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eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

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by Ardath Albee

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Turn prospects into buyers with a powerful emarketing strategy!

“Albee shows how smart business-to-business marketers learn about buyers, tell a story, and greatly influence the B2B lead-to-sale process. This is your guide for Web marketing success.”
David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR<


Turn prospects into buyers with a powerful emarketing strategy!

“Albee shows how smart business-to-business marketers learn about buyers, tell a story, and greatly influence the B2B lead-to-sale process. This is your guide for Web marketing success.”
David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR and World Wide Rave

“A compelling read for both B2B marketing and sales professionals alike, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale is a practical and insightful how-to guide that will enable marketers to drive sales conversions and faster sales results.”
David Thompson, CEO, Genius.com, and founder of the Sales 2.0 Conference

“Albee lays out a path to understanding buyer personas, building their trust, and delivering contagious content that they want to read. A must-read for B2B marketers looking to engage with today’s buyers.”
Steven Woods, CTO, Eloqua, and author of Digital Body Language

“If you’re looking for a comprehensive, well-researched, single resource to plan, build, execute, and succeed in your eMarketing efforts, then buy this book!”
Barry Trailer, managing partner, CSO Insights

“New media, content marketing, social networking . . . Ardath cleverly wraps these concepts in a bow and makes this book required reading. . . . Become the expert resource for your customer and watch your business grow.”
Joe Pulizzi, coauthor of Get Content Get Customers and founder of Junta42

About the Book

Web 2.0 has reshaped the role of marketing in the Complex Sales process. Because prospects now have instant access to information about your company and its products—and your competitors—they can make buying decisions without ever communicating with you. Doing what you’ve always done simply won’t work anymore; you must entirely rethink how you attract and compel buying behavior.

With eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale, expert B2B marketing strategist Ardath Albee breaks new ground in the field of digital marketing and new customer acquisition. Albee offers techniques and tools for developing and executing strategies that are guaranteed to generate results.

The Internet offers an unprecedented opportunity for creating trusted relationships with your prospects and customers—before you ever “meet” them. Never before have marketers enjoyed such a wide-reaching and varied communication platform. Yet with all the noise, you have to stand above the crowd. The key is to converse about meaningful and relevant topics with your diverse audiences, to share your perspectives on what matters to them. That’s just what Albee teaches us to do.

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale shares methods to help you:

  • Create eMarketing strategies based on customer perspectives
  • Use a contagious content structure for competitive differentiation
  • Establish trusted relationships
  • Continuously measure, tune, and improve your effectiveness

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale also shares proven approaches to collaborating with sales. You can leverage eMarketing to move leads further into the pipeline while focusing sales time and energy on highly qualified opportunities. The results? Reduced time to sales, increased sales productivity, and growing revenues.

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale reveals processes critical to ensuring that you make a powerful, measurable contribution to the lengthy sales process—and to the longterm success of your organization as a whole.

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Meet the Author

Ardath Albee is CEO and B2B marketing strategist for her consulting firm Marketing Interactions, Inc. She uses over 20 years of business management and marketing experience to help her clients create customer-focused e-marketing strategies that generate more sales-ready prospects. Her articles have appeared in CRM Today, Selling Power, B2B Magazine, Rain Today's Special Reports, and Enterprise CRM News.

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eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
SalesVPI More than 1 year ago
For marketing practitioners and executives who are looking to innovate their revenue engine, this is indeed a must read. The motivation is considerable. When "marketing has taken charge of propelling prospects farther through their buying process, salespeople are selling to more qualified buyers. This means shorter time to revenue and optimized results from your sales force. " Starting with the well accepted premise that business-to-business (B2B) buyers begin their buying process online with searches for a rich array of available information, Albee lays out the business implications along with a cogent framework for content strategy and execution. Most organizations lack a content strategy, and many lack a marketing strategy. "Event thinking" pervades our approach to marketing, lead generation, content creation and sales support. Albee makes the case for a "mind shift" required to capitalize on the potential of emarketing and marketing automation. "It's time to shift your thinking. Think of today's marketing department as a publisher with a variety of content channels at its fingertips that can provide you with a larger communications reach than you've ever had before. Even though 80% of companies say that they "found" their vendors rather than their vendors finding them, chance are high that their initial discovery was somewhere other than your corporate Web site. " With her guidance, readers will begin to develop not only effective strategies, but new processes and procedures to create the volume and kinds of "contagious content" buyers demand. "The buying process for a B2B complex sale has shifted in recent years. This shift means that much of the time that was previously spent with salespeople is now spent reviewing online resources. For this reason, it's imperative to be found in the places where your prospects are looking. Now more than ever, your company must be recognized as a source of relevant knowledge that pulls prospects into the sales pipeline. Well-executed content will play a bigger role in building trusted relationships that get salespeople invited into the process more efficiently." Content -- buyer relevant, edu-focused, convenient, compelling, story-based content -- is indeed the fuel for today's revenue engine. It is the "bait" that attracts prospective buyers to find you on the web, and to be found by you, long before they are ready to speak with your sales people. For most organizations, "Content development is seen as an overwhelming task that takes too much time, effort and money from an already stretched-thin budget and overworked marketing staff. The reality is that a well-structured content-development plan can supercharge marketing and sales results. A well-designed, integrated content strategy will give you more content with less effort." Albee fulfills on this promise with practical, actionable prescriptions and recommendations.