Elvis' World

Elvis' World

by Jane Stern, Michael Stern

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The husband-and-wife authors (Real American Food, etc.) here enthusiastically examine the Presley phenomenon. This album, with more than 250 color and black-and-white pictures, to be published on the 10th anniversary of Presley's death, presents the screaming teenage fans, the pink Cadillac, the fluff movies, song lyrics, the ``audacious'' Graceland, wife Priscilla beneath a towering hairdo and, of course, Presley in all his mutationsfrom the 1950s youth with insolent sneer, sideburns and swiveling hips to the 1970s overweight, gaudy jumpsuit-clad ``Monty Hall and Jesus rolled into one.'' Maintaining that he was a self-created people's hero, the Sterns examine the paradox of the ``sex symbol who acted like a choirboy''; his demise in the ``issue-oriented'' 1960s and rebirth in 1968; his staggering appetite, extravagance and generosity; and apotheosis by fans. This fast-paced, frothy entertainment will gladden the hearts of ``true believers.'' 75,000 first printing; BOMC dividend, QPBC and Movie Entertainment Book Club selections. (August 16)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Welcome to that thriving universe left behind by the original King of Rock 'n' Roll. Written in cooperation with the Presley estate and published on the tenth anniversary of his death, this is a lovingly lavish album complete with some 250 color and black-and-white photos that document his past and continuing impact. Wryly amazed at it all, the authors entertainingly examine the ``Elvoid'' artifacts including the movies, the music and mementoes. They also provide a guided tour of Elvis World's geographical locale, centered at Graceland in Memphis but encompassing other places where he lived, worked, worshipped, or shopped. It is to these places that his fansmostly middle-aged, Middle America womenstill flock. Avoiding condescension and transcending tackiness, this is a tender, touching, and clever treatment of the King and his subjects. Paul G. Feehan, Univ. of Miami Lib., Coral Gables
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
YA Elvis Presley fans are going to love this book. They will find coverage of everything from Elvis' life to the proliferation of memora bilia that never seems to end. A look at the transition in his song lyrics during his career and a filmography are included. The Sterns make the point that these quickly-made films (sometimes three per year) prevented Elvis from focusing completely on his music. Other material found in the book includes annotated listings of museums, catalogs, and books (including cookbooks) centering around Elvis, as well as his favorite stores, car dealers, and restaurants. Not to be missed is the list of groceries that had to be in his pantry at all times and the recipe for his favorite snack. This book is not a deep, psychological study of a legendary figure but is instead a view of a perform er's life and impact on the culture of his time. It is a handsome volume with ex tensive use of color photography on glossy paper. Barbara Weathers, Du chesne Academy, Houston

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