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Emako Blue

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by Brenda Woods

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Emako Blue was supposed to be a star. She was beautiful and good-hearted. She was Monterey's best friend. She was the only girl Jamal cared about, the one who saw through his player act. She was the one who understood the burden of Eddie's family. She was the best singer anyone had ever heard, with a voice like vanilla incense, smoky and sweet. She was Savannah's


Emako Blue was supposed to be a star. She was beautiful and good-hearted. She was Monterey's best friend. She was the only girl Jamal cared about, the one who saw through his player act. She was the one who understood the burden of Eddie's family. She was the best singer anyone had ever heard, with a voice like vanilla incense, smoky and sweet. She was Savannah's rival, the one who wouldn't play by the rules. She was destined for greatness, already plucked from South Central Los Angeles by the record producers. She was only fifteen when she died.

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Brenda Woods (www.brendawoods.net) was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, raised in southern California, and attended California State University, Northridge. She is the award-winning author of several books for young readers: Coretta Scott King Honor winner The Red Rose BoxSaint Louis Armstrong BeachVOYA Top Shelf Fiction selection Emako BlueMy Name is Sally Little Song, and A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her numerous awards and honors include the Judy Lopez Memorial Award, FOCAL award, Pen Center USA’s Literary Award finalist, IRA Children’s Choice Young Adult Fiction Award, and ALA Quick Pick. She lives in the Los Angeles area.

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Emako Blue 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
JuJuShawtty More than 1 year ago
"My friend Emako Blue was supposed to be a star." Emako was a classy young girl. She was pretty, with dark brown skin and black braids extended to her waist. She was also kind of tall, with a tight body like a video freak. Emako had a dazzling voice; some people would die to have her voice like her. Emako's family had it hard, and her brother was in jail. Living on the streets of South Central Los Angeles, anything can change in a minute. Emako's problem is that she died at a young age she didn't get to live her life like she wanted to. Emako didn't like for her brother to be in the streets or in jail in trouble with the law. This book is really for boys and girls and for them to know today is not our last day we could be gone tomorrow. I really loved this book I enjoyed it but it was a really sad book. It touched me it kind of like my story my family is having a hard time right now.I couldn't put the book down they had to tell me to put the book down and do your work. I really felt that this book is just for me. It was just said to know that she died at a young age she didn't have a life she didn't have time to live her life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Emako Blue Book Critique She was talented, good spirited, and had a great future and her name was Emako Blue. This book is very unforgettable and inspiring by the life of three very good friends. Emako blue by Brenda woods is a good book because of its tragic setting, an unforgettable theme and an astonishing plot. During modern time in Los Angeles California, an author thinks that living in that place isn't a good idea for kids to be because there aren't many crimes. The schools aren't secure the way they are supposed to because of the number of kids that commit crimes. It is obvious that kids are getting influenced by other teens and they will eventually learn and do what they see, they will think its right. The setting is important because it fits in with the situations that are going on in this book so it helps the reader understand the meaning of the problems, and why they are happening. The lesson of this book is to teach you not to hang with gangs or things related to them. The author teaches you this lesson by telling us what happened to Emako Blue, because her brother Dante was in one. In the book the author shows us that Savannah gets upset when Emako dies because she always mistreated Emako no matter what came out in the end. These themes are important to learn because it teaches the reader about life and things that can happen. These themes help make the book a great story to read because these are situations we all need to be aware of so that it doesn't affect us as much. The first couple of days of chorus, the day where Emako got asked out on a date, when Emako and Monterey go to the mall, and when Emako dies are very memorable events because important things and decisions are made. The conflicts between now and when the book took place are the same because of how kids respond and act to what happens to them. It's the same way most of us react now if we were in that situation. The author tells the story in first point of view because they are telling what they did, felt, and said. This book seems realistic and believable of coarse by the way kids do what we would do now and by the same kind of drama that happens. Emako blue is an excellent book to read because of its busy setting, emotional theme, and worth while plot. Readers should read this because it can help you realize what happens in life. It gives you an idea and makes you hope not to do and be the same, which is why every one should read this fantastic book.
Emako More than 1 year ago
My opinion of the book, Emako Blue, is that it was interesting and it told the story in a real life way so I could understand it better. In the beginning of the book it shows how everyone acted after she died. Then in the following chapters it describes how Emako lived her life in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles, going to school, and trying to get out of a gang environment which her brother was a member of. The book continues with the author reflecting on Emako's life in a new school and living as a teenager. In the end, Emako dies because of her brother's membership with a dangerous gang. The author made the book interesting because Emako was about our age and because the book has events that we can relate to. This book is about a 15 year old girl who comes to new school knowing no one but herself. Everyone immediately likes her because she is pretty, nice, has a beautiful voice and all the guys were drooling over her. She ends up in a chorus homeroom and becomes good friends with a really nice girl named Monterey. They become good friends and are very popular at school. When their whole chorus homeroom has a concert, a man from Aurou Records was secretly watching her. After her concert the man offered her a full scholarship, but she rejects it because she has to help with her family and finish school first. Soon after the concert Emako is killed and Monterey and all of Emakos friends all become very sad. While reading this book a reader will experience several emotions. There are times of curiosity, anger, happiness, sadness, and of feeling sorry for some of the characters. There are several events that make up the plot of the story. The first event is Emako coming from one part of the city to come to a school in a better area. The second event is the death of Emako when she gets accidentally shot. The third event is her friends see each other during her funeral. The writing style would appeal to a teenage audience because most of the characters are teenagers. I think that the characters are typical teenagers living the life of lower to middle class people. The message of the story is that you shouldn't give into peer pressure if it means doing the wrong thing, and to stay away from gangs and gang violence. I think that the book I read, Emako Blue, is good for teenagers because they can easily relate to the book. I also give the book an 8 out of 10 rating. I think that if most teenagers are looking for an interesting, but semi-emotional book, they should read this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book Review Brenda Woods, author of Emako Blue, moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Los Angeles, California as an occasionally shy six year old girl who loved adventure and figuring things out. Brenda's attitude confused others and she sometimes felt like an outsider. While in high school, an English Professor complimented Brenda on her writing and suggested she becomes an author. In Emako Blue, the story was about Emako who moves are sophomore to a different high school in South Central Los Angele. The book described friendships she made which were ended as a result of an untimely, unnecessary death. The societal issues present in a bad area in Los Angeles such as drugs, violence and gangs were discussed in the book. Brenda Woods provided hope by writing about characters who strived to improve their lives. The book's genre, realistic fiction told the story from the point of view of five high school chorus friends: Emako, Monterey, Eddie, Jamal and Savannah. The book is divided among different chapters narrated by the five characters. Emako Blue was the central character. As a spunky and caring girl with a beautiful singing voice, some students were jealous of her. She processed the determination to succeed as a singer and leave South Central Los Angeles and leave the poverty, gangs and drugs which negatively affected her older brother. Eddie studied hard and wanted to go to Arizona State so he would not end up as a prison inmate like his brother. I highly recommend high school students to read this realistic fiction book about friendship and societal issues. The author's writing style made the book seem real and easy to read. Reading chapters written by the five characters provided a good glimpse into their lives and how they felt about Emako Blue. The author provided hope in turning one's life around. As a result, Brenda Woods shared a part of her life with the readers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would highly like to recommend the book Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. The genre is realistic fiction. The setting takes place in South Central Los Angeles. This book tells the story of best friends Emako Blue and Monterey Hamilton. Emako Blue is a very good singer and has all of the guys after her. She has an amazing personality too. Monterey is very shy towards Eddie and makes friends easily. The story takes place in modern time. This story is about a girl that¿s 15 named Emako Blue and she is best friends with a girl named Monterey Hamilton who is 16. One of my favorite scenes is when Emako, Monterey, Eddie, and Jamal are all in the mall and they are getting trampled because it is near Christmas and they are getting presents, Emako got Monterey the birthday present that she really wanted the last time they went shopping at Melrose. She was very happy. Emako and Monterey get very close. They get almost like sisters. This is my favorite scene because Monterey kind of comes out of her shell and gets to know Eddie! He gets her phone number. From reading this book I know how I would have felt if my brother was doing drugs and getting chased by the police and having to live in rehab. I would feel scared. I think the author did a very good job with description. I can picture the scene in my head. I feel nothing that could have been improved upon. I think this book is great for my reading level. If I had a book self with only my favorite books on it would include this book Emako Blue. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would highly recommend the book Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. The genre is Realistic Fiction. This setting takes place in South Central Los Angeles. This book tells the story of two friends named Emako Blue and her best friend Monterey Hamilton. Emako Blue is a very good singer and has a very amazing personality. She has all of the guys after her because she is very pretty. Monterey is shy and caring to all of her friends and family. The story takes place in modern time. This story is about a teenage girl named Emako Blue who is best friends with a girl named Monterey Hamilton. One of my favorite scenes is when Eddie calls Monterey and wishes her a happy Birthday. Later in the day Emako comes over and Monterey tells her about the call from Eddie. Emako asks, ¿Why Eddie isn¿t there¿. Monterey says that he had to work, but he would love to come. So they made plans to go to the mall next week, to go see a movie. Emako gives Monterey a silver charm bracelet that she really wanted. I felt hopeful in this scene because Monterey really likes Eddie. Eddie also likes Monterey. One way I know this is that Eddie gave Monterey his phone number so she would call him. I choose this passage because it is the part of the book I remember and like the most. From reading this book I now know what it might feel to be pressured with having a brother who takes drugs and chased by police, and has to stay in rehab. I would feel very scared and nervous. I like how the author describes every scenes detail. You can picture the scene in your head when you are reading the book. I feel that nothing could have been improved on. I think this book was great for my reading level. I will always remember this story because it tells a story about a great singer. If I had a bookshelf in my room it would include Emako Blue. I would recommend this book to who anyone who likes realistic fiction.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Emako is the new girl in Monterey's school the two meet in chorus. Emako comes from the rough streets of South Central Los Angeles Monterey's family is more financially secure. Emako and Monterey become friends, and Emako's singing career begins to take off. But where Emako comes from ends up getting in her way. Monterey is a somewhat naïve girl, whose horizons are broadened by her friendship with Emako. She gains the confidence to begin a relationship with the boy she has had a long-time crush on, Eddie. Emako is also full of confidence and begins a relationship with a player, Jamal, but she calls the shots. A more minor character is Savannah, a girl who is jealous of Emako for a variety of reasons. These five characters take turns narrating chapters. Besides strong, well-developed characters and an unconventional method of narration, this book succeeds because of its realistic subject matter and plot. Readers will be able to understand the feelings of jealousy that Savannah feels towards Emako and the nerves that Monterey experiences when speaking to Eddie for the first time. The addition of financial problems, gang issues 'Emako's older brother was involved in a gang and was recently released from jail', and budding romantic relationships are issues that many readers will have to face in their own lives. But Emako Blue is more than realistic, it is real. It shows the reality of being poor, of broken homes, and of money not being enough to make you happy. This is a powerful book that will stay with readers for a long time after they have finished it. Brenda Woods is a talented writer whose works cannot be missed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Emako blue book review Emako blue I think was a good book. It reminded me of a soap opera because of all the drama and remorse for the main idea behind the story. The main character is Emako Blue, along with Eddie, Jamal, Monterey, and Savannah. The story takes place in down town LA, in a town where there is crime and lots of street gangsters. Emako was a great singer and was indorsed for a record company when she was only 16 but¿¿.she is shot in a drive-by shooting that was supposed to be for her brother, Dante. Eddie is a very smart kid that has a crush on Monterey and is going to college two years early because he got his degree from going to summer school for five years strait. Monterey is a girl whom was Emako¿s best friend and also has a crush on Eddie. Savannah is Emako¿s worst enemy and is also the school snitch, tried to get Jamal and Emako to break up. Jamal was Emako¿s boyfriend before the shooting, and he is kind of nice and kind of mean and from my point of view I think all the girls liked him. The story begins with Emako moving in from another school and becoming friends with Monterey. They both join chorus and the Monterey meets Eddie, a smart and mediocre singer and immediately thinks he¿s cute, but is too afraid to say anything. Jamal ends up being Emako¿s I think my favorite part was the actual shooting because it had so much suspense and detail that I just couldn¿t believe. It happened when Emako went to go get the phone from her brother out by the side of the road and when she went out to go get it, a gangster came by, trying to shoot Dante but shot Emako instead, then Dante ran down the street and out of sight. The book was written by Brenda Woods. There were 124 pgs. I would recommend this book for all drama fans because there is a lot of suspense, and yes, drama!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would like to recommend the book Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. The genre category is realistic fiction. It is a quick read, with only 128 pages. This book is set in Los Angeles, California in present day. The book follows the views of five kids. Emako is the main character and she has a great voice. She makes a lot of friends. Monterey is Emako¿s best friend. They are really close and help each other. Jamal is a boy who really likes Emako. Savannah is a girl who really likes Emako, but can¿t admit it because she is really jealous of her. Eddie is a boy who is eyeing Monterey. It is mainly flash backs of their friendships up until her life is taken. The chapters of the books are based on the point of views of these children and goes through their never ending friendship. My favorite part of the book is when each kid starts to talk about their relationship with Emako. I like this part because it tells a lot about the character you are reading about. You can get into their thoughts and feelings. I also like this part because you can get a picture in your head of how the people look, and the scene that is being read. I like this part because you can understand each characters. I think Emako and Eddie are the characters who can relate to each other. Both of them have older brothers who have been in prison for some time. Eddie is working really hard to get into a good college. Emako had a deal with L.A. records. When I read these parts about Eddie and Emako¿s lives, I thought that they could really relate to each other with everything that they¿ve been through with their family, and their future. Personally, I would give Emako Blue five stars. The characters are very realistic, and I would definitely want to be part of the book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book that I am reviewing is Emako Blue. This is a book by Brenda Woods. It takes place in the present, and it is set in Los Angeles California. It is realistic fiction and has 124 pages. Monterey is in her chorus try-out and suddenly she hears the most beautiful voice that she has ever heard. She looks to the girl next to her and sees that she is very beautiful and Monterey can tell right away that she loves singing. All eyes are on the girl while she¿s singing. Monterey soon becomes best friends with this girl Emako, and suddenly all the boys want to be too. Monterey realizes what this girl is all about and decides that Emako Blue was supposed to be a star. The main characters are Emako Blue and Monterey Hamilton. Emako Blue is a very good singer, she is bold and strong. Monterey Hamilton is her best friend and is shyer than anything. There are more main characters, but I think these two are the absolute main characters. My favorite part is when Emako and Monterey are shopping and see the bracelet from Melrose. They both want it, but they don¿t have any money. The description is really good, and that¿s what I like about it. It tells you most of everything, so you don¿t think of a crazy picture. I recommend this to people who don¿t cry over books and love to feel refreshed once in a while. I liked it, but I do cry over books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is called Emako Blue and it¿s written by Brenda Woods. I would recommend this book. This book is about 128 pages long. The book takes place in Las Angeles California. This book is very good it tells you to follow your dreams, which is exactly what this girl did in this story. Emako was a very popular girl and she has many friends. She was a VERY good singer she sings a lot. This book is about a bunch of friends that where really close and all were really good friends with Emako. During the book it tells you how good friends started and maybe even finished there friend ships, that they thought would never end. Jamal is this boy that had a crush on Emako but Emako wasn¿t interested. And there was another boy named Eddie who had a crush on Emako¿s best friend Monterey, but was too afraid to tell her and Monterey likes Eddie to but didn¿t know he liked her back. Emako tries to set them up but fails to succeed at the challenge. Savannah is another girl that is really jealous of Emako because Emako is a girl that has talent and is extremely beautiful, but also she is liked by the boy that savannah likes which is Jamal. Savannah really likes Emako but is an over jealous person. So Emako tries to ignore her. Monterey and Emako are very close they do everything together. They would always go over each others houses. Monterey¿s parents are over protective because they don¿t allow her to take the bus. Emako has 2 brothers one older and one younger and a little sister. Her older brother had just got out of the CYA youth authority which is kind of like jail. My favorite part in the book is the part of how she dies. It tells so much and about how much people care about you. Also when you die how much life is harder to live with out you in this case (Emako). During the part that told how she died made me cry. It is very suspenseful/ extremely sad. It is an amazing book and has so much details in it. You would be lost if you missed a part. The book is an EXTREAMLLY good book. After reading this book I know that I should recommend it to all of my friends. After reading it made me realize that friends are an extremely important in a person¿s life, and Emako didn¿t deserve to die and her friends cared so much about her. She was going to be a star because a man wanted her to become a singer which the man was someone from a record company and everyone wanted her to be a star. I recommended this book to anyone at any age because it doesn¿t matter what age you are to be loved and have friends, I think that anyone would enjoy this book. This book is not a hard reader, but tells so much I think that everyone at any age would enjoy this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book I am reviewing is Emako Blue, by Brenda Woods. This book is a quick read, at 124 pages. It is realistic fiction, and set in present day Los Angeles. The book is about a girl named Emako Blue and her friends in chorus, and the events leading up her tragic death. The characters are Emako (the main character, has a beautiful voice), Monterey Hamilton (Emako¿s best friend, gets to know her in chorus), Eddie Ortiz (Monterey¿s friend, gets to know Emako through Monterey. Both he and Emako have brothers in prison), Jamal (romancing with Emako, even though he already has a girlfriend. A player.), Savannah Parker (snobbish rich brat who trashes Emako for seeing Jamal while he¿s off the market), Roman and DeeDee Hamilton (Monterey¿s overprotective parents), Dante (Emako¿s older brother), Verna, (Emako¿s mother), Marcel Blue, (Emako¿s younger brother) and Latrice Blue, (Emako¿s younger sister). I liked this book, because it opened so many doors for me. Emako Blue told me that not everyone destined for greatness makes it. I would never have imagined that someone like Emako would have to die. To me, this story has a moral, and it¿s that everybody has to die. Everybody has to give something up for their ticket to heaven. This book was very meaningful to me, as it gave me a peek at what life is like in other places. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars, as Brenda Woods has told a poignant tale of life and death on the streets of Los Angeles, a tale of extreme happiness and despair, and a raw look at how you can be singing beautifully one day and dead the next. I have learned a lesson from this book, to take nothing for granted, as it might not be hear the next day.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The story I am reading is Emako Blue. I recommend this book to people who like realistic stories. I don¿t recommend this story to people who don¿t like realistic stories or sad stories. Because Emako Blue is a realistic and some parts are sad. Emako blue is about how a girl named Monterey was at chorus tryouts and a girl named Emako went up on stage to tryout and she had the best voice in the room and everyone clapped. Monterey went up to Emako and asked her if she needed a ride home and she said yes. So Monterey¿s mom gave Emako a ride home. So the next day at school they found out that they both made chorus. So a while later in the book I was surprised of what had happened to Emako. Something very serious had happened to Emako. And Emako was only about 15 when something happened to her. And Monterey was very sad and all of Emako¿s other friends were sad about of what had happened to Emako. Monterey was the saddest out of all people because of how good friends they were. This book takes place in many different places sometimes at a church or other times at people¿s houses and school. But mainly school is the place where it takes place. The main characters are Emako Blue and Jamal and Monterey. Emako Blue is shy but once she knows her friends she¿s not shy anymore and she has the best singing voice in the whole school but something happens to her. Jamal is a typical guy and he kind of has a crush on Emako. My favorite part of Emako Blue was when something had happened to her because I have been waiting to see what happens.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book that I read is called Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. The genre is realistic fiction and it has 124 pages. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys short, suspenseful books. I would give it a rating of 4 ½ stars out of five. This is because it was suspense throughout the whole book and you never want to stop reading. It mostly takes place in south central L.A. The main characters are Emako, Monterey, Eddie, Jamal, and Savannah. Emako is a person who is fearless, and confident. She would always say, ¿I ain¿t afraid of nothing¿. She is pretty and makes a lot of friends. Everyone talks about her god given voice. Monterey is also someone who makes a lot of friends. She is pretty but not very confident. Eddie and Jamal were always ¿brothas¿ Jamal is African American with cornrows and Eddie is Hispanic. They hung out all the time. Jamal was dating Emako. Eddie and Monterey were dating at the end of the book. Savannah was a rich, selfish and unfriendly girl. The book is mostly about how all the people are making friends and how they survive in the bad parts of L.A. In each chapter, a different person is telling the story. It is very interesting because you can see the opinion of every main character. Everything is going well. Emako is making friends, and even gets a record deal that would start when she finished high school. After Jamal asks Emako things couldn¿t be going better. The next week Emako is dead. This heart pounding scene is by far my favorite scene. Everything leads up to this part and the moment makes you want to cry. From reading this book, it felt like I could experience how a day was like in southern LA compared to Mansfield, CT. Over there, you go to bed wondering if you will wake up the next morning. Feeling like it¿s your last night on earth, the feeling is impossible to imagine. I will always remember this book because it reminds me of how lucky I am to go to bed feeling safe. I will also remember it because it reminds me of how many kids my age or a little older are dying every day. If I had a shelf for my favorite books Emako Blue would DEFINETLY be in there.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would recommend Emako Blue by Brenda Woods to anyone who likes short and suspenseful books. The Genre is realistic fiction with 124 pages. This book takes place mostly in South Central Las Angeles. There are a lot of characters but only a couple of main ones. Of course Emako Blue is one of the main characters, she is black with long dark brown braids, and Emako is beautiful, or as the guys say, ¿Fine¿. She has the best voice anyone has ever heard. Emako¿s best friend Monterey is also black and fine but she does think that she is very pretty. Jamal, Emako¿s boyfriend is a player he dates a lot of people. But once he found Emako, he was amazed. Jamal is also black with cornrows. He is pretty tall. Savannah is a very mean person who thinks that everyone likes her. She is black and she hates Jamal. Last, but not least Eddie. Eddie is my favorite character, he is very peppy and tries to get into every college that he can so he can have a wide variety of choices. He is so happy all the time until he is around Monterey, then he just mellows out. Eddie is Hispanic. He and Monterey end up dating. This story is about this girl Emako who lives in South Central L.A. She just moved to a different school and the day that she met all her friends was the day of choir try-outs. When Emako got up on stage and started to sing everyone was amazed. She had the best voice anyone had ever heard. She got record deals and was almost going to sign them because she had to wait till she got out of high school. She has a younger and older brother. Her older brother is in jail. Emako was only 15 when she died. My favorite part of this book was when Emako died. I like this part because it is so suspenseful and exciting, also because she wasn¿t supposed to die. She was supposed to be a star but all of a sudden something went wrong. This part was definitely my favorite part of the book. I think the only thing that could have been improved on was the last couple of pages. I really liked this book and I would definitely read it again. I will remember this book because of all the different emotions in it like excitement and sadness. I recommend this book to anyone who likes short realistic fiction stories.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I recommend the book Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. This book takes place in Las Angeles, California. This book is about romance, friendship, and following your dreams. That is exactly what this girl does. Follow her dreams. Emako is a strong, determined, hopeful, and friendly young girl. Monterey (Emako¿s friend) is a shy, strong, determined teen. There are two boys named Jamal, and Eddie. Jamal is a player and he wants Emako. Eddie and Monterey both like each other, but they both don¿t know it. Savannah is the mean girl in this book. Savannah is jealous of Emako because she is smart, funny, a great singer, and really beautiful. My favorite part in this book is when everyone is trying our for choir. This is my favorite part because it is very descriptive, and you get to know the characters more. I also like this part because you get to see friendships form. I would recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction. This book is only 128 pages long and every page is worth reading. I recommend this book to grades 5-8. Pay very close attention to what goes on in the book or else you will get confused. This is an EXTREMELY good book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Emako Blue I would like to recommend the book Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. This book is realistic fiction, it can happen to anybody. The setting is in South Central L.A. This book tells the story about a girl named Emako Blue. She has three siblings. The little sister is named Latrice. The two brothers are named Dante and Marcell. Emako has a lot of friends that care about her. Monterey, Jamal, and Eddie are their names. Emako has one enemy named Savannah. One of my favorite parts about this book is when everyone is at Emako¿s funeral. Jamal was holding Emako¿s mother¿s hand really tight trying not to cry right in front her. Then, he sat under a tree to be alone. Then he looked into the crowd. They were all taking a white flower and put them on her coffin. Jamal tossed the white rose into her grave and said ¿goodbye¿. That made me feel really sad because Jamal and Emako were really close together and them she had to go and pass away. I felt like a couple of tears were ready to run down my eyes thinking what I would do if I was Jamal right now. From reading Emako Blue, I now know what it might have felt like having someone really close to you from the beginning, but not to the end. I now know that L.A. is a dangerous place to live in if you do not have that much money. For people like that, they have to worry about cars slowing down near their houses or worrying about leaving your house at night. I thought L.A. was all about fame and fortune and where the movie stars lived. Now I know that every state has a dangerous street. I will always remember this story because it reminds me of the millions and millions of people who are very lucky and unlucky like Emako Blue. She was born with a beautiful voice and now she has very nice and cool friends. She even has her own enemy at the age of fifteen. I would definitely ask to make a sequel of this 124 paged book and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read realistic fiction.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book I¿m reviewing is Emako Blue, by Brenda Woods. This book takes place in modern LA, and it¿s easy to connect to or feel like your part of the scenery. It¿s realistic fiction and is 124 pages long. This amazing book is about a girl, Emako Blue and her life in Los Angeles. In the story Emako is dead, but it is about four people who were in her classes or friends with her and how they remember her. Emako was important. She was Monterey the shy¿s best friend. She was the only one who seemed to understand Eddie the brilliant and his family. She was Savannah the tattletale¿s enemy and she was the only one Jamal the player truly cared about. One of my favorite scenes is when Monterey goes over to Emako¿s house. The two girls are listening to Mary J. Blige music and Emako tells Monterey how she¿s going to be a star someday just likes Mary J. Blige. God didn¿t give her this singing talent for nothing. I like this scene because it gives me hope, and tells me a lot about Emako¿s characteristics she is strong willed and confident. Now that I have read this book I know what it¿s probably like in Los Angeles right now. I loved how the author describes everything so well. It seems real and she makes you feel like you¿re there. I don¿t think that anything could make this book better and would definitely give it five stars. I recommend this book to everyone no matter what genre you like!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would like to recommend the book Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. The setting takes place in South Central Los Angeles. This book tells how Emako Blue and Monterey become ¿tight¿. Monterey is a tall shy African American girl who lives in the best part of L.a and has everything. Emako is a tall very beautiful African American and out going girl. She lives in the hood and is tired of all the trouble happening around her. She also has an amazing voice. The book is written in many perspectives, Monterey, Emako, Jamal, Savannah and Eddie. Jamal is a boy who used to go to piano lessons with Emako before he moved, through out the story he is trying to hang out Emako. Savannah is a rude girl who tries to keep Jamal away from Emako. Last, but not least, Eddie is a boy who is a year or two older and wants to hang out with Monterey, but she is too shy around him. The book starts off in Emako¿s funeral and the rest tells the story of how Emako and Monterey became best friends and then how Emako passes away¿ One of my favorite parts of the book was when Emako and Monterey meet after trying out for there school¿s choir. This is my favorite part because it is full of description and is very detailed. It is also my favorite part because it tells a lot about the characters, like how Monterey is shy and slightly jealous of Emako. This book was short but great and only has 124 pages. I would definitely recommend this book to any one who likes realistic fiction and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.
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The title of the book I just got done reading is Emako Blue by Brenda Woods and it is 124 pages long. I would say that this book takes place in the summer time in the city of Los Angeles right around the time that a new school year starts. I can tell after reading the book that the genre of the story would be realistic fiction. Each character has their own chapters in the book from their point of view and how they feel about what is happening in the story. The main characters in the story were: Emako, who is the new girl in school and most of the guys think she is really pretty. Montery is Emako¿s best friend and they have fights like any other friends would, but after a while they become ¿tight¿. Jamal is a guy that likes Emako but he is different from all the other guys because Emako likes him back even though she doesn¿t trust him. Emako, Montery, and Jamal are in the choir and when Emako sings everyone is blown away by her talent. When she is finished everyone claps. I wouldn¿t really say that there is a main plot in this story besides the fact that Emako¿s brother comes back from jail and causes Emako,s death¿ I think my favorite part would have to be when Jamal and Montery go to Disney Land because Emako has never had enough money to go there. In this section Jamal takes Emako on all of the rides and afterwards they both decide that they had a really great time. I would definitely recommend this book because it is exciting and everything that happens just kind of pops out when you least expect it, which makes it more interesting.
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This book teaches you lessons of life EXAMPLES. mind ur own business, take care of ur family and friends, help others, appreciate ur life cuz' it can be gone in a minute! Read this book!
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Emako Blue The book I would like to recommend is called Emako Blue written by Brenda Woods. It is a realistic fiction book. The story takes place in Los Angeles, California. The book is about a young girl named Emako Blue. She is an outstanding singer and is very pretty so everyone likes her. Emako makes friends with a girl that nobody really cares about named Monterey. They become best friends. Emako is also the rival to Savannah, girlfriend to Jamal and the only one who understood about Eddie¿s family. Then, suddenly she is killed. One of my favorite scenes is when Emako¿s best friend, Monterey first meets her at the chorus try outs. They are in the auditorium and Monterey is listening to all of the other people auditioning, thinking how bad they are when Mr. Santos calls the name Emako Blue. Everyone is thinking how beautiful she was as she walks up to the stage to sing, and are waiting to hear what her voice sounds like. She starts to sing and Monterey describes her voice like vanilla incense, smoky and sweet. Then after their audition Emako sits down next to Monterey and says to her, ¿you can sing,¿encouragingly. Monterey thought she was messing around and says, ¿Yah, right.¿ ¿No for real,¿ Emako says, ¿what¿s your name?¿ And the two exchange their names and leave saying that they¿d see each other the next day. This is my favorite part in the book because it is the first time Emako, the real main character comes into the book, alive. From reading the book I know what it would have been like to live in Los Angeles, California, in the middle of the city where crime is committed daily. And what it would have been like to be afraid to walk outside at night, fearing some gangster might attack you because you looked like you, or because you were related to their enemy. I liked how the author made the book in Emako¿s friend¿s point of view while still making Emako the main character. I don¿t think there is anything that the author could have improved in the book. I think the book was a little short so I finished it quicker than I would normally finish a book but the reading level, I think, was just right for me. I remember this story because it is a reminder of how many innocent people are killed in the big cities where the gang population is large, and people will do anything for revenge. I consider myself lucky that I don¿t have to live in that environment. If I had to chose some of my favorite books, Emako Blue would be one of them. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes realistic fiction.