Elvis after Life

Elvis after Life

by Raymond A. Moody

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Claiming that the death of the 42-year-old Elvis Presley in 1977 profoundly affected millions of lives, Moody (Life After Life explores the Elvis cult and reasons for fans' alleged premonitory dreams of his death and psychic experiences that followed it. Some of the dreams cited here concern an imaginary last concert of Elvis, at which he announced his death, or in which the dreamer saw him in his coffin. Fans tell of apparitionsamong those quoted are a clinical psychologist, a farmer, a truck driver, a policeman. Such experiences, suggests Moody, often reflect an unconscious emotional need or unresolved conflict and may have a religious impact on the dreamer. Numerous presumably sane Presley fans refuse to believe that he is dead, according to the author; they cite that his name is an anagram for LIVES. (August)

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