she could ever have hoped for, but as they proceeded to finish breakfast the atmosphere was strained. Lord Michael's monosyllabic responses to Elizabeth's attempts at conversation were frustrating her, to say the least, and she was relieved when the meal came to an end.

She excused herself and disappeared into the sitting room. She needed to compose herself. He was certainly most different to any man she had ever encountered. Normally such indifferent behaviour would see her put the gentleman directly in his place, but Lord Michael had the unmistakable aura of someone not to be trifled with.

Then she heard her name being called; her father and brother were about to leave, so she hurried out to the front porch and found herself standing next to Lord Michael, waving goodbye to dear old pater and her bothersome brother. Whilst she couldn't have been happier with the prospect of spending the next thirty-six hours with Lord Michael, she couldn't ignore the sense of uncertain discomfort permeating her being.

She and her handsome guest walked slowly back into the house, and she was trying to think of something witty and smart to say when Grace appeared.

'You want to see me in the sitting room now, miss?' she asked reverently.

'Yes, I'll be along shortly,' Elizabeth replied, rather abruptly. 'Go and wait for me there.'

'Yes, miss,' Grace replied, then curtsied.

'What a charming girl,' Lord Michael said admiringly as she walked away. 'So polite and well mannered. As a young woman should be, don't you think?' He stared into Elizabeth's eyes, once again causing a deep red blush to rise in her cheeks.

'It's only because I've trained her so well,' Elizabeth stated haughtily, attempting to ignore the fact that she was continuing to redden under his unwavering gaze.

'All young ladies need training,' he said, still staring at her intently.

Elizabeth couldn't bring herself to look back at him. She could feel his eyes boring through her. 'Well, I'm about to do some instruction,' she managed. 'So if you will excuse me?'

'Actually, I think I'll join you,' he said. 'You don't have any objection, I take it?'

'Um, no, if you wish. It will only take a minute or two.'

She walked ahead of him into the sitting room, the slim cut of her dress accentuating the sway of her shapely hips and bottom. She could feel his eyes upon her as she moved, and suddenly wished she was walking beside him, rather than in front. She quickened her pace, hurrying to get out of the uncomfortable situation, and as soon as she entered the sitting room she stood with her back to the fireplace.

Grace was standing demurely in the centre of the room, hands clasped in front of her, staring at the floor. She was obviously very uncomfortable.

'Now, Grace,' Elizabeth began, 'last night it occurred to me that I wanted a bath.'

'Yes, miss,' Grace said, clearly unsure of what she had done wrong this time.

'Don't speak until I say you may, you rude girl,' Elizabeth snapped, 'just listen to me.'

'Sorry, miss, I try to do things right,' Grace blurted. 'Honest I do.'

'Be quiet and let me finish!' she snapped again. 'From now on, every night, you must draw my bath whether or not I tell you to. Can you understand that simple instruction?'

'Yes, miss,' the maid answered, visibly cowering, her voice tremulous.

'Well thank goodness for that. And make sure there's plenty of scented oil. I checked this morning and you've allowed my supply to dwindle. Now then, tell me what you're to do in future, beginning with this very evening.'

'I'm to draw your bath every night, whether or not you tell me to,' Grace said, a small sob escaping her lips, 'and make sure there's plenty of oil of jasmine, or milk of roses, or scented oil of some kind, for you, miss.'

'Excuse me.' Lord Michael's voice startled them both, interrupting Elizabeth's flow. 'Surely that's a bit extravagant? All that water possibly going to waste, and the cost of heating it? I'm sure your father would not approve of such a wasteful habit. It's one thing if you decide you want a bath, but to have Grace draw you one just in case, well now, Elizabeth, I do not think that's acceptable. No, not acceptable at all.'

Elizabeth's face began to turn red again, but this time with simmering anger. 'Lord Michael,' she said resolutely, 'forgive me, but this does not concern you.'

'Actually,' he calmly countered, moving to the centre of the room, giving the impression of supporting Grace, 'your father asked me to keep an eye on things here, and my eyes do not approve of what they are seeing.'

Grace's mouth fell open; never had she seen Miss Elizabeth spoken to in such a manner.

'Well, in that case your eyes can just look at something else, because this is how I want it, and this is how it's going to be!' Elizabeth spat, in complete disbelief that the man of her dreams would address her so.

'Grace,' said Lord Michael, ignoring Elizabeth's outraged response, 'I suspect you work very hard here, do you not?'

Grace realised her mouth was still open, and closed it, casting her eyes down. 'I do my best, sir, yes,' she replied.

'I am sure you do,' he said compassionately. 'Now, I have a question for you, and when I ask you this question you must promise to answer truthfully.'

'Yes, sir, I always tell the truth,' she replied, daring to look up at him, a scrap of confidence returning.

'Excuse me,' Elizabeth interjected indignantly, 'but if you don't mind, this is my house! What do you think you're doing?'

'Noisy, isn't she?' said Lord Michael, winking at Grace.

Elizabeth was furious, and the way he was ignoring her, talking about her rather than to her - and to one of the staff, to boot - was making her even more furious by the second. And then to have the audacity to call her noisy!

'I am going to whisper the question in your ear,' he went on to the maid. 'Is that all right, my dear?'

Grace looked up into his eyes, and saw kindness and strength there. 'Yes, sir,' she said quietly. 'Of course, sir.'

Then Elizabeth watched in horror as Lord Michael leaned closer and whispered something to the maid, and Grace broke into a broad grin and then laughed out loud!

'Oh, Lord Michael, no sir,' the servant girl giggled. 'Never. I think I'd die from shock.'

'Fine, Grace,' he said, smiling at her. 'That's what I thought. You may take the rest of the day off. Your mistress will not be needing you. Have a lovely time, and return to your duties promptly tomorrow morning.'

'You'll do no such thing!' Elizabeth exclaimed heatedly, but Lord Michael merely took Grace gently by the arm, guiding her to the door.

'Thank you ever so much, sir,' she said, clearly amazed at this turn of events, clearly confident that she would be all right as long as she did as Lord Michael said.

He smiled at her kindly, and closed the door behind her.

'How dare you?' Elizabeth demanded, stamping her foot in fury.

'Elizabeth,' he said calmly, ignoring her tantrum, 'would you like to know what I asked Grace?'

She hadn't expected a question in response to her indignation, and it caught her off guard.

'Elizabeth?' he prompted, his tone insistent.

'I couldn't care what you asked her,' she spat back at him. 'You have no right to interfere with how I utilise my staff.'

'I asked her,' Lord Michael continued, easily, 'if you ever said please or thank you. And you heard her response, didn't you?'

'She's my servant, and I shall treat her as I please,' she stated vehemently.

Lord Michael crossed his arms and frowned, then after a moment he clasped his hands behind his back and wandered about the room, ending up at the desk by the bay windows, overlooking the landscaped gardens.

'What staff is here today?' he asked, staring out at the view.

'Excuse me?' Elizabeth replied, genuinely perplexed by the odd question.

'Are you deaf?' he said sharply, making her jump slightly. 'What staff is here today?'

'Everybody's off today except the cook and Smithy, the footman,' she answered, still wondering why he would care.

'Wasn't that Smithy I saw, driving the cab for your father?'

'Oh, yes it was,' she acknowledged. 'The usual driver has the weekend off. Only cook, then. Downstairs.

'Excellent,' he mused, his eyes still scanning the lovely grounds, and Elizabeth realised she was being distracted. Was that what the questions were about? Just to get her mind off his interference?

'Now look here, Lord Michael,' she said. 'What's the point of all this? I want to talk about Grace—'

'Elizabeth, you really are a very spoiled and ill-mannered young lady, aren't you?'

'I beg your pardon?' she gasped in shock. 'Oh, you... you...' she blustered, trying to think desperately of an appropriate response.

'Now, the thing is, Elizabeth,' he continued, ignoring her childish protestations, 'I do not think it's entirely your fault. You've not received the proper education for a young female of your means and bearing.'

He moved closer to the oak desk and carefully pulled out the armless desk chair. It was straight-backed with a wide, beautifully padded seat, upholstered in burgundy velvet. He placed it facing the windows.

'Lord Michael,' she replied, shaking with rage, 'I have been very well educated indeed, thank you. I have even attended a finishing school in Paris. How dare you suggest such a thing? You don't know what you're talking about, so I would thank you to mind your own—'

'That's not exactly the education I was referring to,' he said, cutting her short, standing next to the chair. 'Come here, young lady.' His tone and demeanour were unwavering, not to be argued with, and she found herself almost mesmerised by them. But no, she thought determinedly, she would not do as he said.

'I am quite happy here, thank you,' she replied loftily, raising her chin, 'and I wish to discuss this matter about Grace. It needs to be sorted—'

Again he prevented her from making her point. 'It would be wise to do as I say,' he warned ominously, and a voice in her head told her to move, but her stubbornness won out. She stood perfectly still, challenging him.

'Oh dear,' Lord Michael sighed. 'Very well, if you must behave as you do, then I suppose you must. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.'

The pace with which he moved across the room shocked her, like a striking snake, but what shocked her even more was the ease with which he grabbed her by the wrists with one hand, produced a long piece of black satin from his pocket with the other, and in seconds had both her wrists crossed and bound together.

'Lord Michael,' she gasped, 'what on earth do you think you're doing?'

'You continue to be noisy, don't you?' he said. 'So I'm afraid we're going to have to do something about that.'

Elizabeth launched into a tirade of insults and protests, which he calmly ignored whilst pulling a crisp white handkerchief from his breast pocket, and then the ascot from around his neck. 'Now then,' he said assertively, 'this should shut you up.'

'What?' she wailed, but with deft timing the handkerchief was stuffed into her open mouth, and he spun her round and placed the longer ascot scarf across the gag and tied it behind her head, amused by her now muffled protests.

'And although we are fairly well alone, just to make sure we are not caught unawares and interrupted by someone unexpectedly...' he said, moving quickly to lock the door.

He turned sharply and returned to where she stood, shocked and staring at him over the gag with wide, bewildered eyes. With one arm he picked her up by the waist, lifting her easily, and carried her to the waiting chair.

'It would have been much easier if you had just come to me when I said,' he stated as he stood her back down, and unable to answer, Elizabeth stamped her feet, letting out a muffled screech.

'Be quiet at once!' he barked. 'If you stamp those feet again I'll tie your ankles together as well!'

Though frustrated and angry, not to mention a bit scared and bemused, Elizabeth suddenly realised Lord Michael was to be listened to. At least at this juncture, so she stood still.

'That's better,' he went on, speaking in a stern but quieter voice. 'Now then, I'm going to tell you exactly what I intend to do with you. First, until I know you won't talk back or question me in any way, the handkerchief is going to remain in your mouth. If I take it out and you misbehave, it will go back in immediately. Nod your head if you understand me.'

Elizabeth stared at him in stunned astonishment. She made a funny sound and Lord Michael frowned. He reached down and lifted her skirt and she let out a muffled squeal and recoiled, stepping sideways. But he grabbed her arm, yanking her back.

'Stand still!' he commanded, his eyes penetrating hers.

Once again he lifted the skirt, holding it up with one hand. With the other he slapped the side of her stockinged thigh, hard, making her squeal through the gag and wince.

'I asked you a simple question,' he continued. 'When I ask you a question, simple or otherwise, you will answer me immediately. If you do not you will be punished. Now, do you understand what I said about the handkerchief? Nod if you understand. Shake your head if you do not.'

Once again his tone was controlled, calm, not angry at all, and she nodded her head furiously, her slightly dishevelled locks spilling around her face.

'Good,' he said with satisfaction. 'Now, I am going to sit on that chair. Look at it, Elizabeth. Look at the chair.'

She didn't really understand why he wanted to her stare at the desk chair, but she did as he ordered, the sting in her thigh suggesting strongly that she obey.

'As I said, I am going to sit on that chair, and then lay you across my lap, face down. I'm going to lift your dress above your waist, and your petticoat as well. Then I am going to pull your drawers down, exposing your bare bottom.'

Elizabeth felt her face turn scarlet and her eyes grew wider still.

'And do you know what I'm going to do then, Elizabeth?' he asked mildly, and she shook her head from side to side, terrified of what he was about to say. 'Well, then I'm going to spank you, Elizabeth, with the lovely gardens as a delightful backdrop. And when my hand gets tired, my dear, do you know what I'll do then?'

Elizabeth gasped through the gag in apprehensive disbelief.

'I asked you a question, Elizabeth,' he said firmly. 'Answer me. Do you know what I'll do when my hand is tired?'

Utterly befuddled and overcome, Elizabeth shook her head again.

'I will take off one of my shoes, and spank you with the sole of that. I think, for the first lesson of the day, that should do very nicely. Now then, young lady, your true education is about to begin.'

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  • Anonymous

    Posted April 3, 2004

    Great forced submission tale!

    If you are into the 'forced to submit' scene, you will love this book! Very well written. How a strict disciplinarian teaches a spoiled young women, with lots of correction, the error of her ways. Will definately buy more from author.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted March 11, 2003

    Sexy Story of a Female Submissive

    Great story with lots and LOTS of D/s action. If you like Male Dom/Female sub stories, this is outstanding.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted December 30, 2014

    Not a D/s more like a pimp. Short story

    A terrible book for d/s this is more slave than submission no chemistry not historical just pimp porn around 100 pages

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted December 26, 2012

    Elizabeth's Journey to submission Imagine a woman of stature an

    Elizabeth's Journey to submission

    Imagine a woman of stature and worth, who demands a snap of attention from her loyal servants becoming a lust craved submissive filled with wants, desires, and needs herself, ending up at the hands of a skilled Dominant who takes her through a world of discovery as she succumbs to her own diverse desires. That is just what the author portrays in this beautiful and wanton look at the training of a this submissive named Elizabeth. She is somewhat smitten with this gentlemen who we find has his own designs on her as they enter into a temporary arranged setting that encourages their involvement.

    Enter Lord Michael, an established gentlemen of old England who has embraced his standing and respect as one who lives the style and life of the time. A time when the men of society demanded respect through the use of corporal punishment and other sensual based methods to keep their women in line. The use of such techniques establishes for themselves an erotic necessity and convenience in the submissiveness of their companions. And often, a woman who is a bit feisty and perhaps journeys with a mind of her own, is uniquely embraced as a good find. Elizabeth is just that kind of woman and we soon find that her training will take much to bring the end result, a woman who loves her master and aches to please him in every way and whim he presents.

    Maggie Carpenter's self proclaimed submissiveness and understanding of the D/s culture again gives us a wonderful look at the mentality and angst of becoming truly submissive to a proper Dominant gentlemen. We are taken through the first spank of a surprised aristocrat to her assuming role as a submissive who will endure all it takes to appease the Dominant she has fallen in love with. We experience a whole host of rituals and rules, along with sensory and psychological restraints, and of course a diverse use of corporal punishments and implements to enhance the story and give the reader a profound look at Dominance and submission.

    Elizabeth's Education had me from the start as the two main character's attraction and unique tastes began to merge. The author uniquely gives us stark look at the Dominant and submissive culture as it was in London of old, and yet, you can grasp this life-style presented in a current D/s culture, rich in ritual, understanding, discipline and love.

    If you're looking for a story of Dominance and submission with all the compelling elements and a fairytale story of romance, this book will not disappoint. Maggie Carpenter is known for her powerful use of life-style cultured events and disciplines and has again given us a true and heartfelt look in this book. I highly recommend it, but would caution, once you read one of her books, you will be back for more. Thank you Maggie, for a wonderful provocative book.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted October 5, 2012

    Magical little book

    I think this is my favorite of all Maggie's books. Really something special about this novel. Wonderfully written and Lord Michael is a true Mater. Totally recommend.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted August 7, 2012

    This book is different to the other D/s books I've read, and I t

    This book is different to the other D/s books I've read, and I totally understand why it's received nothing but 5 star ratings. The best way I can describe the experience, would be to say it was like peeking through a keyhole into the lives of two great characters. Elizabeth and Lord Michael. They lived with me during the day, and I couldn't wait to get home and see what Lord Michael had in store for Elizabeth next. Perhaps that's what made this book so special. The characters felt like real people, even though the book is set sometime back in Merry Old England. It was a first look at the journey of a young woman discovering her submissive nature, guided by a disciplinarian who is both artful and - I think the best word to describe Lord Michael would be - majestic. Totally recommend it. A special book.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted June 10, 2012

    I think this may have been Ms. Carpenter's first effort. Her la

    I think this may have been Ms. Carpenter's first effort. Her latest, Deja Vu, has just been released, and Malibu Heat was out in January this year. I have read both of them, and they're great. This woman really knows how to spin a yarn. This book was written in 2004 and it's clear her writing has matured, but even so, it's still worth turning the pages. If you're into BDSM and D/s, you'll enjoy it. The characters are well defined, and the story actually is a story, as opposed to some of these types of books that is all sex and no substance. Elizabeth's Education has both. Definitely recommend.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted August 10, 2012

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted August 12, 2011

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted October 10, 2011

    No text was provided for this review.

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