Eliza's Kindergarten Pet

Eliza's Kindergarten Pet

by Alice B. McGinty, Nancy Speir

A kindergartner saves the day when the class guinea pig gets loose.  See more details below


A kindergartner saves the day when the class guinea pig gets loose.

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Children's Literature - Summer Whiting
Eliza is not too fond of her class's newest addition. Cookie, a guinea pig, looks like a chocolate chip cookie with teeth. Teeth to eat people with! Each day a different student would be awarded with the title of Cookie Keeper. Who better than a student to provide fresh water, food, treats and love? Eliza wants no part and tries her best to remain on her side of the room at all times. One morning, her biggest fear comes true. Cookie escapes! Eliza simply cannot concentrate on anything for most of the day. Where is Cookie? During lunch, a series of special events unfold, and Eliza and Cookie come together face to face. Forget Cookie Keeper—Eliza's new title of "hero" is much more impressive! Young readers will be delighted to learn they aren't the only ones with certain fears. Many will relate to Eliza's trepidation and may possibly walk away feeling a little braver after reading this story. The illustrations, which were created using acrylics, confidently convey the goings-on of a kindergarten classroom. This book would also allow young readers to sequence the order of events by incorporating the days of the week. Reviewer: Summer Whiting
School Library Journal
K-Gr 2—When Miss Summer introduces her kindergarten class to a spotted guinea pig named Cookie, all that Eliza can focus on is the creature's sharp teeth. The teacher decides that each student can take a turn being the "Kindergarten Cookie Keeper," which entails her care and feeding. Everyone is eager for a turn, except for Eliza, who worries that Cookie might try to escape or bite her. Then one day, the guinea pig slips out of a boy's hands and scurries away. The class and the custodian search for her but are unable to find her. Eliza is so worried about the animal that she cannot concentrate on anything. Cookie is eventually discovered by the custodian, who tries to capture her in a box. Eliza comes to the rescue and picks up the frightened creature. This is a heartwarming story, enhanced by bright illustrations, about facing one's fears. Small children are certain to be charmed by Cookie, who rather resembles her namesake.—Donna Atmur, Los Angeles Public Library

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5 - 8 Years

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