Ember Jazz: The Flamingo Collection

Ember Jazz: The Flamingo Collection


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Fantastic Voyage

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Disc 1

  1. Weber the Great @@The Tony Kinsey Quintet
  2. The Country Squire @@The Jazz Makers
  3. Cheek to Cheek
  4. Beaulieu Blues @@Vic Lewis & His All Stars
  5. Heard and Seen @@The Tommy Whittle Quintet
  6. Autumn in Cuba @@The Bill Le Sage & Ronnie Ross Quartet
  7. The Cheaters @@The Bill Le Sage & Ronnie Ross Quartet
  8. The Toff @@The London Jazz Quartet
  9. A Foggy Day (In London Town)
  10. 'Round About Midnight
  11. Ilkley Moor Bah' Tat @@The British Jazz Trio
  12. Yesterdays @@The Don Rendell Quartet
  13. Early One Morning @@The Tony Crombie Orchestra
  14. Basie Talks @@The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
  15. Yodellin' @@Tony Crombie & His Friends
  16. Guys and Dolls
  17. On a Misty Night
  18. World of Blue @@The Tony Kinsey Quintet

Disc 2

  1. Motor Museum @@The Parliament Brass & Orchestra
  2. Girl in Blue @@The Tony Kinsey Quintet
  3. Eddification
  4. Theme for Nica
  5. Domus @@Vic Lewis & His All Stars
  6. Howl @@The Tommy Whittle Quintet
  7. What's New? @@Annie Ross
  8. Limehouse Blues @@Annie Ross
  9. Charlie Is My Darling @@The British Jazz Trio
  10. Gut Bucket @@Tony Crombie & His Friends
  11. Brazilia @@Tony Crombie & His Friends
  12. Some of My Best Friends Are Blues
  13. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes @@The Ronnie Ross Quintet
  14. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
  15. Moveable
  16. Just Play
  17. The Serpent
  18. All Star Special @@The Flamingo All-Stars

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