Ellanor's Exchange

Ellanor's Exchange

by Linda K. Hayner

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Children's Literature
Fourteen-year-old Ellanor is about to embark on a life altering journey. Ellanor's parents want their daughter to find a titled husband in London. A trustworthy neighbor, Lady Wilthrop, offers to be Ellanor's chaperon. As their caravan advances toward London, Lady Wilthrop prepares her charge for London's social season. When they reach their destination Ellanor unwittingly becomes involved in a scheme to overthrow the British Parliament. This work of fiction, set in the 1640s, starts out excruciatingly slow but eventually accelerates. The reader may benefit from a discussion about how unlikely their parents are to ask them to marry so early in life. Hayner's story offers a revealing glimpse into differences between current and past social etiquette. It is interesting to follow Ellanor's transformation from an ordinary merchant's daughter into an elegant young lady. This title is best suited for the female reader because so much of the text is about fashion, girl talk, and tea time. 2005, BJU Press, Ages 10 up.
—Mary Jo Edwards
When Ellanor's brother dies, it changes her life forever. Paul's role as oldest son was to bring honor to his family name by acquiring a title. Now that he is gone, the commission falls to his younger sister, Ellanor. There are plenty of down-on-their heels nobles in the city, bent on making a favorable marriage with the daughter of an untitled merchant. For Ellanor, making the partnership a love match is the only option. It would be a nice, easy plan, but there is treachery afoot at the royal palace. Someone is leaking information that puts the king in danger, and everyone is a suspect. This innocent hero gets wrapped up in the middle of the drama and in the end risks her life for her loyalties. Everything one could ask for in historical fiction is here-deceit, intrigue, spies, highwaymen, a few carriage rides, less-than-honorable noblemen, and just a touch of romance. Hayner sets a nice pace at the beginning of the book, and then quickly captivates the reader with page-turning drama. Set in London in the 1640s, the story introduces readers to the reality of life as a common country merchant, which is contrasted with the glamour found in the royal courts in the city. The story line and outcome is a bit predictable but enjoyable in its familiarity in an excellent fresh choice for fans of historical fiction or spy stories or for romance readers of any age. VOYA CODES: 4Q 4P M J S (Better than most, marred only by occasional lapses; Broad general YA appeal; Middle School, defined as grades 6 to 8; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12). 2005, Journey Forth/Bob Jones University Press, 195p., Trade pb. Ages 11 to 18.
—Angie Hammond

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